July 26 – 29th, 2012

All 4 days just $200 USD!

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Cash only at the door.

Contest Results

Here are the contest results we have collected so far! If you have contest results you would like listed, contact neil [at] defcon ]dot[ org

Network Forensics Contest

Winner - Team Strawberries

Top Teams
1. Team Strawberries
2. NobleTrout
3. Team X
4. Tom Pohl

- Only team Strawberries completed the contest without hints, and they completed it in just over 24 hours.
- Only 4 Teams made it to rounds 5 and 6
- About 200 teams made it to rounds 1 and 2
- We had 346 teams sign up to play.
- Average team size was 2
- This was our third year of running the contest.

Beard & Moustache Competition

2012 DEF CON Beard & Moustache Competition results:

Partial Beard:
1st: Ryan
2nd: Rance
3rd: Evil Mofo

1st: Whiteb0rd
2nd: Lei
3rd: f0zzie

Fake Beard:
1st: Arr!
2nd: Sebastian Kats
3rd: Terry

Full Beard:
1st: Jason Middleton
2nd: Thomas Wilhelm
3rd: Edsel Dunstable

Honorable mention to Ateqah who placed in fake beard but was unable to attend the awards.


The winner of The Schemaverse, for the second year in a row, is the player Derpfish.

Capture the Packet

The winning team for capture the packet 2012

1st Strawberries
2nd MyLittlePwnies
3rd DigRev

CORETEX Contest / Phreaking on the 20th century

CORETEX Contest for DEF CON 20 was a big success. with more than a 100 active participants during the three days of the event.

This was the top 5 players at the contest end (with a tie at the fifth position):

1. Ram
5. TEAM 202

Dark Tangent's Tamper Evident Contest

Overall competition winner: Mother Fucking Professionals
Macguyver winner: Void_Avoid

Tier one
1st Mother Fucking Professionals
2nd Swift
3rd Tie between: It was like that when we found it and Void_Avoid

Second Tier
1st Mother Fuckig Professionals
2nd Swift
3rd No clue what so ever.

Crash and Compile

1st: null string, 11 points.
2nd: Frink Rules!, 7 points.
3rd: Team Distraction, 6 points.