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All 4 days just $200 USD!

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Cash only at the door.

Recent News

DEF CON 20 SE CTF Report! has released a detailed report of the findings from DEF CON 20 Social Engineering CTF – Battle of the SExes!

Tamper Evident MacGyvers!

the following YouTube video is a pretty awesome show of ingenuity, by one of the Tamper Evident Contest teams in the MacGyver category at DEF CON 20. Using only items in their hotel room, they attempt to defeat a number of tamper evident devices. Enjoy!

DEF CON Behind the Scenes: Zebbler Encanti Decor!

Cool video on the making of DEF CON 20 decor for the music events!

DEF CON 20 Human Badges now Available!

DEF CON 20 Official Human badges now for sale online! Order yours today, in case you couldn't make it, or want to have a few more to get your hardware hacking swerve on. Find them at! If you lean more toward the code involved, LosT has also posted the badge firmware, and you can get the badge materials off of the Conference DVD!

Early Release DEF CON 20 Video is live!

We've got another treat for everybody. The good folks at Source of Knowledge slipped us a few of the presentation videos ahead of schedule, so here they are for your enjoyment. If you slept through the keynote, here's your chance to check it out. If you missed the whole show, here's a few solid reasons you should join us next year.

Keynote by General Keith Alexander - Shared Values, Shared Responsibility

FX and Greg - Hacking [Redacted] Routers

Zack Fasel - Owned in 60 Seconds

Closing Ceremonies

If you don't want to wait until we post them, you can place an order for the full conference set at the Source of Knowledge store.

More DC 20 Write-ups!

There's nothing better for the post-con blues than curling up with some Raspberry Zinger and a good write-up. Hair of the dog, perhaps. So take a litle 'me time' and live vicariously through these eyewitness accounts.

Schemaverse Contest Results

Cryptohaze Cloud Cracking Slides & Writeup

DC 20 Presentation Reviews from lavamunky

Google TV Hacking Writeup and Exploits

DEF CON Post Mortem

The Awesome Reddit Ask Me Anything thread from Samurai CTF

Bonus for those who can read French - Thorough con post-mortem

DC 20 Media Page is Live!

The updates continue - this time it's the DC 20 Media page. We've got all the speaker materials you'd find on the conference DVD, and since last-minute updates are inevitable with this kind of content, we've also added all the speaker-updated slides we've received so far. We will keep updating the page as we receive more speaker changes, and we will be adding video and audio as they become available to us.

DC 20 Program and DVD Available for Download!

We've got a couple more DEF CON 20 goodies available for free download today: both the official program (in handy-dandy PDF format) and the conference DVD (in a convenient, humongous .rar). For those of you who might have missed the festivities and want a token, and those who've already 'misplaced' their own copy, get downloading. While you're on the media server, we invite you to check out the wealth of other media we have there from the past two decades of DEF CON. Even better, if you have something we missed, please consider sharing it with us, and with the DEF CON community at large.

Write-up Round-up Part II in 2-D

We're scouring the net for good write-ups to share with you, now that the contestants have had some time to decompress and commit their exploits to writing. This is a small batch to get you started - we'll keep adding as we find new stuff. If you find good contest wrtie-ups we missed, please let us know on Twitter or on Facebook.


From the Routards Team Blog

Wireshark goodness from the NYU Poly ISIS Lab

Wireshark Exploit writeup from 0xDEADBEEF

From the SiBears Blog

Bonus writeup for those who can read Russian:

Badge Contest

Write-up from the winners at Elegin

Thorough write-up on LoST's wikispace

Crack Me if You Can

From Team Hashcat

Network Forensics Puzzle Contest

Writeup of Round 4 by proSauce

Vigilance! Updates can arrive at any time!

DEF CON 20 Music Compilation Release!

Those that were at DEF CON 20 received a music CD along with the Con DVD. This music compilation featured incredible tracks by some extremely talented artists, written especially for this years show. We have now teamed up with Gravitas recordings to release the music comp as a digital download for free, or pay what you want, with all proceeds to benefit the EFF! Here is the Press release from Gravitas:

For Immediate Release

Gravitas Presents DEF CON Compilation
Free Download ft. Mochipet, MC Frontalot, Minibosses, Cryptex, and more!

