Join Us July 26 – 29th, 2012

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Thanks, Everybody.

Special Thanks are Due to the Following:

Neil, Nikita, Sleestak, Charel, Zac, Nico, Paralax, Moon Shadow, Jeff McN., Dead Addict, LOsTBOY, Will, Uncle Ira, ETA, Black Beetle, BC, Cotman, Chris Eagle. Converge for watching over the DEF CON groups for these past years, and to Blak Dayz for following in his footsteps.

The contests and events team run by Pyr0 and his awesome staff: Mar, TheDon, DenHac, and the 303 DC Planning Committee for their party planning, badge design and helping those 'other kids' win Vegas year after year.

The Vendor Goons, Roamer, AlxRogan, Evil, Latenite, Redbeard and Wad. The Goon Band (RECOGNIZE): Godminus1, Ricfh, Redbeard, and Deviant. Brennan, for doing such a great job on the Vendor Application this year. Wiseacre for his help with the Floor Plan. All of the DEF CON 20 vendors.

The NOC staff who keep things running every year. Lockheed, Heather, Mac, effffn, Rukbat, Videoman, Enki, #Sparky, and t3ase. This year they have interns — Jared, Justin and Erik!

Speaker Operations staff for all the long hours, sore feet, and missed talks: AgentX, A55mnky, Bitmonk, Bushy, Code24, Crash, Dallas, Dapper Dan, Froggy, Gattaca, Goekesmi, Jinx, Jur1st, KK, Nevada Raven, notkevin, Number2, Pardus, Pasties, Pwcrack, Ricj, roundRiver, Shadow, Vaedron, WhiskyRomeo & zendog. Finally to Quagmire Joe, wherever you are, I look forward to the boat drinks.

Thanks to the production and Dispatch team: Charel, Doolittle, Kampf, betsy, Mari, Rf, Voltage-Spike, Chuck, Noise, Ash for leading the Dispatch & Production team forward.

Thanks to Uncle Ira and the logistics team of Major Malfunction, RijiV, Alien, Dodger, and Merlin.

The schwag team: SunSh1ne, secret, veruus, Amazon, Atucom, Cpt. Fury, dern, diami03, GateKeeper, Gingerjet, globus, g-ziggy, l0rn4, owaspgirl, Rudy and scout.

Information Booth: Ed, Flower, Melloman, Zookeeper, Littlebruzer, Littleroo, Jerel, Fran, Jenn, Sanchez, Sl33pE, algorythm, Leila T., Mojostico, ACRONYM, Project Chatter, madstringer, and Titan. Awesome Folks!!

Registration team: TW, Tyler, Cstone, Crackerjack, Queen, 6Q, Matt, Aaron, Zane and Melissa!

Security team: bon3z, Blackdayz, chosen1, chs, cjunky, converge, cyber, dc0de, flea, Fox, gadsden, h3adrush, HattoriHanzo, jake23, jdoll, JustaBill, kallahar, kevine, krassi, lei, Londo, Lordy, lunaslide, mattrix, MAXIMUS, montell, noid, nynex, P33v3, Pappy, Pescador, pfriedma, polishdave, priest, quiet, rik, skydog, Synn, tacitus, trinity, Vidiot, wham, WhiteB0rd, Xtasy, Evil, Phreck, Queeg, Amber, Angie, Kruger, GM1, Danozano, CyMike, Capt, Arclight

Entertainment Staff: Great Scott, Zziks, Krisz Klink, Ash, Mindy, ChrisAM, TribalSoul. Acts: object D, An Hobbes, Dr. Raid, YTCracker, Dual Core, Dale Chase, MC Frontalot, Mochipet, Saint VII, The Goon Band, Minibosses, REGENERATOR, Cy Fi, Krisz Klink, SailorGloom, phreakocious, Rene, Ryan Gatesman, Electric, Sigma Star, DJ%27, Robb Wise & Thad Timothy, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Great Scott, The Crystal Method, Elite Force, Miss DJ Jackalope, Mitch Mitchem, Project Mayhem, Zack Fasel, Keith Myers, VJ Q. Alba, Alba T. Ross, kampf, NOP !

Grifter, Bluknight, and Banasidhe for all the help with the Skytalks

Stealth and his team for the EFF fundraising shooting contest

ASTcell and, Russr, AlxRogan, ASTcell, A.Jolly, Medic, Vertigo, Viss for all of the awesome pics!

Groups like all the DEF CON Groups worldwide, 303, SecurityTribe, Hektik,, Phenoelit, Ninjas, DDTek, Vegas 2.0, EFF

Thanks to Jason Scott and his team for their hard work on the DEF CON documentary, both pre-con and during the conference. In addition, thanks to all the attendees and staff that took time from their busy schedules to participate. Thanks to Jericho/Dis for his help on the DC Recognize Awards.

I would also like to thank those who have taken their time and money to take a risk and run a contest, organize a hacking village, submit a talk or perform music, and last but not least the attendees for showing up for 20 years.

Special remembrance to all the brothers and sisters who cannot be with us this year. The good memories and the knowledge you gave us will live on within us all and be shared with many. You will continue to be missed.

—The Dark Tangent

DT in the DEF CAR at DC1

DEF CON is run by volunteers, and without them nothing would happen. I want to thank all the people, teams, and unsung heroes who made this year possible.