Join Us August 1st–4th, 2013

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at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas!

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Their shadowy presence on our roster has been confirmed only to a select few up to now - but with their first major mission alongside AESTHETIC PERFECTION and X-RX about to take place across America, the time has come for us to publicly identify BLAKOPZ as the new tactical unit in DWA's ever-more-powerful army of artists.

With collective field experience of over 21 years in the rave, industrial and related music scenes, veteran DJ/producer Mike Weir (codename "Mindbender") and producer Alex King (codename "Kill The Alex") joined forces in just 2010 to form the BLAKOPZ unit - yet have already been deployed in surgical strikes throughout America opening for the likes of FGFC820, GOD MODULE, HANZEL UND GRETYL, IMPERATIVE REACTION and AYRIA.

Until now, only the occasional rough demo has surfaced online to confirm BLAKOPZ actual existence - but as of now, all that is about to change. Bursting into your eardrums like a flash grenade, BLAKOPZ carefully-crafted debut offering "Blood, Sweat And Fear" is a politically-charged beatdown of industrial-edged hard dance - BLAKOPZ own State Of The Union address, replete with vocal support from their fellow Americans Rexx Arkana of FGFC820 and "Mighty" Mike Saga.