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DEF CON 24 Hacking Conference



DEF CON 24 Call for Suites

On the top floor of Bally's are four penthouse suites, and we are calling for people or groups who are interested in renting them and throwing something cool for the hacking community. Here is the deal:

Come up with a cool concept, event, or party that will be open to all attendees from Thursday to Sunday and if you are selected DEF CON will release to you or your group one of the suites at a cost of $500 per night - so $2,000 for the con. They usually go for $1,500 to $2,000 per night.

The suites are approximately 2,356 - 3400 sq feet, and no, you can't remove all of the furniture unless you want to pay the hotel to move it in and out.

That means your suite will be able to hold about 100 - 125 people at any given time. You can sleep in the suites two bedrooms, but we are looking for them to operate well into the night to give attendees options to hang out and meet new people and get exposed to new ideas. Pretty much anything is possible - Mystery Challenge recovery suite? Movie lounge of hacker movies? Software hack-a-thon?

Interested? Here is what you need to send to grifter at defcon dot org:

- Your name
- Name of your group if applicable
- Preferred methods of contact should we have questions
- A description of what you will do with the space
- Hours you plan to operate
- What you want to be printed in the conference program and on-line to help promote your suite
- Any art to go along with the web site or printed program
- Anything we forgot to ask!

Thank you!