Join Us August 1st–4th, 2013

All 4 days just $180 USD!

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas!

Cash only at the door.

Zack Barbie

Zack "'s not coffee..." Fasel (@zfasel) and Erin "where's my champagne" Jacobs (@secbarbie) have a long history of brining the untz, unce, and wub to nursing homes, children's hospitals, and employee sexual harassment training (giggity). When not playing sold out shows in your sister's bedroom, they're helping the less fortunate find wub in all the wrong places. Previous ragers have quoted "I'd see her again if it was open bar", "at least he put pants on this time", and "I'd redcard the shit out of both of them". Interested peeps, stalkers, and midget strippers can join Zack's A++ #1 Fan club @, and Erin's Secret Society of Stalkers at

Zack Barbie
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