File Under: Electronic / Rap / Glitch Hop
Release Date: August 2nd, 2012
Downloadable MP3s:[Please feel free to blog/share]
Various Artists - DEF CON XX Compilation

DEF CON, one of the worlds largest and longest running hacking conferences, celebrates it's 20th year with an energetic and appropriately themed compilation, entitled "XX". Founder and head of the conference Jeff Moss, also known as Dark Tangent, tasked DEF CON "goon" and Muti Music artist Great Scott with curating the talent filled track selections; acknowledging that music can be pure hacker fuel. Glitch-hop producers AMB, Mochipet and Cryptex play alongside a myriad of other genre-gurus - including nerd-rockers Minibosses, tech-electro wizard High Sage, and nerdcore rap professionals MC Frontalot and Dual Core. Listening to this mix of hacker artists is like riding a wave of concentration as you find yourself zoning out to the ambient tones or letting the determining beats direct your fingers across the keyboard.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sales go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit agency that advocates digital rights and fights for the first amendment against egregious government bills like SOPA and the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. We urge you to purchase the DEF CON XX Compilation and spread the word to your friends and family.

Release artwork by DEF CON resident artist: Neil Kronenberg.

1. AMB - On the Run
2. Minibosses - Sports!!!
3. Dale Chase - SSH to Your Heart featuring Shannon Morse
4. Zebbler Encanti Experience - Data Mind
5. MC Frontalot - Secrets From the Future (Crimson Death Remix)
6. Mochipet - Domo's Bass Station
7. ytcracker - Hacker War
8. Great Scott - gr33tz
9. Royal Sapien - In Chicago in the Time of the Fair (Royal Sapien fork for DEF CON XX)
10. REGENERATOR - Slave (DEF CON Discipline Mix by Mach)
11. Dual Core - Fear and Chaos
12. Cryptex - Error
13. High Sage featuring Katy Rokit - Stuck on Ceazar's Challenge (KEW QEIMYUK QEIMYUK QEIM AYM)
14. bil bless - grimjaw (the hunt for the)

Cover Art:


Download/Stream Widgets: CON-xx-compilation

Let the Updates Begin!

Greetings all! That was quite an event, wasn't it? We here at DEF CON HQ and our staff all around the country and the world are still reeling. Now that we've had a minute to catch our breath, we'll start posting all of the contest results, media, press, and more that have come out of DEF CON 20.

Let's start with a round-up of some of the news that came from this years show. We've also started receiving contest results.

Keep an eye peeled for more updates in the coming days and weeks!

Thanks, Everybody!

DEF CON 20 is winding down, and it's been another great show. Thanks to everyone who took time out of their summer to attend, whether you're an old-timer or someone here for your first time. It takes a lot of dedicated people to pull off an event of this magnitude, and I want to take a moment to officially thank the crew made this for you. Show 'em a little love - there's no better team anywhere.

Live Updates. Lots of Live Updates.

Whether you're here in Vegas and planning your afternoon or at work/home looking for a vicarious DEF CON experience, there are plenty of easy ways to follow announcements here at DEF CON 20. You can Twitter follow @defcon and the DEF CON Information Booth (@dcib) or the hash #defcon. You can follow us at You can also point a web browser at for a combo platter of Twitter action and the schedule.

Art Contest Winners!

The time has come to announce the winners of the DEF CON 20 Art Contest.

The first prize, which includes two free admission to DEF CON 20 and a $200 credit at the DEF CON swag booth, goes to ragey for his poster entitled "Defcon 2032: Return of Sara Bellum".

Second prize, a free admission to DC20 and $100 to spend at the DC Swag Booth goes to H@ckerJ@cks for his piece entitled "Not too Distant".

Third place goes to Gater_Byte for "View of the Future", and it nets him $50 for the swag booth and a free adminssion to DC20.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winners. you can check out the whole field on the DEF CON Facebook page.

Art Contest Winners!

The time has come to announce the winners of the DEF CON 20 Art Contest.

The first prize, which includes two free admission to DEF CON 20 and a $200 credit at the DEF CON swag booth, goes to ragey for his poster entitled "Defcon 2032: Return of Sara Bellum".

Second prize, a free admission to DC20 and $100 to spend at the DC Swag Booth goes to H@ckerJ@cks for his piece entitled "Not too Distant".

Third place goes to Gater_Byte for "View of the Future", and it nets him $50 for the swag booth and a free adminssion to DC20.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winners. you can check out the whole field on the DEF CON Facebook page.

The Secret is Out!

It might have been a little more fun as a complete surprise, but the feline has been released from the satchel. This year's top-secret, unannounced (until yesterday) VIP sepaker is General Keith B. Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency and Commander of USCYBERCOM. DT has been working to get a speaker this high-profile from the NSA for quite a long time, and we're excited that he's coming to our 20th anniversary shindig. He'll be delivering a talk called "Shared Values, Shared Responsibility" at noon on Friday in Track 1. If you're joining us in Las Vegas, be sure to put this one on your 'must-see' list.

New Speaker's Corner Post!

We've got a new post up in the 'Speaker's Corner' section. It's from DEF CON 20 speaker Zack Fasel, and it's entitled 'Twas the Week Before DEF CON'. It contains wisdom and pathos, and it rhymes, people. That's right. It rhymes. Head over to the Speaker's Corner and check it out.


