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CFP Review Board


CJ has been a hacker since the late 80's and a DEF CON Goon for 15 years. He has more than 20 years experience working in infosec, much of which he either cant talk about, wont talk about, or simply cant remember because he was drunk. When not appearing at security conferences around the world, CJ can be found breaking things for @Lookout in SF.

Dark Tangent

Our founder. you can check out his info on the Dark Tangent Page

Dead Addict

Dead Addict has been staff at DEF CON since its inception 21 years ago.  He has spoken at DEF CON, Black Hat, ShmooCon, Yale Law School, SEC-T, Notacon, Rubicon, as well as private security conferences.  He has worked in the computer industry for over 22 years, focusing on security for well over a decade.  You can often find him contact juggling, wearing a silly bowler hat, or chainsmoking in the 100 degree heat (sometimes all at once).  He will not be upset if you want to buy him a beer.


Maestro, DEF CON's Network Operation Center

After being involved since DC9 and leading the magical WiFi efforts from DC13 onwards, effffn accepted the challenge of taking the lead of DEF CON's NOC right after DC20 when Lockheed tricked us in believing he was retiring (and not divorcing) the con. effffn not only speaks WiFi, but is an enthusiast of everything related to InfoSec, having spoken in several security conferences around the globe, and is the co-founder of a couple of security conferences in Brazil.

For the last 20 years or so, he has worked with several networking technologies that are no longer used, web applications, databases, protocol fuzzing and today is the director for Trustwave's SpiderLabs in the LATAM region leading a team of very smart folks. And yes, he really enjoys good craft beers. +++


Grifter has been a DEF CON Goon for a lucky 13 years. He is currently the Senior Goon in charge of DEF CON Evening Event space. In previous lives he served as a Security, Vendor, and Skybox Goon, Coordinator of the DEF CON Movie Channel, and former Organizer of the Scavenger Hunt. He birthed the idea of the DEF CON Villages and DC Groups into the world, and he's not sorry about it. He has three black badges, for placing first in LosT's DEF CON Mystery Challenge, three years in a row.

Grifter has spoken at DEF CON numerous times, as well as related Hacker, Security, and Industry conferences. He has co-authored several books on various information security topics, and has somehow found a way to convince people to give him money for what he keeps inside his head.(The technical stuff, not the dirty stuff…yet.) He uses this money to provide food and shelter for his family in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he is an active part of DC801, and a founding member of the SLC-Transistor hackerspace.


Jericho is an outspoken security-minded something that got his start in hacking the early 90's. That time has led to building valuable skills such as skepticism and anger management as he moved from auditing your networks to auditing your fanciful ideas about how the industry is great and we're really doing better (we aren't). Attending DEF CON 2 and presenting at subsequent earlier DEF CONs, he is tired of seeing conferences routinely accept bad talks and vowed to help. No degree, no certifications, just the willingness to say things many in this dismal industry are thinking but unwilling to say themselves. He remains a champion of security industry integrity and small misunderstood creatures.

Lockheed (Steve Kirk)

DEF CON Chief Network Architect (ret)

For 17 years, Lock organized, architected, and ran the DEF CON Network Operations Group.  He continues the tradition that one never fully retires from DEF CON.  Professionally he's worked in IT his entire career, doing everything from engineering, product development, web hosting, security, network design - you name it.  In more recent times Lock has moved to the Dark Side (management).  Currently Lock is head of Global IT for Sony PlayStation Worldwide Studios.  This comes with frequent flyer miles.  He's in charge of internal IT for all internal game studios as well as hosting WWS-developed online games ("the game servers").  He'll tell you that if you use the term "cloud" then you're probably using it wrong.  Remember the old days when information security meant locking the door at night? Yeah, it's like that.

Maximiliano Soler

Maximiliano Soler lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently works as Security Analyst for an International Bank with a strong focus in Penetration Testing and Web Application Security. Maxi has discovered vulnerabilities in different Web applications and several Microsoft products. He has also taken part in many conferences such as Black Hat, OWASP AppSec and EKOParty. He is permanently involved in different open source projects related to Web Application Security. A really 27/4 ToolsWatcher!


