Join Us August 1st–4th, 2013

All 4 days just $180 USD!

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Cash only at the door.


Check out all of the fine purveyors of hacker merchandise, organizations, and charities that will populate the DEF CON 21 Vendor Area!


The ACLU is our nation's guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country.

The ACLU's wide-ranging work in digital privacy focuses on expanding the right to privacy, increasing the control that individuals have over their personal information, and ensuring that civil liberties are enhanced rather than compromised by new advances in science and technology. Our work in this field includes freedom of expression online, privacy of electronic information, journalists' rights, scientific freedom, and openness in the courts. Make sure to visit our booth in the vendor area to learn more, and join us on Friday night to Party Like It's 1986!

BreakPoint Books

BreakPoint Books is your official conference bookstore on site at DEF CON. We'll have all your favorite books for sale and we're conveniently located in the Vendor Area. Make sure to stop by and view the titles in stock and purchase a few written by some of your favorite authors!

Bump My Lock

This is our 5th year as a vendor at DEF CON! We have added over 150 new tools in our catalog. If we don't have it at the booth, go to
Free demonstrations and training at our booth.

Bump My Lock is celebrating our 5th year at DEFCON by showcasing our own line of lock picks!!  This year, we will feature our Black Diamond sets and our Ruby sets. Our sister company, Ace Hackware, will also be joining us at the booth.

So come see us for all your Lock Pick Sets, Bump Keys, Clear Practice Locks, Jackknife Pick Sets, Hackware, and more.

As always, a percentage of our proceeds will go to the Miracle Match Foundation.

Long live Barcode!

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the leading organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. We defend free speech on the Internet, fight illegal surveillance, support freedom-enhancing technologies, promote the rights of digital innovators, and work to ensure that the rights and freedoms we enjoy are enhanced, rather than eroded, as our use of technology grows.

Electric Sheep Press

We are the Electric Sheep Scribes, and we bring you Electric Sheep Press: a world-changing publishing company. We'll make you laugh. We'll make you cry. We'll pull the wool back from over your eyes.

Traditional fiction publishing has been on life-support for far too long. Electric Sheep Press (ESP to the cool kids) is ready to pull the plug.  Founded by the Electric Sheep Scribes -- Cloudy, Tasky, and Spelly -- ESP is dedicated to two things: providing technology-savvy audiences with high-quality science fiction and fact ("hacker entertainment," if you will), and paying writers percentages that would make traditional publishers choke.


Well we're back at it again, and have been working hard all year to bring you the freshest awesome that we can. If you have been to DEF CON, layerone, toorcon, phreaknic, or other conferences we have been at, you definitely know what so of shenanigans we are up to. If you have never seen us, feel free to come by and take a look at what we have to offer. Always fun, always contemporary, GhettoGeeks has some for the tech enthusiast (or if you prefer, hacker)

The Hacker Academy

The Hacker Academy (THA) is an online learning platform for ethical hacking and penetration testing that provides real world tools, concepts, and 24/7 hands on training in a cloud based environment. The Hacker Academy provides a true understanding of how hacking actually works and what it feels like from a "bad guys" perspective, which arms you with the knowledge to protect your own systems. THA is a division of MAD Security, a boutique information security training firm that focuses on improving the security of their clients through improvement in user behavior and the skills of their technical staff. Improve your humans, Improve your security.


HACKERS FOR CHARITY is a non-profit organization that leverages the skills of technologists. We solve technology challenges for various non-profits and provide food, equipment, job training and computer education to the world's poorest citizens. offers the best in hacker threads (clothing up to 5XL!), caffeine, technology and mind bending tools for all trades including lock picking! Official Vendor for DEF CON swag after the con! So click us out, join our mailing list, follow us on facebook and twitter for the latest releases, specials and deals!

Hacker Warehouse strives to be your one-stop shop for all your computer security needs from defense to offense. We understand the importance of tools and gear which is why we strive to carry only the highest quality gear from the best brands in the industry.

A portion of each sale will go back to support the information security community. From tool developers to non-profits, we only partner with people or organizations that enhance and contribute the community.


HakShop: host of security products from world renowned researchers, is your source for the highest quality hacker gadgets. With an arsenal of WiFi honey-pots, HID attack tools, Wireless brute-forcers and even monitoring equipment -- let's just say if 007 were a pen-tester he'd be rocking our gear. Come by our booth today for a demo by Shannon Morse of Hak5.


Keyport has reinvented the conventional keychain by consolidating your most important personal items (keys, USB flash drive, mini-light, bottle opener, barcode holder, and more in development) into a single, streamlined device that replaces your keychain. This is our first year at DEFCON and we will be selling our brand new Keyport Slide 2.0 and full line of Keyport Blades, Inserts, and Accessories at 10% off. Bring your keys and get ported on the spot.

Kineteka Systems

Kineteka Systems designs and manufactures specialty high-tech products as well as resells a variety of niche electronics for the growing Maker/Hacker movement.