DEF CON 20 Entertainment Schedule is Now Live!

Dope beats are essential to a healthy immune system and a sparkly brain. FACT.

Information retention is vastly increased by combining DJ sets with contained bodies of cool, chlorinated water. FACT.

The entertainment schedule for DEF CON 20 is up for your perusal, and it's pretty packed. There are tons of bands, DJs and even an area to just chill and rest your weary neocortex. Music until the wee hours, from Thursday through Sunday. You can check out Minibosses, or Frontalot, or REGENERATOR or Mochipet. It's like one of those outdoor music festivals, but with enough sense to come inside.

Face it. Where else do you get to see Keith Myers versus Zack Fasel in a battle of hacker DJs? Or a band composed entirely of DEF CON Goons? Or the ever-awesome Miss DJ Jackalope rocking the same party as Crystal Method?

As always, planning is key - so go check out the schedule and schedule in your Recommended Daily Allowance of rhythm.

Crash and Compile Teams Announced!

After a hard-fought pre-qual round, the final roster of combatants for Crash and Compile: DC20 has been released. The teams are:

-Frink Rules!
-Here for Beer
-The B Team

The main event will be Saturday from 8pm until midnight or so, and everyone is encouraged to come by Palma G and H to cheer the teams on. Congratulations to the qualifying teams, and good luck.

DEF CON 20 Exploit Hackathon Awaits Your Entry!

There are a lot of ways to test your mettle at DEF CON. For those of you whose skillset tends toward the coding of exploits, we have a new contest for you. The contest requires you to code a new exploitation utility, ready for release during DC20. All code submitted during the contest is getting released under a BSD license, so that's cool. Even better, the contest is being judged by Dan Kaminsky, Meredith L. Patterson, and Dave Marcus. Even betterer (I know that's not really a word), the prize is a crazy cool Pwn Plug. Check that thing out.

Think you have what it takes? The Exploit Hackathon forum thread with all the info should be your next stop.

DEF CON Swag Has a New Online Home- Welcome! is now the official online retailer of DEF CON merchandise. They carry the whole line, from T-shirts to Zippos. And also stickers. All that and they also carry picksets and a wide variety of caffeine delivery devices. If you're in the market for hacker swag, check out Hackerstickers. Tell 'em DEF CON sent ya.

Final Slot in DC20 CTF Up for Auction!

Just a friendly reminder - this year one of the slots in the official DEF CON 20 CTF competition is being auctioned off on eBay. So if you just barely missed qualifying and can't let it go, or have that Bruce Wayne bankroll but crime fighting kept you from getting involved, here is your last chance. Bidding ends tomorrow, July 10. You can read more about the whole scenario on DDTEK's site.

DEF CON 20 Schedule is now LIVE!

DEF CON pro tip: It's all about the pregame. There are a lot of presentations, on four simultaneous tracks. A little bit of planning goes a long way toward making sure you get to see the talks you're most psyched for. To that end, we present the DEF CON 20 Speaker Schedule. Learn it, live it, commit it to memory.

MC Frontalot and The Minibosses Confirmed for the Black Ball!

Our Friday night headliners are ready to announce! MC Frontalot - "godfather" of nerdcore - (with his full backing band!!!!!) will be headlining the Friday evening Black Ball! Catch him alongside DEF CON classics Minibosses and REGENERATOR. See the DEF CON entertainment site page sometime in the next week or so for the exact schedule!

Call for Hardware Hacking Village Presentations!

From the Hardware Hacking Village thread on the DEF CON forums:

If you would like to show off your latest project or drop some knowledge on folks, post a reply to this thread. Let us know what you'd like to talk about, who you are, and how long of a block of time you'd like. Also post what times you can or can't present, so that we don't double book you.

I'd like to do 10, 25, and possibly 55 minute long slots so that we can put up a block schedule and have it look all nice and to give 5 minutes between to allow folks to set up. Sell us on how awesome your talk will be and justify the length of time you want to use; the longer the slot, the more awesome the topic needs to be.

If you've got a hardware hack that deserves an audience, we encourage you to head over to the thread and get involved.

Massive Speaker List Update!

Now that speaker selection is finalized, the info-firehose that is DEF CON will be working to get you up to date on the staggering lineup of this year's conference. The first update is to the speaker list. Check it out, see if your favorites are speaking and start pre-gaming your DC20 experience.

As always, check back from time to time for new info. It wouldn't be DEF CON without some last-minute changes and additions, and we'll get them online as soon as we can.

The next update is the schedule page. It's getting real, people.

DT's Tamper Evident Contest is Live!

