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DEF CON 21 Call for Papers

What: DEF CON 21 Call For Papers
When: The Call for Papers will close on May 20, 2013
How: Complete the Call for Papers Form and send to talks at defcon dot org

DEF CON will take place at the Rio in Las Vegas, NV, USA, from Thursday August 1 to Sunday August 4, 2013.

I have often said that DEF CON is like a crystal ball others look into to try and see the future. What are the hackers and researchers up to? If they think something is interesting now, chances are it might be important in the future. Attendees and other speakers want to see what is inspiring those in our community.

DEF CON is focused on new ways to approach security and privacy, as well as building a community that is open to new ideas. Everything from the most complex modern technology to hacking grandma's toaster through Bluetooth is fair game. Show us and the world what you have been up to and what attack exploits, defensive techniques, or unique research you have been working on.

DEF CON doesn't have specific tracks but instead we cluster topics of similar interests. We might pair two talks back to back, "how to break it" followed by "how to fix it", or pair a law enforcement panel back to back with civil liberties presentation.

Check out for last year's conference presentations. If you want to learn from the past and get a complete list of topics that were accepted browse our archives here:

Speaking Formats:

Choose between 20 minutes, 45 minutes, and 90 minutes (Two slots back to back)


20 minute talks are now just that, 20 minutes. Speakers will be treated just like other speakers. I did this to remove the stigma of some saying that 20 minute talks are for those who cannot fill a full session. Not true I say! Some research doesn't need a full talk to get the point across, and by sticking to just the good bits it will allow more material to presented in the same amount of time. I hope the side effect of this will be for more competition in filling 20 minute talks.

50 minute talks are now 45 minutes. This is to give everyone 5 more minutes between session turn-over, hopefully both reducing the stress of getting to another session and increasing everyone's opportunities to socialize. Five less minutes might also help speakers focus their presentations and cut any unnecessary fluff or introductory material.

110 minute talks are now two 45 talks back to back so essential 90 minutes if you don't count the 15 minute switch over time.

There is a S3kR3t CFP review team this year. Yes, there have always been review teams in the past, but this year I am expanding the team and involving more outsiders into the process. To prevent people pressuring them to give a favorable review we are going to keep their identities private until after selections are done, and then we will announce who has helped to review. Interested? There are still review spots left for those with experience.

We have a new PGP key to use for submitting sensitive materials to us, linked off of our web page.

To submit a speech:

Complete the DEF CON 21 Call for Papers Form:

Like always we strive to only accept those talks of ninja caliber, and we won't have time to go back and forth asking for clarifications or missing information in your submission. Submit your best, most complete form and if anything changes email us an update.

There will be two rounds of speaker acceptance:
Round 1 Early - May 1, 2013
Round 2 Final - June 17, 2013
Materials due for CD - July 2, 2013

We will have two major rounds of speaker acceptance. In the first round we will fill about half of the schedule before the submission deadline, and the remaining half afterwards.

Barring a disaster of monstrous proportions, speaker selection will be completed no later than June 17. The sooner you submit the better chance you have of us give your presentation the full consideration it warrants. If you wait until the last minute to submit, you have less of a chance of being selected unless you have factored pi.

After a completed CFP form is received, speakers will be contacted if there are any questions about their presentations. If your talk is accepted you can continue to modify and evolve it up until the last minute, but don't deviate from your accepted presentation. We will mail you reminders with information on deadlines for when we need your presentation, to be burnt on the CDROM, as well as information for the printed program. If you want to plan ahead these dates are also listed on the CFP Form.

What do you get?

Speakers get in to the show free, get paid USD $200 (AFTER you give a good presentation!), get a cool badge, and people like you more. Most people find it is a great way to meet others interested in their topics.

Speakers can opt to forgo their payment and instead receive two human badges that they can give to their friends, sell to strangers, or hold onto as timeless mementos.

Receiving badges instead of checks has been a popular option for those insisting on maintaining their anonymity.

Please visit: for previous conference archives, information, and speeches. Updated announcements will be posted to news groups, security mailing lists and this web site. for a look at all the events and contests being planned for DEF CON 21. Join in on the action. to upload all your past DEF CON pictures. We store the pictures so you don't have to worry about web space. If you have an account on the forums, you have an account here.

Follow _defcon_ on twitter or check out the DEF CON Facebook Page to keep up to date with what's up at the con this year. for news and announcements surrounding DEF CON.

If you want to submit encrypted with PGP, please use:
Key ID 0x42FE81FF "DEF CON talk submission" available on most key servers or directly here

CFP forms and questions should get mailed to: talks/at/

- The Dark Tangent