CFP Goddess

Nikita senior goon in charge of the DEF CON's call for papers, Speaker liaison, and overall conference administrator. Between reading and responding to several hundred papers she is often seen trolling the free world and raising a two year old son. A DEF CON attendee for the past ten years and a goon for eight, she's fully in love with this community despite the fact that many of you drive me insane. Most notably known for never sleeping from May to the end of July, an extensive hello kitty hoard, and a celebrated collection of animated gifs to express pleasure and disdain.  People have often said her best skills are excellence in cut & paste, a junior college level reading and comprehension level, and cruelty to tall people. Currently she is the only person in our community endorsed on linkedin for Modern Dance, Aerospace Medicine, and Carbon Nanotubes, the CISSP endorsement was a just a goof.  You can subject yourself to her boring life narration via twitter @niki7a.


Roamer is the (cross your fingers) soon to be retired Sr. Goon in charge of the DEF CON Vendor Area.  His judgement must be called in to question since he has volunteered to Goon since DC 8, a sentence longer than many murderers serve.  He has spoken at multiple DEF CONs (among other...lesser...conferences) starting at DC10.  He has 15 years of InfoSec experience, mostly as a penetration tester doing red and blue team pen tests for three letter agencies, four letter agencies and other government agencies that have made him scream four letter words.  He left that glamorous life behind to become the Global Information Security Manager for Sony Playstation World Wide Studios last year where he battles the forces of evil in an ever escalating game of capture the flag where he is never outgunned or outnumbered but always outclassed...or is that the other way around?   Follow @shitroamersays if you want to find out exactly how much he REALLY hates the shitbirds.

Russr (Russ Rogers)

DEF CON Goon (also ret)

For 16 years, Russr has been involved in a number of different areas at the conference, including the vendor area, the contest area, Hardware Hacking Village, and more recently, the DEF CON Documentary. He works for his own company at Peak Security, doing research and fun, smaller projects. Russ also charged into fruitless DEF CON retirement, and remains a loyal dog to the minions of the hacker/maker world. He has 20+ years experience in information security, and had discovered the merits of brewing your own beer. Reviewing the potential talks for "The Con" is its own reward, and he's more likely to see something interesting, than another talk about how to do something completely pointless.

Sam Bowne

Sam Bowne (@sambowne) has been teaching computer networking and security classes at CCSF since 2000. He has given talks at DEFCON, BayThreat, LayerOne, Toorcon, and lightning talks at HOPE on Ethical Hacking, and taught classes and seminars at many other schools and teaching conferences.   He has a PhD & lot of industry certs but still no CISSP.

Suggy (Chris Sumner)

Chris is a security data guy at Hewlett-Packard, where he's been employed for over 18 years; albeit some of those years were with DEC and Compaq. For the past 14 years he has performed a variety of security roles, including worldwide Security Manager for HP's Imaging and Printing division.

Outside work he co-founded the not-for-profit Online Privacy Foundation who contribute to the emerging discipline of behavioral residue research within online social networks. He has previously spoken on this area of research at conferences including DEF CON, BlackHat, 44CON, the European Conference on Personality and the International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications.

He never dreamed he'd ever attend DEF CON (DC13 being his first), let alone be privileged enough to contribute to it by reviewing CFPs.


Registration pit boss (RET)

After attending a few years as a human, He started getting more involved with the running of the registration desk until he was 'volunteered' to take charge of it.  From 9-20 he watched the lines grow as the numbers of attendees grew year after year.  The ever growing challenge of being 'THAT GUY' with the badges, the countless requests for FREE entrance, and the mad amount of physical work involved. TW is a proud member of the Ninja Networks, owns and TW has worked 17 years with the same large company doing information security work, changing scope every 5 years or so to keep it fresh. Though he no longer runs registration, he tries to stay active behind the scene with the workings of Def Con as time allows.