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DEF CON Hacking Conference


Call for Workshops! Call for Trainers!

Call for Suites image

With new hotel space comes new opportunities!

On the 3rd floor of Ballys South tower, The Jubilee Tower, lay seven rooms [1], each one 1,400 sq feet. That's enough space for about 55 people in classroom format. What to do with all that space away from the main action of the convention? I've wanted to try workshops and trainings for years but we have never had the room once we filled up the Rio. Now we finally have some space at the new hotels so I am calling on the community to tell us what we should do with the rooms.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you respond:

- DEF CON will provide a screen and projector, as well as the room set with tables and chairs.
- You need to plan on 55 people max per room.
- You can request for half a day or a full day of room usage. Because we don't want the trainings to take people away from the convention for too long the maximum duration of your class or workshop can only be a day, 8 hours with an hour break for lunch.
- Half day trainings are 4 hours with an hour in between to reset the room. and full day are 8 hours with the hour lunch break.
- We don't yet know if internet will be available to the rooms.
- Workshops will be free on a first come, first served basis. We'll use some sort of ticketing system for people to queue.
- You will be compensated in free conference passes, 1 per 8 hours trained, and hotel room nights, also 1 night per 8 hours trained. So if you have two people train the same class for two days you would get two badges and two nights of a single hotel hotel room. Two trainers max.

Interested in training or running a workshop?

Email us at workshops /AT/ with these basics:

- Your name
- Name of your group or company if applicable
- Contact information for when we ask questions {email & phone #)
- Name of your workshop or training class
- Description of your class
- Half or Full day?
- What days would you want? (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
- How many instructors would there be?
- Max class size
- Special needs beyond a screen and projector
- Have you done this before? If so where?
- Website or some place we can learn more about it?
- Do you propose to charge? Or do you have a minimum cost per student to cover expenses?
- Anything else we forgot to ask.

We'll respond that we have received your proposal and we'll start going back and forth with any questions.

Thanks for helping grow DEF CON with new opportunities for people to learn. Being the first year of this expect some bumps, but if it works out and we start to grow in future years you'll be first in line for helping us with the "beta" of training.

Thank you,
The Dark Tangent

[1] then select Las Vegas / Ballys to download the floor plans.

- The Dark Tangent