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DEF CON 24 Hacking Conference



The contests at DEF CON are community generated, and we want to thank all the people who give their time and energy to think them up and bring them to life. We're proud of how varied and challenging and creative the contest scene has become.

We also appreciate all of the contest participants who wade into the fray and get involved. That enthusiasm keeps us working to make every year better than the last.

And of course, congrats to the winners. These things can be pretty demanding of your brain and your energy and your sleep bank. Take a moment to bask in your glory, victors. You have done well.

Contest Results

Beverage Chilling Contraption Contest

1st Place: Team Hebrew
2nd Place: Good Fucking Question

Cmd+CTRL Hackathon

1st Place: savagesubmarine
2nd Place: dlfo16
3rd Place: svoid


1st Place: BloodyFrog
2nd Place: BadIdea
129 Players 5,820 Attacks

435,474,618.89 DFC Bits Transacted
...if this were bitcoin: $260,411 USD!

Crash and Compile

1st Place: binaryw1zards (858 pts)
2nd Place: zeroclue (663 pts)
3rd Place: gird your loins (602 pts)

190 beers consumed by Crash and Compile!

Creative Writing Short Story Contest

1st Place: Tyler Rosonke
2nd Place: Avi Zajac
People’s Choice: Leah Thompson

Cyber Ninja Range

1st Place: Unit_288
2nd Place: Jay
3rd Place: PhucHai

DEF CON Beard and Moustache Contest

Moustache Winner Hazm@t
Full Beard Winner Mr. M

DEF CON DarkNet Project

1st Place: ohaithear
2nd Place: megadoom3r
3rd Place: defconservicedesk

DEF CON Scavenger Hunt

1st Place: Wilburforce
2nd Place: National Shitposting Agency
3rd Place: Calvin and Hobbes

Drone Wars

Drone Pong: Drake
Royal Rumble: Casey
Obstacle Course: Gooose
Phantom Kamikaze Hockey: Drake

Drunk Hacker History

Katie Moussouris – k8em0

2nd time champ and undefeated winner of DHH!

EFF Badge Hack Pageant

Digital Badge Category Winner:
Justine Fulls & Co.'s Breathalyzer Badge

Analog Badge Category Winner:
Mike & Mikey's Counterfeit Uber Badge

Wild Card Badge Category Winner:
AND!XOR's Modified Bender Badge

Forensics CTF

1st Place: David Cowen - Hecfblog
2nd Place: Russell Milligan
3rd Place: Kevin McBride (tallmega)
4th Place: Jeremy Hoel

Hack Fortress

1st Place: Not Ready for This
2nd Place: Imperfect Sine Wave

Hacker Jeopardy

1st Place: We Fucked It Up
$2401 and 19 beers consumed

2nd Place: WinnJob
$1799 and 18 beers consumed

3rd Place: Poocifer
$1 and 17 beers consumed

Intel CTF

1st Place: Section9 ($2,500 prize)
2nd Place: You must construct additional pythons ($1,500)
3rd Place: Hitcon ($1,000 prize)

Mission SE Impossible

1st Place: Lane

SE CTF for Kids

1st Place: Team Salmon Waffles
(Liam and Jack)

2nd Place: Team #5
(James and Lauren)


1st Place: lcbc (4985 pts)
2nd Place: neg9 (3746 pts)
3rd Place: NOPROPlem (3656 pts)

Schemaverse Championship

1st Place: TIE! - Cisphyx and MrGlass
2nd Place: Derpfish
3rd Place: Maverick

TOOOL Lockpicking Challenge

1st Place: JimyLongs – 1.7 seconds
2nd Place: Brett – 3.2 seconds (tie breaker winner)
3rd Place: Frysauce – 3.2 seconds

warl0ck gam3z

1st Place: pTFS
2nd Place: ducky
3rd Place: athack

Event Results

Data Duplication Village

334 total drives duped
2 petabytes of copied data
16 duplicators doing 95 concurrent copies
Average copy speed 120 MB/sec
At any given moment 11.4 GB/sec transferring

Ham Radio Exams

Amateur Radio licenses earned this year:
95 Technicians
22 Generals
11 Amateur Extras

Mohawk Con

Total Mohawks Cut: 158 Heads Cut!
Total Dollars Donated: >$5,100!!!

Be the Match

130 signups for Be the Match National Bone Marrow Donor Registry this year!
Beat last year by 2 signups!