Join Us July 26 – 29th, 2012

All 4 days just $180 USD!

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Cash only at the door.

Press Registration


If you've never been to DEFCON before, please do some research before attending.

At the very least, read the DEFCON FAQs (this one and this other one). Read some articles already written about DEFCON. And please, whatever you do, don't let your editors headline your article 'fear and hacking in Las Vegas' [at least five of these clever headlines have been written already].


To register as press, please send an email to press [at] defcon ]dot[ org with the following information:

  • Full Name & Title
  • Publication
  • Link to articles you've written pertaining to computer security/hacking or other Defcon related topic (if new to security, send best articles on a different subject)
  • Phone number (cell)
  • Email address
  • Have you been to DEFCON before? Have you been to DEFCON as press before?

Video/Photography Rules

Hackers tend to be passionate about personal privacy, and we have always respected that - we ask (/demand) that you do the same. Don't feel singled out - we have the same video and photography rules for the press as we do our attendees.

Photography/video without explicit permission is forbidden.

"Crowd Shots" are disallowed unless the crowd knows it's going to be captured (and has a chance to face away). Don't try to capture large crowd shots unless a Press Goon is present (that's what we call our staff; Goons, yes, seriously).

If you've accidentally taken a picture without permission, delete it. If you are asked by an attendee to delete a picture they did not give you permission to take, do so immediately.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in the revocation of your press pass and ejection from the property.

Finally, don't even *think* of having a hidden camera (google "Michelle Madigan" to see what happened when this was last attempted).


If you are going to actually attend and enjoy DEFCON (instead of just being a slave to a deadline), it is highly recommended that you buy a 'human' (normal attendee) badge. But always wear your Press badge if you are gathering information for a story. We'll help you avoid the long line to get an attendee badge if you're nice to us.

See you in Vegas!