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DEF CON 24 Hacking Conference



DEF CON 24: Machines Play Capture the Flag

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In 2005, DARPA challenged innovators around the world with a $2M prize to build a vehicle that could navigate the Nevada desert with no one at the wheel. In 2016, DARPA has again challenged the global innovation community with a $2M prize to build a computer that can hack & patch unknown software with no one at the keyboard.

At DEF CON 24, on Thursday night at 5pm, the Paris ballroom will host the world's first all-machine hacking tournament. Seven high performance computers will play an all-machine Capture the Flag contest, reverse engineering unknown binary software, authoring new IDS signatures, probing the security of opponent software, and re-mixing defended services with machine-generated patches and defenses.


The Cyber Grand Challenge live event is free and open to the general public. DEF CON registration is not required. Join our announcers:

• Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, Professor, FIT & Discovery Channel
• Invisigoth, hacker, The Kenshoto Group

in the Paris Ballroom for the CGC live broadcast as they tell the story of the first all-machine CTF using custom visualization tools and big-screen dynamic analysis (see more here).


Patched software, IDS signatures, etc. generated by the competition systems will be released into the public domain during the event and will be available from the DEF CON network. Included on the DEF CON 24 disc will be a CGC toolkit that allows audience members to retrieve and follow Challenge software during CGC, do their own reverse engineering, and test their skills against the machines.


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Cyber Grand Challenge
The world's first all machine hacking tournament
Thursday, August 4th, 2016, Paris Main Ballroom, 5-8pm
Co-located with DEF CON