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DEF CON 24 Hacking Conference



The following collective of awesome individuals helped us review CFP's for DEF CON 24. Some below worked strictly on the CFP review board for talks, and others on workshops, some on both. From March to June these volunteers spent hundreds of hours of their time to pick the best content for DEF CON. They deserve a great many thanks, a cold one, and loads of recognition for the hard work. Thank you for all the help, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!


Ryan Clarke

Handle: LosT, L0stB0y, That Guy, 1057, 1os7 and any conceivable variation of the word Lost.

Twitter: 1o57

Favorite Machine: HAL and SAL.

Machine Nemesis: Maximilian from the Black Hole.

Bio: Ryan "LosT" Clarke has been involved with DEF CON for 16 years. In addition to his role on the CFP board, LosT serve's as DEF CON's official Cryptographer and Puzzle Master. He is best known for his early LosT @ CON Mystery Challanges designed to force creative thinking, and also introduced him to his amazing wife! Now he is responsible for designing the badges and lanyards for DEF CON, in addition to torturing a subculture of enthusiastic crypto fans with his ever-so-subtle clues and red herring rabbit holes in his yearly Badge challenge. LosT enjoys learning as much as he can about as much as he can. He can usually be found around CON in the 1o57 room, mostly encouraging and sometimes distracting a ragged band of sleep-deprived attendees who are racing to complete the challenge.


Sandy Clark

Handle: Mouse

Twitter: sa3nder

Bio: Mouse rediscovered her childhood at her first DEF CON. Since then she's been regressing steadily. Soon to be Ph.D., her research explores security as an eco-system and from the perspective of a game. Hobbies include: Exploring abandoned infrastructure, 3-D printing (mostly clockwork toys, but lately ukuleles) and Karakuri. She's pathologically incapable of letting go of a puzzle, which seriously eats into her sleep and exercise schedules.



Handle: CrYpT

Twitter: CrYpT_0x12f

Favorite Machine: coin-toss between: K-9 and ROK.

Machine Nemesis: separate coin-toss between: Colossus and HAL 9000.

Bio: By day, CrYpT is a miniature giraffe wrangler for a tiny animal circus. By night, he dons the black hoodie of justice and makes the world just a little bit safer for us all. He likes fine bourbon and crispy bacon. CrYpT can be found around con perpetually on his way to something without ever actually arriving, a phenomenon which has resulted in the coining of the term "CrYpTyear".

Dark Tangent

Dark Tangent

Handle: Jeff Moss

Twitter: thedarktangent

Shout Out: I want to thank the CFP Review Team. If you see them wearing their cool CFP badges, say hello and thank them if you like the talks!

Dead Addict

Dead Addict

Favorite Machine: Talkie Toaster from Red Dwarf. Yes. Yes, I would like some toast.

Machine Nemesis: Furby. Dark creation of he who must not be named.

Bio: Dead Dead Addict helped found DEF CON and has spoken at Black Hat, ShmooCon, Yale, DEF CON, and various regional security conferences. He's been paid to break things at companies including Microsoft, Visa, and Research in Motion, and is currently an independent consultant. He has a passion for security focused quality assurance, security usability, and talking about himself in the third person. You may find him wandering the con at odd hours contact juggling.

Jennifer Granick

Jennifer Granick

Handle: Consigliere, J.Law

Twitter: granick

Favorite Machine: The Claw, from Toy Story.

Bio: I've been helping out around DEF CON since 1995. I've represented hackers, crackers, phreakers, trolls, DJs, bicycle protestors, computer science professors, and more. I've stayed awake for three days settling a lawsuit from Cisco, had my password sniffed, liberated pranksters from the custody of hotel security, been pranked into going to bust someone out of jail who was only fake arrested, and been threatened by FBI agents. I fucking love you guys.



Handle: GreatScott!

Twitter: GreatScottMusic

Bio: Great Scott is the CTO and a co-founder at NeoSensory--a sensory augmentation wearables company. He also helps with DEF CON's arts & entertainment endeavors (mostly helping to curate the annual soundtrack) and the BioHacking Village. He loves signal processing, machine learning, and sensory neuroscience. He also is in desperate need of a vacation.



Twitter: Grifter801

Bio: Grifter has been a Goon since DC9. He is currently the Department Lead in charge of DEF CON Contests, Events, Villages, and Parties. He has spoken at DEF CON numerous times, as well as related Hacker, Security, and Industry conferences worldwide. He has also co-authored several books on various information security topics. Grifter is the founder of DC801, and a founding member of the 801 Labs hackerspace in Salt Lake City. If you'd like to talk to him about something other than Infosec, he is a rabid EDM fan and a certified Japanophile/Otaku.

Jay Healey

Jay Healey

Twitter: jason_healey

Bio: Jay runs a program looking at the overlap between internet security and national security and wrote the first military history of how nations have actually fought over the internet. Since he's in Washington he says "cyber" way more than you're comfortable with and prefers you'll get over that soon.


High "Tom" Wizard

Handle: HighWiz

Twitter: highwiz

Favorite Machine: [REDACTED].

Machine Nemesis: Shadow Planet Killer.

Bio: HighWiz, The Dark Lord, Tom Riddle, "The Swamp Fox", The Earl of Grantham, And your excellency sir, (to you) is a member of Security Tribe. He can be found at DEF CON 101, QueerCon, or holding court in his room. His super power is masterminding the gay agenda.



Security Curmudgeon,

Handle: Jericho

Twitter: attritionorg

Bio: Jericho is constantly fascinated by the number of 'smart' hackers who can't submit a CFP per the guidelines. Wants to hold a seminar on what "privilege escalation" means for submitters, mandatory attendance.


