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DEF CON Hacking Conference


Thursday Night

an hobbes logo

For more than a decade Tyler Kreigler aka An Hobbes has been perfecting his skills as an artist of words. Both as a solo artist and a member of Lincoln, NE based hip hop group "The Awkwords", Hobbes has focused on crafting rhymes and stories wrought with socio-political messages, metaphysics, mental imagery and science fiction.

In his latest release, "The Chameleon and The Thief", Hobbes explores the future through the eyes of a noir-style detective caught in an advanced age when civilization is in the middle of a technological transition. With a soundscape produced entirely by K-Murdock, "The Chameleon and The Thief" offers a truly unique audio adventure.

Hobbes has been fortunate enough to perform with artists such as Slick Rick, Del the Funky Homosapien, Aceyalone, Open Mike Eagle, Mega Ran, MC Frontalot, Eyedea and Abilities, Blueprint, YTCracker, Macklemore, and more. Hobbes has also toured with Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox and Sadistik, both inside and outside of the United States.

The Awkwords released their debut album "Left Speaker... Right Speaker..." in 2007. After relocating to Denver with his family in 2011, Hobbes tested the waters as a solo story teller, releasing albums "Diaries of a Space Cadet" in 2012 and the sequel "Diaries of a Space Cadet 2: Electronic Reflections" in 2013.

22:00 - 23:00

Dee Kaph

deekaph logo

With close to 20 years behind the console and hundreds of tracks to his credit, Dee Kaph (aka Jaymz Bethell) might be the most experienced producer you've never heard of.

Preferring a rich family and intellectual life over a gruelling tour schedule, Bethell hacks away in his Kamloops studio, emerging occasionally to perform his live DJ sets (comprised entirely of his own productions) at "interesting venues" - most recently at the Defcon Hacking Convention in Las Vegas.

Broadly electronic but with a background in serious composition, his music defies definition, blurring the lines between genres by creatively blending elements of his favorite flavors together. Classical music woven into trip hop, drum & bass, breakbeats, ambient, industrial, pop, indie, folk and hiphop. Besides producing music, Bethell is a writer, philosopher, poet, urban farmer, DJ, activist, and father of seven.

johnny 5 and spherex logo

23:00 - 00:00

Jonny5 and Spherex

Going to shows and learning electronica since pre-2k, Jonny5 has been dancing since he learned of the super-genre. On the Midwest Massive label, Jonny5 specializes in Electro, Minimal, and House mixes. He started mixing roughly seven years ago, and grows day by day with familiarity of tracks, and mixing styles. Enjoying a lively step of beats, he keeps it moving and grooving any time.

johnny 5 and spherex logo

DJ Alikat was born under the rainy lights of Vancouver’s nightlife with a paw-full of skills that were passed down to her from some high-profile mentors on the scene. A champion in the lost art of cratedigging, Alikat’s passion for beats is rooted in a history of endlessly searching for those hidden vinyl gems that taught her the art of mixing, scratching and working the room. She’s brought her process with her into the digital world, putting in the hours searching for those Internet gems that’ll light up the dance floor ‘cause you’ve never heard them before.

As soon as she could beat match she signed up for a show on NSB Radio, the UK’s (and arguably the world’s) most popular Internet breakbeat radio station. After nearly 8 years of working closely with the founders of NSB Radio, AliKat was promoted to Lead Station Manager in 2014, a position she still presently holds

Known for playing bass heavy bootlegs of popular songs and classic anthems that create that moment you recognize the song playing as that track you used to love and listen to on repeat years ago. It sounds different in a really good way. It brings back all these great emotions and memories you have tied to it.

Alikat is amazingly versatile and can play Deep House, Electro House, Baseline House, Speed Garage, Miami Bass, NuSkool Breaks, Booty Breaks, Chillstep, Dubstep and more… Queen of harmonic mixing techniques she’ll build and wind her set to match the energies of the dance floor… the hour… the crowd.

Friday Night

vj q. albalogo

Partying from Defcon 6 and speaker at B-Sides and Defcon 8, 10 and 12 VJ Q.Alba knows the beat!

VJ Q.Alba is from Sweden and is usually mixing harder party EDM and mash-ups with videos, clips and effects.

Played from 2009 at official and unofficial Defcon parties: Black+White, EFF fund raiser party, QueerCon, the Ninja Network (Caezars Challenge) party, Janus party, Defcon Pubcrawl and more

pyro logo

21:00 - 22:00


That guy!

dualcore logo

Dual Core is a hip hop duo combining indie hip hop sounds with sophisticated and technical lyrics. The group has toured all over the US and the UK, and has played shows even further from home including Europe and South America. Their latest album, 'All The Things', debuted at #1 on Bandcamp. You can stream them on Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora. Albums can be purchased from iTunes and Amazon, or pirated with bittorrent.

ytcracker logo

YTCracker (pronounced "whitey cracker") is a formerly notorious computer hacker who stopped hacking everyone's gibson and started rapping about it instead. Recognized as a forefather of the "nerdcore" genre, he has travelled all around the universe amassing billions of fans, the majority of which do not live on planet earth.

YTCracker raps about all of the important things in life, like high frame rate and low latency pings. He has served as a corporate shill for the likes of G4TV (rip), Facebook, and Yahoo, appearing on every major television network and countless publications talking about nerdy things like Bitcoin or DDoS attacks - all while trying to push his terrible music on casuals and NPCs everywhere.

