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DEF CON 24 Hacking Conference

Contests & Events RFI

Contests, Events, and Villages RFI

The time has come! There's no denying it, it's 2016 and DEF CON 24 will be here before we know it, so let's light this candle.

The Call for Contests, Events, Villages, and Parties is officially OPEN!

Every year we try to fill the halls of DEF CON with events to fit the desires of every type of hacker imaginable. Whether you want to sling code and hurl exploits alongside the world's best hackers in Capture the Flag, crack crypto and attempt to match wits with DEF CON's Puzzle Master, LostboY, or find yourself combing all of Las Vegas for that final elusive item in the DEF CON Scavenger Hunt, we've got you covered.

Competition not your thing? That's fine, come sharpen your skills, or learn entirely new ones, in one of the DEF CON Villages. Lockpicking, Hardware Hacking, Social Engineering, Crypto, and the list goes on. Stay for an hour, or never leave, the choice is yours, and we're all about choice.

Maybe you don't want to invest an entire weekend, and single serving insanity is more your speed. Come to one of the Events, or Parties. Every night at DEF CON we have multiple rooms throwing back food and drinks with people who share the same passions they do. Belt out your favorite tunes at Hacker Karaoke, play classic arcade games and foosball with Crypto legends, engage in air to air drone battles, or just bounce from room to room to keep the party going till sunrise.

Now all of these events don't materialize out of thin air, so that's where YOU come in. We're looking for content. New ideas, old ideas, or a new spin on old ideas. We want to see it all.

Every year hundreds of dedicated hackers put their heads together and ask themselves one question "How are we going to do it bigger, and better, than last year?", and every year they do. Join them!

Give us your craziest ideas, your fresh outlook, your passion. We'll select the top submissions and give them the space to make their ideas a reality. DEF CON 24 is going to be amazing, and we can't wait to get started.


DEF CON 24 Call for Contests, Events, Villages, and Parties

- The deadline to submit is March 15, 2016.
- Please fill out the form entirely.
- Seriously, be as detailed as possible.
- Seriously.