Nikita Kronenberg

Handle: Don't call her "la femme".

Twitter: niki7a

Favorite Machine: Holly.

Machine Nemesis: Replicators: Creepy, all consuming, self replicating, bugs of doom, that threaten all known life in the universe. #TeamAsgard

Bio: Nikita works to ensure DEF CON runs as smoothly as one can expect from a hacker conference. In addition to planning a vast array of details prior to DEF CON and thwarting issues while onsite, she also serves as the Director of Call For Papers and Workshops. In this role she systematically processes hundreds of submissions, organizes the CFP Board, and manages the entire CFP process from beginning to end. While no one relishes the job of rejecting submissions, Nikita strives to make the experience more positive with personal feedback and alternative speaking opportunities. Once talks have been selected, she weaves the final list into a comprehensive four day schedule over multiple speaking tracks. She serves as a primary point-of-contact for speakers leading up to DEF CON and acts as a liaison between speakers, press, and social media content organizers. Beyond the CFP, Nikita also works full-time on various behind-the-scenes administration and project management for DEF CON. As a DEF CON goon for the past 13 years, her superpowers involve putting out fires before they spark and juggling a multitude of tasks while balancing on an over-inflated ball. - rkut nefr ldbj gtjd bjws oayh qtmf york uykr fqwx awtr kumf giwk nxtw -


Mike Petruzzi

Handle: Wiseacre

Twitter: wiseacre_mike

Favorite Machine: WOPR.

Machine Nemesis: Fembots with machine gun jubblies.

Bio: Mike Petruzzi has been hacking managers for over 25 years. Mike is a Senior Cyber Security Penetration Testing Specialist working at various Federal Civilian Agencies for the last 16 years. Yup, that's the title he was given. Naturally, he got all his IT experience as the result of selling beer, wine and liquor. He has tricked everyone into believing that he can do anything at all.


Chris Sumner


Handle: Suggy

Twitter: TheSuggmeister

Favorite Machine: Gunslinger from Westworld. I'd like a robot programmed to instigate Nerf gunfights.

Machine Nemesis: Twiki from Buck Rogers. I had that haircut as a kid and the mental scars still haven't healed.

Bio: Suggy is a security data nerd at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Outside work he co-founded the not-for-profit Online Privacy Foundation who contribute to the field of psychological research in online contexts. He has previously spoken on this area of research at DEF CON and other conferences.


Peter Teoh

Handle: PTzero

Twitter: pteoh

Favorite Machine: Shake Weight for Men.

Machine Nemesis: None. PTzero has been assimilated into the Borg Collective.

Bio: Pete currently runs the compliance program for his employer. In his free time he wrangles cats. He has attended DEF CON since DC19, spoke on the topic of data protection at DC22, and is one of the organizers for the Crypto & Privacy Village.

Leah Thompson

Leah Thompson

Handle: 3n_ion

Twitter: 3n_ion

Favorite Machine: My Ninja 250r

Machine Nemesis: Police Speed Traps

Bio: Leah has been assisting in the CFP process as well as various admin duties for two years. She spends her free time engaging in assorted writing projects and reading an absurd amount of articles. When the weather is nice she makes up reasons to ride her Ninja anywhere she can. Leah can usually be found around CON scrounging for food or desperately trying to take a nap.


Zaxon Vandermey

Handle: Badger

Twitter: zvandermey

Favorite Machine: Vending.

Machine Nemesis: Debian on an outdated iMac with broken video drivers.

Bio: Zaxon is a humble security zealot who has worn many hats in the IT field over the years, and is currently enjoying life as a security ops center monkey. In his free time he likes to tinker with things, often break things, and then resigns himself to making snarky comments about things.


Seth van Ommen

Handle: Beaker

Twitter: swordofomen

Favorite Machine: my CNC.

Machine Nemesis: Win10 update notices.

Bio: Beaker has spent his working life diddling computers for various organizations from early startups to three letter agencies and is still amazed this produces a paycheck. When he's not molesting 1's & 0's for money he can be found building contraptions of questionable merit..



Handle: Vyrus

Twitter: vyrus001

Bio: Vyrus has been associated with a variety of subjectively nefarious entities and or projects that include but are not limited to, OCTF, Thotcon, BsidesLV, HOPE, BlackHat, BalcCon, LayerOne, ShmooCon, Ceaser's Challange, You Shot The Sharif, BerlinSides, Bsides Knoxville, and ToorCamp. While almost the entirety of his skillet is still hidden from public disclosure, he has been implicated, though never charged, in over a dozen other confidence schemes and frauds.



Handle: Weasel

Twitter: weasel_nmrc

Favorite Machine: Max Cohen's Euclid.

Machine Nemesis: William Lee's Clark Nova.

Bio: Hacker of things. Player of games. Hater of stuff. Finder of bugs. Slapper of Backpfiefengesichter. Writer of unneeded scripts.

Magen Wu

Handle: Tottenkoph

Twitter: tottenkoph

Favorite Machine: Mechagodzilla.

Machine Nemesis: Zoltar, the fortune teller.

Bio: Tottenkoph is a senior consultant for her employer and is tasked with helping customers with vulnerability management. She has been going to DEF CON since DC15 and was recently knighted the department lead for workshops. When she isn't working, she likes to binge watch Netflix and think about the things she has to do (but is trying to avoid doing).


Handle: Zoz

Favorite Machine: KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand)

Machine Nemesis: KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot)

Bio: Zoz is a robotics engineer, prankster, and renaissance hacker. Other than BSODs, things he enjoys faking include meteorite impacts, crop circles, and alien crash landings.