Join Us July 26 – 29th, 2012

All 4 days just $200 USD!

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Cash only at the door.

Contest & Event Status

DEF CON 20 SE CTF Report! has released a detailed report of the findings from DEF CON 20 Social Engineering CTF – Battle of the SExes!

Tamper Evident MacGyvers!

the following YouTube video is a pretty awesome show of ingenuity, by one of the Tamper Evident Contest teams in the MacGyver category at DEF CON 20. Using only items in their hotel room, they attempt to defeat a number of tamper evident devices. Enjoy!

DEF CON Behind the Scenes: Zebbler Encanti Decor!

Cool video on the making of DEF CON 20 decor for the music events!

DEF CON 20 Human Badges now Available!

DEF CON 20 Official Human badges now for sale online! Order yours today, in case you couldn't make it, or want to have a few more to get your hardware hacking swerve on. Find them at!

If you lean more toward the code involved, LosT has also posted the badge firmware, and you can get the badge materials off of the Conference DVD!

Early Release DEF CON 20 Video is live!

We've got another treat for everybody. The good folks at Source of Knowledge slipped us a few of the presentation videos ahead of schedule, so here they are for your enjoyment. If you slept through the keynote, here's your chance to check it out. If you missed the whole show, here's a few solid reasons you should join us next year.

Keynote by General Keith Alexander - Shared Values, Shared Responsibility

FX and Greg - Hacking [Redacted] Routers

Zack Fasel - Owned in 60 Seconds

Closing Ceremonies

If you don't want to wait until we post them, you can place an order for the full conference set at the Source of Knowledge store.

More DC 20 Write-ups!

There's nothing better for the post-con blues than curling up with some Raspberry Zinger and a good write-up. Hair of the dog, perhaps. So take a litle 'me time' and live vicariously through these eyewitness accounts.

Schemaverse Contest Results

Cryptohaze Cloud Cracking Slides & Writeup

DC 20 Presentation Reviews from lavamunky

Google TV Hacking Writeup and Exploits

DEF CON Post Mortem

The Awesome Reddit Ask Me Anything thread from Samurai CTF

Bonus for those who can read French - Thorough con post-mortem

DC 20 Media Page is Live!

The updates continue - this time it's the DC 20 Media page. We've got all the speaker materials you'd find on the conference DVD, and since last-minute updates are inevitable with this kind of content, we've also added all the speaker-updated slides we've received so far. We will keep updating the page as we receive more speaker changes, and we will be adding video and audio as they become available to us.

DC 20 Program and DVD Available for Download!

We've got a couple more DEF CON 20 goodies available for free download today: both the official program (in handy-dandy PDF format) and the conference DVD (in a convenient, humongous .rar). For those of you who might have missed the festivities and want a token, and those who've already 'misplaced' their own copy, get downloading. While you're on the media server, we invite you to check out the wealth of other media we have there from the past two decades of DEF CON. Even better, if you have something we missed, please consider sharing it with us, and with the DEF CON community at large.

Write-up Round-up Part II in 2-D

We're scouring the net for good write-ups to share with you, now that the contestants have had some time to decompress and commit their exploits to writing. This is a small batch to get you started - we'll keep adding as we find new stuff. If you find good contest wrtie-ups we missed, please let us know on Twitter or on Facebook.


From the Routards Team Blog

Wireshark goodness from the NYU Poly ISIS Lab

Wireshark Exploit writeup from 0xDEADBEEF

From the SiBears Blog

Bonus writeup for those who can read Russian:

Badge Contest

Write-up from the winners at Elegin

Thorough write-up on LoST's wikispace

Crack Me if You Can

From Team Hashcat

Network Forensics Puzzle Contest

Writeup of Round 4 by proSauce

Vigilance! Updates can arrive at any time!

DEF CON 20 Music Compilation Release!

Those that were at DEF CON 20 received a music CD along with the Con DVD. This music compilation featured incredible tracks by some extremely talented artists, written especially for this years show. We have now teamed up with Gravitas recordings to release the music comp as a digital download for free, or pay what you want, with all proceeds to benefit the EFF! Here is the Press release from Gravitas: (Read on...)

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