Along with making substandard hiphop, YTCracker also subsists his musical existence through mediocre production and DJing to gigantic crowds, primarily on the anime and internet nerd convention circuit.

ninjula image
Starting in 2002, Ninjula was originally a Turntablist and backing DJ for several Hip Hop groups, where he developed his skills in performance and the ability to read a crowd. After graduating from Full Sail in 2008 with a degree in recording arts, Ninjula moved to Los Angeles where he found a home in the dance music scene. Several of his tracks have been featured on prominent music blogs including,, and He currently spends his time producing, recording, and playing corporate events spanning the globe.

Saturday Night

skittish and bus logo

Married DJ duo, Skittish & Bus, are no strangers to the underground and EDM club scene. Their current residency with the Jellyfish 12,000 has seen them play everything from secretive warehouse parties to Burning Man. While particularly fond of techno, house, and trance; they wield a full electronic music pallet thanks to five years of their ongoing radio show, Sonic-Electronic. They’re extremely excited to be a part of DEF CON because they recently headlined the Salt Lake City BSides event and had an absolute blast not only playing, but attending the conference itself. When not behind the decks, you’ll find Bus; using her art skills and PhD in molecular biology to produce accurate technical figures and animations, and Skittish; utilizing his Zen-like patience to ask end users if they've tried turning it on and off again.

jackalope logo

Miss DJ Jackalope fearlessly tests out bass bins with monstrous Jungle and Breaks tunes and terrorizes Enlightened Agents worldwide. Aside from those slight bits of ruckus, she makes her living in the Infosec world as a Senior Threat Analyst. She also hangs out at HackCon in Norway, BruCON in Belgium, and ShmooCon in DC.

If you are new to DEF CON, Miss Jackalope is the one to watch for at many parties. She says that too many laptop DJs cheat and pre-record their sets these days, and she prefers to do it the right way and mix it live.

In the downtime between parties, she can be seen running through the hallway between hotels and selling fun swag at her vendor booth in the vendor area. And, well, causing ruckus because that's what Jackalopes do.

zee image

Zebbler Encanti Experience (aka “ZEE”) is what happens when Pixel Wizard and Techno Badger meet in the woods and decide to short circuit neural pathways of the nearby mushroom pickers with nothing short of bassquakes (9.0 on the scale of awesome) and complete visual reality replacement (somewhat too awesome and terrifying to be numbered anything in particular).

That historic meeting in the woods is the underpinning of the very garments that ZEE now wear at every event they perform. The mere loosening of a button of their coats' pockets opens up a wormhole of psychedelic visions and sub-sonic rattles. But Zebbler Encanti Experience do more than that. They open their minds fully to each and every dance floor and ask you to Get In There.

Zebbler Encanti Experience (aka "ZEE") is an audio/visual collaboration between video artist Zebbler and electronic music producer Encanti, based out of Boston, USA. The Experience is an immersive performance of mapped visuals on three custom winged projection screens, synchronized with heavy peak-hour psychedelic bass music, resulting in the creation of a fantasy world for audiences to lose themselves in.

ZEE have seen a considerable amount of road time in the last few years, serving as integral members of multiple tour teams. The architect behind the projection mapped projects for Shpongle and EOTO, and assisting with Infected Mushroom's latest stage construction, Zebbler has toured the United States nonstop producing visual shows and performing as a VJ at hundreds of high profile events. In addition to ZEE performing as direct touring support for EOTO in venues throughout the country, and performing in Shpongle Live band during their first few shows in the United States, Encanti has carved out some time to teach electronic music production to graduate students in Valencia, Spain wing of Berklee College of Music.

downlink image

Downlink - A name firmly cemented in the hearts and minds of the bass music community. This native of Western Canada is respected the world over as a producer of the highest quality dance floor bangers. He has had numerous #1 hits on Beatport and continues to crush the charts time and time again. His ability to craft uniquely awesome bass sounds and his versatile composition skills have made him stand out, driving his career in exciting new directions.

Whether its mixing records for bands like Korn, shredding as an alien bass lord in side project Destroid, or working on new material for Downlink, this tireless producer is always cooking up something heavy. For over 5 years now he has been touring the planet, leaving a wake of awe-struck audiences in his path. To see him live is to witness one of the tightest technical DJ's in the game. His 4 deck live mixing and infectious stage energy light up venues turning crowds on their heads time after time.

Expect lightning fast mixing on a journey through a wide variety of bass music. All tempos are fair game but prepare for underground vibes and dirty bass. Downlink is not one to be pigeon-holed and is constantly on a quest to evolve and refine his sound. With this in mind, one thing will always remain constant - a pure, unadulterated, heavy listening experience

dieselboy logo

For over two decades one of the world’s most influential ambassadors of drum and bass, Dieselboy (Damian Higgins) is America’s most iconic underground bass music curator and pioneer.

In the history of electronic dance music, no one comes even close to matching his legacy of epic dramatic mixes, each a timeless star in his signature constellation. Dieselboy - one of the world’s finest technical DJs - has, in fact, elevated the themed DJ mix to the realm of fine art.

zackbarbie image

ZackBarbie is made up of Zack "'s not coffee..." Fasel (@zfasel) and Erin "where's my champagne" Jacobs (@secbarbie).

They have a long history of brining the untz, unce, and wub to nursing homes, children's hospitals, and employee sexual harassment training (giggity). When not hanging out with Ken in her dreamhouse, the Barbie has played at Bat Mitzvahs, Christenings, break-ups, and funerals. Previous ragers have said about Zack "I'd see him again if it was open bar", "at least he put pants on this time", and "I'd red-card the shit out of both of them".

Fan [girls|boys] can find Erin on-the-line at or as @secbarbie on twitter. Interested peeps, stalkers, and midget strippers can join Zack's A++ #1 Fan club @, and Erin's Secret Society of Stalkers at