The world is full of 'tamper-proof' packaging. You're expected to trust it, but how strong are those measures, really? This is a contest about defeating these physical measures in a documentable, elegant fashion that leaves no trace of your attack. You can enter alone or with a team, and you can even enter the 'Unlimited 'class that allows you to use any tools or gear you can get your hands on.

Registration is open in the Tamper Evident Signup Forum Thread.

To learn the rules and get a feel for the contest, go to the Tamper Evident Contest Thread. Space is limited, so if you think this is a contest for you, get yourself signed up!

Short Story Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Short Story Contest. It's cool to see how much literary talent is bubbling under the surface of the DEF CON community. This year's winners are:

-People's Choice Winner - DEF CON Unbound by John McNabb

-First Place - A Silent, Private Place by Davien

-Second Place - DEF CON Unbound by John McNabb

-Honorable Mention - DEF CON - The Beginning of the End by Siobahn Morrison

To read the winning stories, and all of the participants, you can head over to the DEF CON Forums Short Story Contest thread.

Congratulations to the winners!

DEF CON Art Contest Returns!

This year's DEF CON art contest is going to be just a little different.

First, you'll only have a few weeks to submit your masterpiece. All entries must be submitted by July 6th. That's a lot less lead time, but we're pretty sure pressure sharpens the mind.

The theme is also going to be a little different. Since this is DEF CON's 20th anniversary, we're asking for poster-style artwork that imagines DEF CON 20 years from now. What do you think we'll be sharing with each other at DEF CON 40? What will hackery look like in 2032? You're free to share your vision, whether you tend toward kittens and lollipops or brutal post-human hellscapes. We'll share the best pieces with everyone through Facebook and the DEF CON website, and we'll post the winners in a prestigious spot at the con. So don't be shy - fire up your favorite digital artmaker and give your right brain a workout.

Submission Deadline:
All submissions must be received by July 6, 2012 Submit entries to: neil [at] defcon dot org Submission info to include: Real name (your identity must be verifiable to collect a prize) and desired nick/handle if any; and a title and description of your piece.

Additional Specs:
Maximum poster size 11"x17". Final entries should be in 300pi minimum .tif or .jpg format. Vector entries can be in .ai or .eps format. Delivery is the responsibility of the entrant, if the entry is too large to email you may post it online for download.

Entries will be judged together this year, with prizes for the top three finishers.

1st Place: Two Free admissions to DEF CON 20, and a $200 credit at the DEF CON Swag Booth.

2nd Place: Free admission to DEF CON 20, and a $100 credit at the DEF CON Swag Booth.

3rd Place: Free admission to DEF CON 20, and a $50 credit at the DEF CON Swag Booth.

Goon Band Recognize Rocks the Black and White Ball !

The word has gone forth on the DEF CON forums that RECOGNIZE, the mighty Goon band of lore and legend, will be playing the Black and White Ball. Mark your calendars for 9pm July 27 and prepare your face for its impending liquefaction.

Don't Forget the Q&A Sessions!

Head over to the Speaker's Corner page to read a timely reminder from Suggmeister about taking full advantage of the Q&A sessions after each and every DEF CON presentation. He's right. The kind of access DEF CON provides to all sorts of security thinkers from all over the world is too good to let slip through your fingers.

Capture the Packet is Back!

"Search Network Traffic, Locate Clues, Solve Puzzles and Score"

Capture the Packet returns for a third year, and this time there's a Black Badge up for grabs!

You can sign up your team (2 players max), learn the rules and read the FAQ by heading over to the DC20 CTP express sign-up page.

CTF Write-up Round-up!

As promised, here are some links to write-ups of the past weekend's hot CTF qualification action.

The biggest list of links I've seen is at the Deva [Me, Myself and InfoSec] blog. That's a good first stop. A few more links below.

If you know of an especially good writeup that's not on the list, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


The CTF qualifications are complete, and it's time to announce the victors. The teams listed below have earned your respect and the opportunity to fight it out in Vegas.

   1       4900     Hates Irony
   2       4800     PPP
   3       4400     侍
   4       4400     sutegoma2
   5       4400     Shellphish
   6       4400     TwoSixNine
   7       4200     European Nopsled Team (DC 19 winner)
   8       4100     More Smoked Leet Chicken
   9       4100     our name sucks
   10       4100     ACME Pharm
   11       4100     WOWHACKER-PLUS

We'll be scouring the Intertubes to bring you write-ups of the action, so watch this space. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winners. The game is afoot.


Yes, indeed. The perennial DEF CON contest favorite is back this year. Have an idea for getting beer sparkling cold in an exceptionally expeditious manner? This is your moment. Check the BCCC rules to make sure your idea is contest-legal and then head to the Official BCCCC Signup Thread to reserve your spot. Added benefit of participation: speedy cold beer in Vegas in July.

