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DEF CON 21 Materials RSS Feed, Updated CD, and Torrents!

For all of you fine folks out there, we have lovingly compiled the speaker's slide decks and extras from the con CD into the DEF CON 21 Materials RSS feed for your enjoyment! Not only that, but it includes all the updates submitted by the speakers since the con, so you'll have all the latest research! So check it out and grab the stuff you are interested in!

Alternatively, if you just gotta have it all sitting on a hard drive awaiting your whim, We have also posted a torrent and direct download link to the Updated Conference CD!

We've also updated a couple of the large collection torrents, one for the DEF CON CD/DVD collection from all the shows to reflect the addition of DEF CON 21, and another for the Hacker Related Documentaries with the addition of DEF CON: The Documentary.

Check out the following links and enjoy!

DEF CON 21 Hacking Conference Updated CD (Final) CON 21 updated hacking conference CD.rar.torrent CON Conference CD DVD/DEF CON 21 Updated Hacking Conference CD.rar

DEF CON 21 Hacking Conference Presentations (These are all the presentations from the speakers, but not the extras folder) CON 21 presentations.torrent CON 21/DEF CON 21 presentations/

UPDATED Collection of conference CD and DVDs - Now includes DEF CON 21 original and updated CDs CON Conference CD DVD Collection 2013.torrent CON Conference CD DVD/

UPDATED: Hacking Documentaries hosted at DEF CON - Now includes the DEF CON Documentary and sneak peek CON Hosted hacking related documentaries v2.torrent Related Documentaries/

DEF CON 21 Early Release Video on YouTube!

We've posted a few tasty morsels of early release video for you on the DEF CON YouTube Channel! You can absorb Zoz's talk on Hacking Driverless Vehicles, Mudge's anecdotes of being a hacker inside the government, and Melissa Elliot's research on unintentional radio emissions! Enjoy!

DEF CON 21 Contest Results!

Were you wondering how everyone placed at this year's DEF CON Contests? Wander on over to the DEF CON 21 Contest Results Page for all that have reported back so far!

DEF CON 21 Archive Page!

Now scribed in the book of ages known as the interwebs, is the DEF CON 21 Archive. You'll find links to press, the program, the receipt, and all of the latest updated speaker materials and extras from DEF CON 21. Keep watch on this archive, data from this year's con is still rolling in and it will be updated, as we receive it! Enjoy!

Press page updated for DEF CON 21!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The DEF CON Press page has been updated with over 200 new articles on DEF CON 21! Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they get it wrong, but it's all there for your discriminating perusal! Enjoy.

CTF Page Updated for DEF CON 21

Check out the DEF CON CTF Archive for write-ups and links to the LegitBS Scorebot SQL Dump from this year's Capture the Flag!

Congrats To DEF CON 21 CTF Winners!

A hearty congratulations to Plaid Parliament of Pwning for taking this year's CTF crown! Thank you to Legitimate Business Syndicate for running a great game! Head on over to for the scoreboard of this year's Capture the Flag and a wrap up of the event.

DEF CON 21 - The Official Soundtrack!

Thanks to the huge success of DEF CON's 20th anniversary compilation, we've brought it back again and stepped up our game. This year, we present you with "DEF CON 21: The Official Soundtrack:" 20 tracks of pure nerd fuel for hacking. The compilation features many of the talented acts in attendance at the conference, like BT (seriously!), Faderhead (for real!), and far beyond that with generous submissions from the likes of PANTyRAiD and Gramatik.

As if that wasn't enough, this release is completely free/donation-based, with 100% of the generated revenue going straight to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF /, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit dedicated to protecting our Internet freedoms and privacy.

Get on over to the Gravitas Recordings (the awesome label donating their time, energy, PR skills, and distribution networks to the cause) Bandcamp release page to grab this sonic goodness, check the full track-list, and ***DONATE***!


Cheers to an awesome DEF CON 21!

Well folks, that's another DEF CON on the books, and it was a great one! We're starting to make it home, and gather contest results, press, content, photos, and everything else from a fantastic DEF CON 21, so keep an eye on this space, our Twitter, and Facebook in the coming days and weeks as it is scribed into the archives!

Big thanks to all of the attendees, You give us the reason to do this every year, and we're ecstatic that you travel to the middle of the desert in the dead of summer to enjoy our gathering! To all of the goons, your tireless efforts and dedication shine year after year as we move through each and every con, thank you all. A big thank you all of those who contribute their time, enthusiasm, knowledge, and talent to DEF CON through speaking, performing, and running contests, events, villages, and parties.

Stay tuned, and we hope to see you all at DEF CON 22!

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