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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Workshops Registration


We have finished pre-registering attendees for the DEF CON 23 Workshops, all of the classes are !SOLD OUT! There were a limited number of seats available in these classes. ALL of the waitlists to get a seat reserved before the conference are also full.

If you missed out during the pre-registration, keep an eye on our @defcon twitter for news and announcement with the hashtag #DEFCONWORKSHOPS. We will put out a blast on social media if more seats open up while at the conference. They will be first come first serve.

If you didn't hear back from us, or can't find your receipt, something went wrong so ping us again. It's recommended that you make sure we are not in your spam folder. ( It happens )

Current Availability


  • None

Sold Out:

  • !SOLD OUT! Violent Python with Sam Bowne
  • !SOLD OUT! ARM for Pentesters with Aseem Jakhar
  • !SOLD OUT! Excuse me, your RFID is showing With Valerie Thomas & Terry Gold
  • !SOLD OUT! From Spam to Threat Intel with Robert Simmons
  • !SOLD OUT! From 0 To Pwnd - The Ultimate Social Engineering Primer with Valerie Thomas
  • !SOLD OUT! Running KALI on a Raspberry PI and other fun tricks with Dallas
  • !SOLD OUT! Exploited Host Analysis with Robin Jackson & Ed Williams (Both Friday & Saturday)
  • !SOLD OUT! Analyzing Internet Attacks with Honeypots with Ioannis Koniaris
  • !SOLD OUT! Offensive and Defensive: Android Reverse Engineering with Tim Strazzere, Jon Sawyer, & Caleb Fenton
  • !SOLD OUT! iOS Application exploitation With Prateek Gianchandani
  • !SOLD OUT! Advanced Cyber Exercises with Andrea Guerber
  • !SOLD OUT! Security Auditing Mobile App with Sam Bowne
  • !SOLD OUT! The Art of VoIP Hacking with Fatih Ozavci
  • !SOLD OUT! Embedded System Design with Rodrigo Maximiano Antunes de Almeida
  • !SOLD OUT! Crypto for Hackers: The Workshop with Eijah (Both Friday & Saturday)

Registration Form


Keep in mind some workshops are offered on both Friday and Saturday, or one or the other, so please indicate which day you want to attend.

1.) Name of the workshop you want to attend?

2.) If the class is full do you have another selection?
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