Prizes awarded for style and design as well.

The normal rules about who can have access to adult libations apply. It's beer, but for SCIENCE!


The organizers of Black Hat USA would like to remind DEF CON-goers that if you plan on attending both conferences, you have until Friday, June 1 to save $550 by registering for Black Hat and then pre-registering for DEF CON 20. If you're planning to attend both events, don't miss this opportunity to get the early-bird discount.


The DEF CON 20 Short Story Contest closes tomorrow, June 1. No excuses. If your story is almost finished, get it together and submit right away. All the info you'll need is on the DC20 Short Story Contest Forum Thread. Read what's been submitted so far,either for motivation or pleasure, please do and then vote for your favorite. Remind yourself of the rules. Most importantly, get your story into the running.


If you're one of the brave souls who come to DEF CON seeking glory in our famed Capture the Flag contest, then be sure you don't miss the boat. There are already 452 teams registered, and if you're not one of them you're running out of time.

Please remember that you are required to be on a registered team to play this year – although you are allowed to register as a team of one. More reg info can be found on DEF CON 20's CTF page and you can register at DDTek's CTF registration page.

Eat your Wheaties and get lots of sleep. We'll see you in las Vegas.


DEF CON is proud to announce the 2nd annual DEF CON awards ceremony, renamed the DC Recognize Awards. These awards are given to deserving individuals in the community, industry, and media. For DC20, we've shaken things up and included 7 different categories for your voting pleasure. Nominations will be held online, at SurveyMonkey, until July 10th. From July 11th until the conference, the DEF CON Awards Selection Committee will review all the nominations for validity and evidence. The top group of nominations that meet the nomination criteria, have the best justification, and are generally worthwhile will be presented for voting during the DEF CON Recognize Awards Ceremony at DEF CON.

All nominated individuals will be invited to the ceremony to receive their award in person, and provide a short "Thank you!" or "justification". To ensure your nomination is not discarded, include as much vital information as possible for your nomination. Links to stories, articles, media, or other evidence (product information, blogs, etc) should be included. Be sure to attend the DC Recognize Awards Ceremony at DEF CON to vote for your choice in each of the 7 categories!

Your hosts again this year will be Jericho, Jeff Moss, and Russ Rogers.

You can get your nominations in at the DEF CON Recognize Award Nomination Form!


The DEF CON Vendor Area never disappoints. There's always an eclectic mix of merchandise to paw through, from cutting-edge reading material to mutant hardware custom-made for the apocalypse. This year we'll be featuring the vendors on a page of their own, so that you can get to know them before the Con. We'll update as the list grows, so keep an eye peeled.

Check the DEF CON 20 Vendor Page .

Social Engineering CTF Contest for Kids!

Running to find the clues... racing to pick the locks, cracking codes, breaking ciphers and frantically fighting against the clock? This is not the theme of the latest Mission Impossible movie. No, this it the theme of the DEF CON 20 Social Engineering Capture the Flag for Kids - Return of the Schmooze.

Here is the Cliff's Notes version. If you:

  • are 6-16 years of age
  • think outside of the box
  • enjoy challenges that will test your limits
  • want to race the clock to solve mind-bending puzzles
  • want to learn how to pick locks, solve ciphers, break code and use social engineering in your everyday life
  • enjoy cool prizes

This competition will give you all the tools and instruction you need to learn these skills and many more. Although the contest will challenge you, it will be fun, entertaining and very educational.

Then you have no choice, grab your parents and head over the registration page below and fill out all the details. Then it's time to get your brains ready for RETURN OF THE SCHMOOZE!

Register Here, NOW!

DEF CON Documentary and Call for DEF CON History!

As you may have heard, in honor of our 20th anniversary, we have a DEF CON Documentary in the making by none other than Jason Scott of! Jason has made an announcement about it on his blog at, so go check out what it's all about!

Near the end of the post, he asks for your help finding various pieces of DEF CON history, lore and artifacts. So if you have any of the footage or pictures listed, please help him out!

DEF CON 20 Speaker Page is Live! First round posted!

The first round of Speakers is now live on the DEF CON 20 Speaker Page for your perusal! Enough said, now go and check 'em out!

