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DEF CON 22 Hacking Conference

Contest & Event Results

Here are some of the awesome DEF CON 22 contests & events we have received results on.

If you have results from a contest or event that are not listed here, feel free to send them to neil [at] defcon }dot{ org! and we'll post them!

Eddie portrait by Mar

Art for EFF

All art design done by y3t1 of the 303 family
All proceeds are donated to the EFF and Hackers For Charity
$4100 for EFF, $4100 for HFC

Scavenger Hunt Logo

Be the Match

112 sign ups

2 successful bone marrow donors in DEF CON history


Beverage cooling Logo

Beverage Cooling Contest

1st place
Team Ad Hoc
301 seconds

2nd place
Team Bearded Brewers
327 seconds

3rd place
Team Hebrew
370 seconds

Coindroids Logo


1st place

2nd place

3rd Place

Crash & Compile Logo

Crash and Compile

1st place
Sprechen Sie Dick Pics, at 14 points

2nd place
Frink Rules, at 11 points

3rd place
Neg9, at 9 points

Counterfeit badge Logo

Counterfeit Badge Contest

1st place
Emily – QueerCon 11 Badge

2nd place
Solomon – DC22 Human Badge

3rd place
Tyler & Brian – DC19 1057 Badge

Hackers Against Humanity Logo

Hackers Against Humanity

1st place
The Asshole to my left

2nd place
Chromecast Fail

3rd place
Dongs in heaven

Hacker Pyramid Logo

Hacker Pyramid

Winner – Celeb: Rich Mogull
Winner – Audience: Mike (from Canmore)

2nd place
Banasidhe and Nousie

3rd place
there is no third place, only ZUUL

Hacker War Games Logo

Hacker War Games

1 Shot Sniper Shot Winner
1st Place
Nuclear Steve (Winner of the DC22 Badge)
Hit @ 1min 58sec

Hand Gun Class
1st Place
Dr. Tran (Beretta Cal. 9mm)
Score: 18 of 30 Finish Time: 2min 55sec

Long Gun Class
1st Place
Seeess (Olympic AR-15 Cal. 5.56NATO)
Score: 29 of 30 Finish Time: 2min 25sec

Hack Fortress Logo

Hack Fortress

1st place
Jolly and Friends

2nd place

Ham Radio exams ad

Ham Radio Exams

This year, we had 205 candidates who took one or more tests. We had 144 new Technician-class licensees, 22 new General-class, and 6 new Extra-class.

The 205 candidates means we're in the top 5 largest ham radio exams *ever* in the US. (The US has a very large ham radio population generally, so it's reasonable to assume it'd be top-5 worldwide.)

The youngest successful licensee was 13. The oldest was retired.

Mohawk Con Logo

Mohawk Con

Hosted by Ed Word of 303
$5550.76 total donations

$4200.76 donated for EFF
$1350 for Hackers for Charity.

> 250 participants
Second largest EFF donors at DEF CON

Network Forensics Puzzle Contest Logo

Network Forensics Puzzle Contest

1st place
Dofir 49:03 (hours:minutes)

2nd place
Tom Pohl and Team Blue 52:07 (hours:minutes)

264 contestants
7 rounds, after def con, passcodes

Pimp My Rascal Logo

Pimp My Rascal

1st Place
five 15 year olds and their magical pirate ship (Pedo Bear Approves)

Project 2 Logo

Project 2

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Scavenger Hunt Logo

Scavenger Hunt

1st place
Julian Assange Rape Victims

2nd place
Team Adam

3rd place
Calvin & Hobbes

4th place
Team Awesome

5th place

Schemaverse Logo


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

SECTF4Kids Logo


1st place
Salmon Waffles

2nd place
The Electronic Samurais

SOHOplessly Broken Logo

SOHOplessly Broken

Craig Young [Tripwire] - 26,000 points
FIVE 1337 compromises:
Asus AC66U
Netgear WNDR-4700 (2x)
DLink 865L
Belkin N900

Four Rabble Rouser compromises: Belkin N900
Netgear WNDR-4700 (2x)
Linksys EA6500

Still Good compromise:
Belkin N900

Averagebusinessuser - 4,000 points
1337 compromise:
Trendnet TEW-812DRU

Michael Losee [Emagined Security] - 4,000 points
1337 compromise:
Actiontec Q1000

Tamper Evident Logo

Tamper Evident Contest

1st place
imparted event

2nd place
random 27

3rd place
golden goblin

TCP/IP Drinking Game Logo

TCP/IP Drinking Game

1st round
1st place

Network Forensic Puzzle Contest

2nd round
1st place

Network Forensic Puzzle Contest

Warlock games Logo

Warl0ck Gam3z

1st Place
dcua (12230)

2nd Place
P1nkPanth3r (12180)

3rd Place
caitoo (10750)

Wireless CTF Logo

Wireless CTF

1st place

2nd place

3rd place