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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Kali 2.0 Dojo

Skyview 2 on Friday starting at 1:00PM

The Kali Dojo comes to DEF CON 23, 2015. We’ll be running two workshops featuring some of the coolest features in Kali 2.0.

Workshop 01:
Learn how to master Kali Linux Recipes and easily build images such as the Kali Linux ISO of Doom or Instant Evil Kali Access Point. One of the most powerful features of Kali Linux is the ability to create your own unique version of the distribution containing customized toolsets, desktop managers, and services in a quick and easy manner. This workshop will show you how to customize virtually every aspect of Kali using the live-build utility making efficient use of the various meta-packages. Immerse yourself in advanced customization's of Kali Linux, and bend it to your will.

Use Kali Linux on the road? Want to make the ultimate portable boot device? With todays USB 3.0 bus speeds and Kali Linux Live USB boot support, having a customized Kali installation that fits on your keychain is very possible. Learn how to make a sleek Kali Bootable USB stick, which contains several persistent storage profiles, both regular and encrypted. Protect your encrypted data using the Kali LUKS Nuke feature destroy and restore your data with confidence. Carry Kali and any stored information safely, wherever you may need to take it.

What to Bring to the Kali Dojo:

If you want to play along with us, you'll need to come prepared with a fast laptop running an updated 64bit version of Kali Linux and a computer that can connect to a wired network (bring USB network dongles if needed, extras will not be on-hand!). Custom Kali USB sticks will be provided to attendees.