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DEF CON 22: The Official Soundtrack

DEF CON 22: The Official Soundtrack

DEF CON is pleased to announce the return of its annual music CD compilation. We bring you: DEF CON 22: THE OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK. Featuring awesome acts like Mochipet, DJ Spooky, Elite Force, Opiuo, MC Lars, and many many more, we hope you enjoy this totally kick-ass compilation while you get your hack on. If you've missed out on the CD fear, not! The compilation has been released in digital form with help and thanks to Gravitas Recordings and comes with additional bonus tracks not found on the CD. GRAB THE DIGITAL COPY HERE.

100% of the funds generated by donating to this compilation go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a 501(c)3 dedicated to protecting our Internet and digital freedoms. Please donate! To do so, you can either pay-what-you-want on the Gravitas-hosted Bandcamp release page, purchase the album through any other official outlets where you see the compilation is sold (such as iTunes, Beatport, and Amazon), OR sending over some Bitcoin or Dogecoin (Dogecoin will ultimately be converted to Bitcoin for the EFF to accept it)!

  • Bitcoin Donation Address: 1At9p4Gt3tMGYot9xsZVvUXXvfvWqxXa1w
  • Dogecon Donation Address: DRYwMKSTXoWgNgMTvQtJqQGM829SyDYXhn

  • 01. DJ Spooky - Antarctic Rhythms (Invincible Hip-Hop Mix)
  • 02. The Digital Connection - Drippin'
  • 03. JPOD and The Root Sellers - System is Broke
  • 04. Zebbler Encanti Experience - Perceptronium
  • 05. Mochipet - Pegasaurus Rex
  • 06. Opiuo - Snorkle
  • 07. Vogel - Night City
  • 08. Starcadian - Chinatown
  • 09. Biologik - No Place Like Home (Original Mix)
  • 10. Elite Force - Godzilla
  • 11. Mochipet - Kaiju Brain Soccer
  • 12. MC Lars feat. KRS-One - The Gospel of Hip-Hop (DJ RoboRob Remix)
  • 13. Dale Chase - Security Kate
  • 14. MODERNS - Over Again

Project presented and funded by the Dark Tangent and DEF CON. Produced by Great Scott (@GreatScottMusic, DEF CON), Jesse Brede (Gravitas Recordings), and Psymbionic (Gravitas Recordings). Compilation artwork by Ben Mautner (Mautner Branding + Identity:, WeAre360: Mastering support by Psymbionic (