Welcome & Making the DEF CON 20 Badge + Special Presentation by Jason Scott
The Dark Tangent, LosT, and Jason Scott


Movie Night With The Dark Tangent: "Code2600" + Q&A With the Director
Jeremy Zerechak

Movie Night With The Dark Tangent: "Reboot" + Q&A With the Filmmakers and Actors
Joe Kawasaki, Sidney Sherman, and Actors To Be Announced

Movie Night With The Dark Tangent: "21" + Q&A With "MIT Mike" Aponte
"MIT Mike" Aponte

Owning Bad Guys {And Mafia} With Javascript Botnets
Chema Alonso and Manu "The Sur"

<ghz or bust: defcon

Overwriting the Exception Handling Cache PointerDwarf Oriented Programming
Rodrigo Rubira Branco, James Oakley, and Sergey Bratus

Tenacious Diggity: Skinny Dippin in a Sea of Bing
Francis Brown and Rob Ragan

Exploit Archaeology: Raiders of the Lost Payphones
Josh Brashars

Panel: Meet the Feds
Panelists To Be Announced

Life Inside a Skinner Box: Confronting our Future of Automated Law Enforcement
Greg Conti, Lisa Shay, and Woody Hartzog

DEF CON Awards

Hacking Humanity: Human Augmentation and You
Christian "quaddi" Dameff, Jeff "r3plicant" Tully

Sploitego - Maltego's (Local) Partner in Crime
Nadeem Douba

Post Metasploitation: Improving Accuracy and Efficiency in Post Exploitation Using the Metasploit Framework

Post-Exploitation Nirvana: Launching OpenDLP Agents over Meterpreter Sessions
Andrew Gavin, Michael Baucom, and Charles Smith

More Projects of Prototype This!
Joe Grand and Zoz

Crypto and the Cops: the Law of Key Disclosure and Forced Decryption
Marcia Hofmann

Black Ops
Dan Kaminsky

Owning One to Rule Them All
Dave Kennedy and Dave DeSimone

Detecting Reflective Injection
Andrew King

An Inside Look Into Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Technical Security Controls: How Private Industry Protects Our Country's Secrets
James Kirk

Moxie Marlinspike

Skype VoIP Software Vulnerabilities: Advanced 0Day Exploitation
Benjamin Kunz Mejri

Defcon Comedy Jam V, V for Vendetta
David Mortman, Rich Mogull, Chris Hoff, Dave Maynor, Larry Pesce, and James Arlen

Cortana: Rise of the Automated Red Team
Raphael Mudge

Panel: The Making of DEF CON 20

Hacker + Airplanes = No Good Can Come Of This

MegaUpload: Guilty or Not Guilty?
Jim Rennie and Jennifer Granick

Spy vs. Spy: Spying on Mobile Device Spyware
Michael Robinson and Chris Taylor

Bruce Schneier Answers Your Questions
Bruce Schneier

Can You Track Me Now? Government And Corporate Surveillance Of Mobile Geo-Location Data
Christopher Soghoian, Ben Wizner, Catherine Crump, and Ashkan Soltani

Can Twitter Really Help Expose Psychopath Killer Traits?
Chris "TheSuggmeister" Sumner

Twenty Years Back, Twenty Years Ahead: The Arc of DEF CON Past and Future
Richard Thieme

Safes and Containers: Insecurity Design Excellence
Marc Weber Tobias, Matt Fiddler, and Tobias Bluzmanis

Paul Vixie

Elite Force At DEF CON 20!

Elite Force We have another major addition to the Saturday night DEF-CON White Ball music line-up alongside The Crystal Method! DEF-CON is excited to bring renowned breaks+tech-funk act Elite Force to resonate your ears and chest cavity. Recently most well known for his RE:VAMPED series re-working such artists as Aphex Twin, Propellerheads, Meat Katie, Datsik, and many many others, Elite Force has been an established hacker friendly act for years. In fact, you may have heard of him through one of his earlier projects: Lunatic Calm (with the hit song "Leave You Far Behind," featured on movie soundtracks like The Jackal, Mortal Kombat Annihilation, and The Matrix).

Official Website:

1) Elite Force - Society Suicides:
2) Elite Force - Captain America:
3) Elite Force - Law of Life:
4) Elite Force - Mainframe Wrekka:
5) Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind:

DEF CON Extended Room Block at Rio is almost SOLD OUT!

Peak nights Friday and Saturday are almost gone. You can still save money and be at Rio by booking the nights available at our discounted rate and then paying the Rio rate for any nights that are no longer available in our Block.

When Friday and Saturday are sold out in our block the Rio rate of 7/27 at $299 and 7/28 at $329 will show up on your reservation.

These rates are subject to change based on availability.

Or we have rooms at Bally's

Starting on May 4th we will have overflow rooms at Bally's. There is a shuttle between Bally's and Rio That runs all day and into the evening.

Rates at Bally's are as follows:
Wednesday 7/25 $70.00
Thursday 7/26 $70.00
Friday 7/27 $150.00
Saturday 7/28 $150.00
Sunday 7/29 $70.00

To book at Bally's, use this link:
Or call 1-800-358-8777 and reference group code SBDEF2

More Rooms at the Rio!

Limited additional room block open at Rio for DEF CON attendees. Save $100.00 per night for the weekend nights!

