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Contest Results

Here are the contest results we have collected so far! If you have contest results you would like listed, contact neil [at] defcon ]dot[ org

Capture the Flag

Winner: Plaid Parliament of Pwning

Top 10:
PPP - 15002
men in black hats - 7924
raon_ASRT - 7107
more smoked leet chicken - 4160
routards - 2503
sutegoma2 - 1540
shellphish - 1223
Alternatives - 1095
The European Nopsled Team - 859 9447 - 506

Hacker War Games

Rifle Class:

#1 - "Seeess" (M16 Full Auto with a M4-2000 Silencer Cal. 223)
Score: 18
Finish Time: 1min 38sec

Hand Gun Class:

#1 - "SomeGuy" (Custom built Colt 1911 Cal. 9mm)
Score: 18
Finish Time: 2min 17sec

#2 - "TheSiscoCoon" (Rock Island Armory 1911 Cal. 45ACP)
Score: 14
Finish Time: 2min 3sec

#3 - Rance (Glock 19 Cal. 9mm)
Score: 9
Finish Time: 2min 9sec

#4 - "FirmWarez" (CZ-75 Cal. 9mm)
Score: 3
Finish Time: 2min 3sec

Other Class (unoffical runs with borrowed guns)

#1 - "BoomBox"
Score: 18
Finish Time: 2min 6sec

#2 - "Rewtd"
Score: 12
Finish Time: 3min 4sec

#3 - Caspian "Kil Keny"
Score: 8
Finish Time: 3min 7sec

Black Bag

1st place - Porn-O-Claus
score: 2379
NOTE - his whole team flaked out so he ran the course SOLO and did awesome! Then he found two other folk to visit the mohawk booth with him in order to boost his score even more!

2nd place - Hackers with Harriers
score: 2217
NOTE - a team who didn't expect to have the time to play, their worked in this run around other activities and efforts in other games and did outstanding.

3rd place - Fuzzy Hat
score: 1730
NOTE - this team was formed on the fly and slipped in when one qualifying team failed to show up. They learned everything on the spot and did a really great job.

Still in the running - Swords of Thunder
score: 1661
NOTE - these folk all say that someone is getting a mohawk. if they do, then they'll be in third place.

Good effort and awesomeness...

King Kong Dong

Crack Me If You Can

CMIYC contest results:

Pro Teams:
1) Inside Pro
2) Team Hashcat
3) john-users

Street Teams:
1) 16 Systems

Snowden Look-a-like Contest

5th place - Ed snowden #1
4th place - Aonoic
3rd place - Snowy
2nd place - Red Snow
1st place - Real Edward Snowden
Last place breathalyzer award - Cypher51


Final round was: Team GFY vs. Jolly and Friends (& Zelda)

Winning team: Jolly and Friends (& Zelda)

Best Hacker: Silk
Best Tf2 player: Punx

Project 2

1st pwnies
2nd iroha2
3rd team_RDG
4th pTFS
5th 5oapy5oapy

Tamper Evident contest

Team Name: Imparted event
Team Members:

First with 78 points "Imparted Event"
Second with 72 points "Teamslack"
Third with 67 points "GottA Have one"

Hacker Pyramid

ZoZ and Lintile

Network Forensics Puzzle Contest

Over 250 teams registered to play
Team size ranged from 1- 6
9 teams successfully completed the contest
Top 10 teams will be listed on the website after the con along with decryption keys and solutions walkthroughs

Top two teams:
1. RedTeam
2. Tom Pohl

Social-Engineering Capture the Flag

1st Place: Lilly
2nd Place: Laurie V.

Social-Engineering Capture the Flag for Kids

1st was Bella and Esau
2nd was Tibor and Connor

DEF CON Short Story Contest

FIRST PLACE: The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything, by Lizz
SECOND PLACE: DEF CON is Cancelled by John McNabb
PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Nostradamus, by Andrew G

Wireless CTF

1. Total Harmonic Destruction +N - score 163
2. Red Baron - score 91
3. Simonj - score 58
4. sanctum - score 24
5. Team Last Minute - score 43
6. TeamCrypt0s - score 0
7. PorCars - score 0
8. Kali - score 0
9. M0nks - score 0
10. Toast goes in - score 0
11. team Rob - score 0
12. Oh Shit! - score 0
13. smashbash - score 0