Customize T shirts & Stickers on the spot at DEF CON 21

No Starch Press

No Starch Press publishes books for geeks of all ages. We focus on computer security, programming, open source, LEGO, and science. Our titles have personality, our authors are passionate, and we read and edit every book that bears our name.


Nuand provides low-cost, USB 3.0 SDRs (Software Defined Radio) for enthusiasts, and experts a like. After a successful Kickstarter, bladeRF is now available and ready for use in your projects! Stop by our table to see our demos and find out more about bladeRF, GNURadio, OpenBTS and Software Defined Radios!

Pwnie Express

Pwnie Express specializies in bleeding edge hardware and software for penetration testers including the Pwn Plug, the Power Pwn and the Pwn Pad. Pwnie Express devices use covert tunnels and cellular connections to maintain an encrypted, firewall-busting backdoors into target networks. Stop by the booth for Pwnie swag and learn about the new tricks they're up to.


SecureNinja provides expert Cybersecurity Training and Certification & Security Services. Training Courses included Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Counterintelligence & Cybercrime, Advanced Offensive Hacking and Penetration Testing, Advanced Offensive Mobile Application Hacking, CISSP, CEH v8, Computer Forensics, CISM, Cloud Security, Cyber Tools and Analysis Hands-on Workshop and more. Our classes come in flexible formats (Boot Camp, Live Online, Evenings, Weekends, On-site and Self-Paced Computer Based Training) to meet your busy schedule or organizational need. Secure Ninja services/consulting specialize in governance, risk and compliance programs for government agencies including information assurance, IV&V security assessments, and Cybersecurity solutions. SecureNinja is celebrating our 10th anniversary; Stop by the SecureNinja booth at DEFCON and check out our latest Ninja Gear, view our newest product release, enter cool contests and to receive 30% off any SecureNinja training item.

Security Snobs

Security Snobs offers High Security Mechanical Locks and Physical Security Products including door locks, padlocks, cutaways, security devices, and more. We feature the latest in security items including top brands like Abloy, BiLock, EVVA, KeyPort, TiGr, and Sargent and Greenleaf. Visit for our complete range of products. Stop by our booth and get free shipping on items for the month following the conference. Featuring the mobile alarm system, unique cutaways, $1500+ padlocks, and a variety of other unique products.


SEREPICK ­ THE LEADER IN SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT & COVERT ENTRY TOOLS New tools and classics will be on display and available for sale. With a large selection of Custom Titanium toolsets, Entry Tools, Practice locks, Bypass tools and Urban Escape & Evasion hardware we guarantee we will have something you have not seen before, including items that until recently were only available for restricted purchase. The Full product range of SPARROWS lock picks and tools will also be available including their custom Un-Cuff Links and specialized bypass tools. All products will be demonstrated at various times and can be personally sampled for use and efficacy.

Shadowvex Industries

Hacker culture relevant and artistic driven-limited production high quality girls & boys t-shirts and hoodies. Fresh DJ mixes of the finest electronic music from the underground. Zero-day custom vinyl stickers, posters and buttons and more of your favorite nick-hacks!

Simple WiFi

For PenTesting and unwired Internet Security Specialists: Wireless, WiFi antennas, cables, connectors, USB and Ethernet wireless high power cards and devices, other interesting goodies to be seen only at the table! And new design T-shirts.

Strategic Cyber

Strategic Cyber is a purveyor of fine malware for your penetration testing and red teaming pleasure. Its flagship product, Cobalt Strike, runs social engineering campaigns, serves web drive-by attacks, and features a beaconing payload that escapes tricky egress situations. Brought to you by the creator of Armitage.


The Open Organisation of Lockpickers will have available a wide selection of tasty lock goodies for both the novice and master lockpicker! A variety of commercial picks, handmade picks, custom designs, practice locks, handcuffs, cutaways, and other neat tools will be available for your perusing and enjoyment! All sales directly benefit TOOOL, a non-profit organization.

University of Advancing Technology

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is a private university located in Tempe, Arizona, offering academic degrees focused on new and emerging technology disciplines. UAT offers a robust suite of regionally accredited graduate and undergraduate courses ranging from Computer Science and Information Security to Gaming and New Media. UAT has been designated as a Center for Academic Excellence in Information Systems Security Education by the US National Security Agency. Programs are available online and on-campus.


"Home of the $99 1U Server"
1260 La Avenida St Mountain View, CA 94043
Toll Free: 877-UNIX-123 (877-864-9123)

Unknown Prepper

OMGWTFBBQ! When the SHTF, be smart and be prepared. Get in "The Know" at UNKNOWN.COM. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations plan, prepare and put into practice the insight, goods and skills needed to better survive The Unknown. UNKNOWN.COM works to provide a professional, true understanding of preparedness that is based upon the harsh reality of the day. We are also big fans of Zombie Films and Hacker culture, so come by and chat with us to get in The Know. And yes, we have cool swag as well.