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DEF CON 20 Contest & Event RFI

(DEADLINE: MAY 5th 2012)

It's been a year already?!?!?. . . . damn that was fast.

This year is DEF CON 20, and we are going to celebrate our platinum anniversary right! The Dark Tangent has promised that this will be the best DEF CON ever and is offering to help you grow you contest or event like never before!

Last year was amazing, we had a new home, a bigger space, and the conference was a huge success. Contest and Events saw a 40% increase in RFI submissions, and the event organizers and the support teams worked around the clock to make sure that our first year at the RIO was a huge success. This year we have changed the floor plan (for better use of space / flow control) and C&E is going to be at the center of it all. DT & Charel want the contest area to be a focal point so expect an increase in traffic and participation. More to come on the floor plan and spaces soon!

Now, I know that some of you can fill out this RFI in your sleep. For those of you who are new, please understand that the C&E Goons are big, ugly, hairy creatures, that will come in the night and steal your first born, kitty, puppy, whatever "cute" things you love if you make them unhappy. Please don't make them tell you to "RTFRFI"

I have attached a "TIPS, GUIDELINES, AND GOTCHA'S" section to the right of this message, please read it before you bombard the C&E staff with questions they have already answered.

----- START OF RFI -----

Copy and Paste the form below into a PLAIN TEXT email and send it to: Pyr0 (at) defcon (dot) org

DC 20: Official and Unofficial Events and Contests (RFI)

DEF CON 20 - REQUEST FOR INFORMATION: Official and Unofficial Events and Contests

1. Contest Name:

2. Contest Description:

3. Contest Website:

4. Do you have a contest logo?
(If so, please attach to this email)

5. Contest POC(s):

6. POC(s) email address(es):

7. POC contact cell #:

8. Days and Hours of operation:

9. Do you need power?:

10. How many tables are you requesting?:

11. How many chairs?:

12. Do you need WIRED access to DefCon networks?
A. How many drops?
B. Copper or fiber? (NOTE: Fiber may not be available):

13. Are you planning on having your own wireless network:
A. If so, provide your hardware address and AP brand:

14. Who will be representing your contest or event at closing ceremonies?
15. What are your space requirements? (i.e. by a door, near a wall, in a corner, etc):

16. Please provide a schedule of your primary in room contact during the event. YOU MUST have someone manning your contest table the entire time the contest area is open (9am - 12am).

17. Will you use the stage and microphone in the contest area to make announcements?

18. What are your expected number of participants?:

OTHER: (Please put any other pertinent information here, such as a need for trash cans, small farm animals, etc.):

------ END OF RFI ---------

Still have questions?
READ THIS MESSAGE AGAIN. Then if you still have questions email them to Pyr0 (AT) DefCon (DOT) org.


1. This year there ARE additional resources to help the events & contests with costs of expanding and becoming bigger and better. So you have an earth shattering idea but your tight on cash, submit your idea and tell me how we can help.

2. As with previous years, there will be changes in which contests get a Black Badge. Please don't advertise that you're getting one until I've given you the confirmation. Contests that do not use their space creatively are likely candidates to lose their Black Badge status. Contests that are very popular and get the most attention are good candidates to receive a Black Badge. Newer contests have lesser chance of a Black Badge as well, if it's your first year you will REALLY have to knock it out of the park to get a Black Badge (it's only happened once).

3. We will have a pre-con contest meeting (Thursday before Con) for the contest and event Points Of Contact (POCs). You need to be there, and if you absolutely can't attend, you will need to let me know well in advance. This meeting is where we will discuss any last minute changes, introduce you to the goon staff, set ground rules, and get you your contest badges. If you fail to attend this meeting or you don't let me know that you will be absent your contest or event will be cancelled and your space awarded to one of the many people who would be happy to have it.

4. Please fill out the entire form. If there are additional requests, favors owed, comments or other important commitments, please let me know when you submit this form. All RFI's must be submitted by May 1st (NO EXCEPTIONS).

5. Please make provisions to bring your own prizes to give away this year. Hit up the various vendors and tell them that it's for DEF CON, you might be surprised by how giving they are. It's best to come prepared so no one is disappointed.

6. This year all "official contests" will receive two contest badges, and approved "unofficial contests" will receive two human badges. If you are a large official contests/event you may need to request additional badges for your support staff. Please make this request in the "OTHER" section of the RFI. Once your contest / event has been selected for DEF CON 20, your badge requests will be reviewed by the C&E Goon Staff and our recommendations will be turned over to The Dark Tangent for his final approval.

7. The Contest Description, Name, and POC name will all be included in the DEF CON program, so please ensure it's how you like it. If you don't give me your information in plenty of time, you will not be included in the program, and that would just be sad.

8. Please provide links to any webpages, Facebook page, Twitter names, Flicker feeds, etc. Like last year, we are going to help promote contests with the DEF CON Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you will be tweeting updates please let us know. We will create a Twitter list so attendees can easily follow all the action, and provide constant Facebook updates. Be sure to get on that list!

9. Remember that you will need to be creative with your space and bring your own signs, booth gear, decorations, etc. You may NOT put anything on the conference area walls and you may not bolt anything to the floor. Once approved, remember to check the secret forum for conference space rules and regulations.

10. You are NOT allowed to sell ANYTHING at your tables, Period. If you want to sell something, you need to contact the Vendor Dept. Head, Roamer (Roamer (AT) DEF CON (Dot) org) for information on the Vendor Area, or speak with an already approved Vendor to share space. If you are a non-profit (HACKER SPACES PAY ATTENTION!) and you would like to discuss fund raising options please contact me directly.

11. You will be asked to provide continuous updates about your contest to the Info Booth via paper forms that will be provided to you at the Pre-Con meeting.

12. As a reminder you will need to find me (Pyr0) and provide a final score and update for your contest NO LATER THAN 2PM ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, FINAL DAY OF DEF CON. I will need it written or typed on a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. These final scores and updates will also be what show up on the DEF CON website at the end of the conference, so ensure it says what you want it to say.

13. In order to accommodate you being allowed early access to the contest area, I will need the REAL names of your people, along with a clear digital picture (roughly 100x100dpi) that I can give to hotel security. They will be checking ID's and if your name isn't on the list you won't be getting into the space.

14. Official contests are contests that have been approved and vetted. If this is your first year and you are selected, expect to be an "unofficial contest or event". Only approved "official" contests are eligible for Black Badge status, contest badges, and other special events. If it is your first year and you REALLY bring it, The Dark Tangent or Pyr0 might switch your status (at the closing ceremonies) so that you can qualify for these perks.