Wednesday night $138.00
Thursday night $158.00
Friday & Saturday nights $178.00

Act now before they are gone!

If you made your reservation during the time our block was filling up and you paid a higher rate for one or more nights the Rio has already adjusted your rate to the new current/lower rate!

Press Registration for DEF CON 20!

Journalists! Want to register as press for DEF CON 20? Check out the new Press Registration page for the rules and how you can apply for a press badge at DEF CON!

Contests, Events, and the Black Badge!

Want to get the latest on DEF CON 20 Contests, Events and Parties? Keep our eyes on the DC20: [Official / Unofficial] [Parties / Social Gatherings / Events / Contests] Forum on the DEF CON Forums. There is also a Contest & Event Update section at the top of the DEF CON 20 Home page for quick links to each of the individual sub-forums, and Black Badge events so far are marked with a bullet (•).

What is the Black Badge you ask? For those of you who don't know, the Black Badge is the highest award DEF CON gives to contest winners of certain events. CTF winners earn these, as well as Hacker Jeopardy winners. The contests that are awarded Black Badges vary from year to year, and a Black Badge allows free entrance to DEF CON for life, potentially a value of thousands of dollars. Here are the ones chosen so far, and a few others are under consideration:

Capture the Flag
Capture the Packet
Crash & Compile
Hacker Jeopardy
Mystery Challenge

Also, If you are planning on running a contest or event this year, the Contest & Event RFI has been extended a few days and will close on May 5. Get those submissions in!

Reminders and new Pre-con Calendar

As DEF CON 20 planning revs in to high gear, we thought it might be useful to have a central location for important pre-con dates and deadlines. Enter the Pre-con Calendar, a new page for keeping track of just such dates! Have a look, and if you have a contest or event, with deadlines before con, that could use an entry on the calendar, send it to neil {at} defcon }dot{ org. Check back there frequently for new dates!

Here are some of the upcoming dates you may want to remember:

DEF CON 20 CTF Updates!

News from the CTF front! The announcement of the DEF CON 20 CTF Quals was recently announced, and will take place June 1-3, 2012. You can find the details at! We have another recent qualifying team to announce, team LeetChicken has won the Codegate 2012 YUT Challenge, which automatically qualifies them for DEF CON 20 CTF! Congratulations to them!

You can find all kinds of CTF info on the DEF CON 20 CTF Page, and tons of CTF links an write ups in the CTF Archive!

200 for 20

We'd like to announce that the price for DEF CON 20 will be $200 USD. What will we do with our ill-gotten gains, you may ask? We're going to make the 20th anniversary of DEF CON one to remember. More special swag, great live music, help for the contests to grow, 20 teams for CTF, special speakers, and numerous other secret stuffs. Believe us when we say it'll be the most epic DEF CON ever!

Want to get involved in making DEF CON 20 even more k-rad? Participate on the forums

UPDATE 4/2: DT has gone further into the explanation for the price increase on the forums at:

The Crystal Method At DEF CON 20!

The Crystal MethodAs part of our 20th anniversary celebration, DEF CON is ecstatic to announce the headlining act for our Saturday evening White Ball: The Crystal Method! These guys are pioneers in the electronic music scene, with soundtrack appearances on movies like Spawn, Blade, The Replacement Killers, and many others.

Here are some samples to tide you over:

Drown in the Now feat. Matisyahu

Comin Back

Sine Language feat. LMFAO

DEF CON in the News

Check out this article in Vanity Fair, World War 3.0, which discusses the factions vying for control of the internet. Mentions of DEF CON, DT and other from the scene are numerous!

Which Past Shirts Should We Reprint?

We're thinking of doing a limited run of a few past shirts for sale at DEF CON, but which ones should we do? You can help us decide by checking out the gallery of past shirts on our Facebook page, and then voting for your favorite in our survey also on Facebook, or at:

Reboot Sneak Preview at DEF CON 20!

Reboot posterWe are very excited to announce an Exclusive Sneak Preview screening of the film Reboot at DEF CON 20! Here is a peek at the premise from an article on the film:

"Set within a dystopian world that is a collision between technology and humanity, "Reboot" touches upon many of the current social and political concerns that arise from becoming more and more intertwined with the virtual.

In contemporary Los Angeles, a young female hacker (Stat) awakens from unconsciousness to find an iPhone glued to her hand and a mysterious countdown ticking away on the display. Suffering from head trauma, and with little recollection of who she is or what is happening, Stat races against time to figure out what the code means, and what unknown event the pending zero-hour will bring."

We are also excited that the filmmakers and lead cast members will be on hand at DEF CON for a Q&A session along with the screening! We'll have more info as this solidifies.

If you are looking for a fun gaming challenge, Reboot has a cool alternate reality game in which you can participate as well! Find more info at

Watch the Trailer!

