Join Us August 1st–4th, 2013

All 4 days just $180 USD!

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas!

Cash only at the door.

DJ Zero One

With over 15 years experience in the hip hop and electronic dance communities, Zero One has come to be known as an outlet of powerful production and stage presence. His recent production credits include artists such as 2mex(Visionaries), Ariano(Technicali), Castor Pollux(GWM), Life Rexall(Shapeshifters), Ed O.G.(Boston), Dizzy Dustin(Ugly Duckling), Nabo Rawk(Porn Theater Ushers) and many more currently in the works. He is also one half of the Dysposable Heroes, producers behind the critically acclaimed Genius Vs Genius: An Evening with Ray Charles and the GZA, which recieved over 20,000 downloads and considered a Mash-up Classic. Zero One's recording and engineering credits lend a hand to his wide array of production ranging from heavy boom bap hip hop tracks to deep and moody downtempo and glitch music. As a fan of turntablism and scratch music, Zero brings a party-rocking vibe to each performance.