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DEF CON Hacking Conference


We present to you the DEF CON 23 Review board. Not all of our review board wanted to come out of hiding, many chose to remain secret squirrel. Apparently not everyone is looking to let loose their inner Tony Stark. The following bios are those who are willing to accept our many thanks by allowing us to shower them with various affections in a public forum. So thank you DEF CON 23 CFP review board, those listed, and those lurking in the shadows. We owe you a cold one!


Cjunky (Marc Rogers)

Aliases: CJ, Cjunky, Cyberjunky

Special Abilities: Technology just seems to break around him

Secret Handshake? [REDACTED]

Where can they be found at DEF CON? [REDACTED]

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? Hacking A Tesla Model S (Duh)

Notes: Marc Rogers aka Cyberjunky has been a prominent member of the hacking scene since the 80’s. Some of his most notable achievements are co-founding the notorious British hacker group, “The Agents of a Hostile Power” and his role in creating and appearing in the award winning BBC TV series “The Real Hustle”. Marc’s professional career spans more than twenty years, including a decade managing security for the UK operator Vodafone. Marc is currently the principal security researcher for web optimization and security company CloudFlare. As well as his work in the InfoSec and telecoms industries, Marc has also been a CISO in South Korea and the co-founder of a disruptive Bay Area start-up. Some of Marc’s notable recent hacks include Google Glass, Apple TouchID and most recently the Tesla Model S.

Communications sites:
Twitter: @marcwrogers


Ryan "LosT" Clarke

Aliases: LosT, L0stB0y, That Guy, 1057, 1os7 and any conceivable variation of the word Lost.

Special Abilities: Hacker. APG. Intel Security. Security Engineer and Scientist. Crypto and Puzzlemaster for DEF CON. Created Mystery Box, Hardware Hacking Village, other mystery~

Secret Handshake? Yes

Where can they be found at DEF CON? Sleeping under his contest table.

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? Responsible Incident Covert Keys Against Subverted Latent Technologies Especially Yubikey by LosT

Notes: LosT also runs the annual Mystery Box Challenge contest at DEF CON, which he launched at DEF CON 9. L0s7 says he likes to create the kind of challenges and puzzles that he wishes someone else would create for him to solve. 1057 has allegedly created the badges for DEF CON 23. Lo5t also appreciates jokes.

Communication sites:

Sandy Clark

Aliases: Mouse

Special Abilities: Hyperactivity

Secret Handshake? Not telling

Where they can be found at DEF CON? In a blazer, running through the hallways

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? It's a tie between Machine vs. Machine: Inside DARPA’s Fully Automated CTF & Build a free cellular traffic capture tool with a vxworks based femoto.

Notes: Mouse rediscovered her childhood at her first DEF CON. Since then she’s been regressing steadily. Soon to be Ph.D., her research explores security as an eco-system and from the perspective of a game. Hobbies include: Exploring abandoned infrastructure, 3-D printing (mostly clockwork toys, but lately ukuleles) and Karakuri. She's pathologically incapable of letting go of a puzzle, which seriously eats into her sleep and exercise schedules.

Communication sites:

Dark Tangent

Dark Tangent

Aliases: Jeff Moss

Special Abilities: Stay awake for long periods of time, stay asleep for long periods of time. The patented "Moss DoS". Speaking tech to power.

Secret Handshake? Fast Open

Where they can be found at DEF CON? Randomly roaming the con, checking in on the movie night, Hacker Jeopardy, the Data Village, and the night time DJs.

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? One of the more "DEF CON" talks, DIY Nukeproofing: a new dig at "data-mining" by 3AlarmLampscooter

Notes: I want to thank the CFP Review Team. If you see them wearing their cool CFP badges, say hello and thank them if you like the talks!

Communication sites:

Jennifer Granick

Jennifer Granick

Aliases: Consigliere, J.Law

Special Abilities: Having opinions. Answering email. Arguing. Finding ways to give legal green light to hacks and talks. Getting people out of jail.

Secret Handshake? High five with a jazz hand.

Where can they be found at DEF CON? The Villages, the craps table, Watching the Capture the Flag or Social Engineering contests or busting people out of the local municipal detention center. BYO bail money, though. *NOT* on the Wall of Sheep.

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? Richard Theime, Matt Cagle on drones, the return of Peter Shipley, Runa Sandvick on the deadly Internet of Things.

Notes: I’ve been helping out around DEF CON since 1995. I’ve represented hackers, crackers, phreakers, trolls, DJs, bicycle protestors, computer science professors, and more. I’ve stayed awake for three days settling a lawsuit from Cisco, had my password sniffed, liberated pranksters from the custody of hotel security, been pranked into going to bust someone out of jail who was only fake arrested, and been threatened by FBI agents. I fucking love you guys.

Communications sites:



Special Abilities: Ability to function at 100% on almost no sleep for extended periods of time.

Secret Handshake? A warm embrace.

Where can they be found at DEF CON? He can't. You will have to hunt him like a dog.

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? Low-cost GPS simulator – GPS spoofing by SDR - Lin Huang & Qing Yang

Notes: Grifter has been a Goon since DC9. He is currently the Department Lead in charge of DEF CON Contests, Events, Villages, and Parties. He has spoken at DEF CON numerous times, as well as related Hacker, Security, and Industry conferences worldwide. He has also co-authored several books on various information security topics. Grifter is the founder of DC801, and a founding member of the 801 Labs hackerspace in Salt Lake City. If you'd like to talk to him about something other than Infosec, he is a rabid EDM fan and a certified Japanophile/Otaku.

Communications sites:


High "Tom" Wizard

Aliases : HighWiz, The Dark Lord, Tom Riddle, "The Swamp Fox", The Earl of Grantham, And your excellency sir, (to you).

