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Schlauting Thomas

Schlauting Thomas is an Electro project that introduces Intelligent LED sequencing within suits, stage and go-go outfits.


Performing under "Schlauting Thomas" both Tom Bolton and Schlaut have been a part of the music industry for over 15 years. They are a Production and DJ DUO playing Dirty Electro with sexual overtones and gritty analog production. Both have been in bands spanning across Industrial, Electro, Psytrance and even fused a few genres such as Electro-Hop and Psy-lectro. in 2003 schlaut began his love for electro with the rise of electro-clash. A modern and dirty, sexy (mostly sleazy) take approach to 80's new wave and punk.


Schlaut has been in the electronic music community for over 15 years with his first taste of Industrial/EBM music. At the age of 16, he feel in love with the concept of being able to "sample" a sound that someone would find annoying, or not even consider at all and manipulate it to actually move them. Repurposing sound to evoke emotion, thought patterns, and get people to groove.

Schlaut was a part of the first underground LA rave scene throwing outdoor events and being a part of the urban warehouse renegades in early 1990's. Once the scene matured a bit, Schlaut was introduced to Moontribe, and the newly emerging sound of Goa-Trance/Psy-Trance. At this time Schlaut saw the Industrial movement in a holding pattern of original and fresh sound, and turned his attention to Psy-Trance which fused his love of dark distorted production, with the psychedelic sounds of his youth.

In 1998 Psytrip was born. The project broke ground and the group began playing live shows across the US sharing festival stages with the likes of Juno Reactor, Cosmosis, Nik Taylor, Dark Soho, Prophei, Bodhi Sattva, and more.

In 2001 Schlaut helped launch REMIX magazine With a passion for electronic music, Schlaut was able to interface with the music industries gear manufacturers, labels, artists, top clubs and retail environments. Very quickly Schlaut saw a need for bringing in sponsorship to aid the up-and-coming producers by an event which brings workshops and products into the hands of the community. After several successful "Remix Lounge" tents at Music Festivals, the REMIX HOTEL was born. The REMIX HOTEL debuted in 2003 at the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in south beach Miami. The event took over an entire hotel and featured workshops, product announcements and poolside events by the world's top electronic labels. The Remix Hotel continued to return to WMC for several years and went on to tour multiple major cities.

In 2007 Schlaut went back to his roots and joined the INURE, a popular LA industrial band. Backed by the German label (XYZ), INURE shared multiple releases alongside Front 242, Project Pitchfork, and more. Schlaut produced several remixes for the label which topped dance floor charts throughout Europe.

In also in 2007 Schlaut began experimenting with a conceptual project "Mbreyo" with Thomas Bolton. The two had known each other for 21 years and worked on projects in the past, both shared a love for "Music with Purpose". Conceptual, detailed, and unique production with a flair for theatrics was the approach. They developed a hybrid of Electro and Psytrance which told the story of a Cyborg being introduce to humanity for the first time. They produced an EP with about 45 minutes of material and played several shows, but the project was put on hold in 2008 when Schlaut moved to San Francisco. Mbreyo was resurrected in 2010 with a very similar sound and produced a Remix for Nitzer Ebb and are currently working on a new EP.


After producing events and electronic music for over 15 years, Thomas Bolton and Schlaut teamed up for the Live/DJ duo Schlauting Thomas. They debuted the MIDI Light Suits in early 2011 now with over 4,000 RGB LED's and have a world tour planned for 2013.