Special Music Events at DEF CON 20!

mochipetExciting news that is first in a series of many! DEF CON is officially announcing some big musical guests this year, the first of whom is breakcore/glitch/hip-hop all-star Mochipet! You'll be able to catch him at the DEF CON 20 official opening Thursday night pool party!

Here are a few examples of Mochipet in action:

Whomp-a-saurus Sex

Mochipet Godzilla New Year Video by Savage Henry

A Milli Girls - Mochipet (pseudo-NSFW)

CODE 2600 Showing at DEF CON 20!

CODE 2600 PosterDEF CON is happy to announce Code 2600 will be showing at DEF CON 20! We will be the first hacker con to have the film shown and we are pretty excited about it. The filmmaker will be present and doing a Q & A after the screening! Like the CODE 2600 Facebook page or check out for more info!

About the film:

CODE 2600 documents the rise of the Information Technology Age as told through the events and people who helped build and manipulate it. The film explores the impact this new connectivity has on our ability to remain human while maintaining our personal privacy and security. As we struggle to comprehend the wide-spanning socio-technical fallout caused by data collection and social networks, our modern culture is trapped in an undercurrent of cyber-attacks, identity theft and privacy invasion. Both enlightening and disturbing, CODE 2600 is a provocative wake-up call for a society caught in the grips of a global technology takeover.

The Cast:

Bruce Schneier,
Chief Security Technology Officer, BT

Jeff Moss,
Founder Def Con and Black Hat

Marcus Ranum,
Chief Security Officer, Tenable Security

Jennifer Granick,
Civil Liberties Director, EFF

Dr. Bob Lash,
Original Member of the Homebrew Computer Club

Eric Michaud,
Founder, Pumping Station One

Gideon Lenkey,
Security, CEO RA Security Systems

Lorrie Cranor,
Cylab, Carnegie Mellon University

Phil Lapsley,
Phone Phreaking Expert, Author

Robert Vamosi,
Computer Security Journalist, Author

Wallace Wang,
Author, "Steal This Computer Book"

DEF CON 20 Contest & Events!

We wanted to take a minute and point out some of the buzz around contests and events that are brewing on the DEF CON Forums and elsewhere. As you know, LosT @ Con Mystery Challenge will be returning for DEF CON 20, it looks like LosT may or may not already be seeding clues on Twitter (@1o57). The Unofficial DEF CON Shoot is looking pretty active in the planning stages. Other contests and events that have active forums are:

10,000¢ Hacker Pyramid
Capture the Flag
Project 2
Scavenger Hunt
Goon Band
Hardware Hacking Village
Wireless Village
Toxic BBQ

So head over to the Forums and see what's up! You can also keep up with all the updates as they occur on the DEF CON Twitter, The DEF CON RSS Feed, and the DEF CON Facebook Page

DC20 Call for Music Announced!

The DEF CON 20 Call for Music is now live and the sign up form is operational! You can check it out on the DEF CON Forums at

New Speaker's Corner!

We have a brand spanking new Speaker's Corner for you, where Nikita gives her speaker liaison insight into what makes your CFP submission stand out! A must read for the aspiring or seasoned DEF CON submitter!

DEF CON 20 Contest & Event RFI

The DEF CON 20 Contest & Event Request for Information is live! If you already run or want to run a contest or event at DEF CON 20, it's where to find all of the info you need to get your contest or event on the map! Check it out at:

Book a Room at the Rio for DEF CON 20!

You can now book a room at the Rio for DEF CON 20 at our group rate! Do this one of two ways: Go to, or call the hotel directly at 888-746-6955 and reference group code SRDEF12.

The nightly rates are split up as follows:
7/22 through 7/26 is $104
7/27 and 7/28 is $118
Then 7/29 through 7/31 is again $104

Get on it soon! Space is limited!

The DEF CON 20 Call for Papers is Open!

It's time again, friends, for the DEF CON Call for Papers to Open! Read the CFP announcement and fill out the CFP form to have the chance to present your ninja research at DEF CON's 20th Anniversary!

DC20 CTF Announcement!

Exciting news regarding the Capture the Flag Competition at DEF CON 20! Check out the announcement here.

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Contests, Events, and the Black Badge!

Reminders and New Pre-con Calendar!

DEF CON 20 CTF Updates!

200 for 20

The Crystal Method At DEF CON 20!

DEF CON in the News

Which Past Shirts Should We Reprint?

Reboot Sneak Preview at

Special Music Events at

CODE 2600 Showing at

DEF CON 20 Contest & Events!

DC20 Call for Music Announced!

New Speaker's Corner!

DEF CON 20 Contest & Event RFI

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The DEF CON 20 Call for Papers is Open!

DC20 CTF Announcement!