Special Abilities: Masterminding the gay agenda, Riding on the backs of the proletariat, Being more secretive than the vatican.

Secret Handshake? Yes - Both normal and inverted.

Where can they be found at DEF CON? DEF CON 101, QueerCon or holding court in his room

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? Any and all of the 101 talks

Notes: HighWiz drinks entirely too much coffee, he only drinks alcohol when he comes to DEF CON. He is a member of Security Tribe.

Communications sites:



Security Curmudgeon

Aliases: That squirrel guy, Lazlo, "hey asshole"

Special Abilities: Editing. Pedantry. Sharpening Occam's blades. Digging own grave.

Secret Handshake? No

Where they can be found at DEF CON? Bouncing people from Skytalks for breaking the "no recording" rule.

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? None. Will download the slides, digest slowly, then grill the presenter via passive aggressive Tweets and emails later.

Notes: Constantly fascinated by the number of 'smart' hackers who can't submit a CFP per the guidelines. Wants to hold a seminar on what "privilege escalation" means for submitters, mandatory attendance.

Communication sites:


Nikita Kronenberg

Aliases: Mr. Gold. (never ever EVER call her "la femme".)

Special Abilities: Mad fly cut & paste skills, Resting B*tch Face, Ghost riding the whip.

Secret Handshake? Fist Bump "Bah-a-la-la-la"

Where can they be found at DEF CON? With Shivakamini Somakandarkram!

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON?: All of them once she publishes the RSS feed, and uploads them to the official DC YouTube.

Notes: Nikita works for DEF CON doing stuff, and things. Retired from one year of long service as an infosec thought leader, she holds a certificate of authority on farcical aquatic ceremonies. Nikita is a nerd herder, who laughs too hard at her own jokes. She accidentally created the swamp of sadness by reading the DEF CON CFP Rejection letters to a blind oracle. Nikita is a member of Security Tribe and a proud co-owner of the private island Hawaii II, where her two filthy assassins live. She hopes that one day you will love her as much as a fried egg chili chutney sandwich. #Comtrya

Communications sites:


Mike Petruzzi

Aliases: Wiseacre

Special Abilities: Can become invisible as soon as I start talking

Secret Handshake? Actually, it is an awkward hug

Where can they be found at DEF CON? Vendor area, DC101

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? Def Con 101: The Panel

Notes: In a different life, Mike would have been a detective. You know the type. A hard-nosed, womanizing detective the worked like the job was his last and drank like it was his job. Every day would have started with putting on the clothes from the night before and leaving the tie loose. Or maybe, he could have been the guy that helped out Parker with information. The kind of guy people pay to keep their ear to the ground. The type that knows who is moving merchandise and where all the big players in town hang out.

Communications sites: None. Invisible, remember?



Aliases: Chris Hurley

Special Abilities: Drinking, Face Melting, Drinking, Destiny and Drinking

Secret Handshake? Yes

Where they can be found at DEF CON? The Bar

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? Pete Shipley

Notes: Roamer has been a DEF CON Goon for 16 years where he ran the Vendor Area until he "retired" two years ago. He is the guitarist for the Goon Band, Recognize. Despite having no actual knowledge of anything except how to find the bottom of a glass of beer he has successfully conned his way on to the speaker review board for the past 4 years. He's a member of Security Tribe and 303. When he isn't at DEF CON, drunk, or playing video games (and sometimes when he is) he is the Global Information Security Manager for Sony Playstation Worldwide Studios.

Communication sites:

Chris Sumner


Aliases: Suggy

Special Abilities: Hiding skateboards.

Secret Handshake? The exploding fist bump, yo!

Where can they be found at DEF CON? Attempting to go for an early morning run, finding a Starbucks, attending the talks, at the bar. Possibly in that order.

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? Walker and Wien's 'Machine vs. Machine: Inside DARPA’s Fully Automated CTF'

Notes: Chris is increasingly interested in human behavior in relation the security and privacy, a topic he's spoken on at DEF CON and other conferences. When he's not at DEF CON, he's a security data enthusiast at HP and co-founder of the research focused Online Privacy Foundation.

Communications sites:



Aliases: “unethical monster”

Special Abilities: Crime


Where can they be found at DEF CON? Away from tourists

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? The ones that happen over drinks in a hotel room that are totally planed

Notes: Vyrus is fascinated by the science and research of how to commit elegant successful acts of crime in all the theaters of the world. He is old enough to remember when IRC was cool but young enough to still browse /b

Communications sites: efnet, rizon, 2600, Debian, Hackinit, Freenode, [REDACTED], and @vyrus001



Special Abilities: A subset of ambidexterity, Saying the worst possible thing at the worst possible time, not finishing shell scripts

Secret Handshake? Lingering awkward hugs

Where can they be found at DEF CON? Usually in the hallway failing at the good intention of attending talks

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? How to get away with "murder" - Chris Rock

Notes: Hacker of things. Player of games. Hater of stuff. The most common results of his research are finding out things he doesn’t want to know. Can’t find his keys but still remembers all of the move sequences for Dragon’s Lair. Refuses to refer to himself in the 3rd person.

Communications sites:


Special Abilitiez: finding PWR on the GND, variable clock, fast reboot

Secret Handshake? The World Health Organization recommends a secret elbow bump.

Where can they be found at DEF CON? HallwayCon

Talk they are most interested in seeing at DEF CON? Low-cost GPS simulator – generate fake GPS signal by SDR (Lin Huang and Qing Yang)

Notes: Has had a mohawk continuously since before DEF CON 1, but is glad that it's catching on.

Communications sites: none