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DEF CON 24 Hacking Conference



Friday Night Headliners:
EDM Night

DEF CON 24 Friday EDM night image

So you're at DEF CON 24. It's Friday night. After a long day of contests, talks and general merriment, you need to get lost in some music and maybe shake that tail feather. If only there were a whole evening planned with house-quaking, artisanally crafted small-batch beats from DEF CON's favorite crowd-moving specialists!

We have anticipated your need, DEF CON massive. DEF CON EDM night (exact location TBA) is here to supply you with soul-nourishing rhythm and space to get your head and your booty in sync. Who's playing, you ask?

DEF CON 24 DirtyPhonics Logo

Friday EDM Night: Time and Room TBA

DEF CON 24 DirtyPhonics image

Shattering expectations with a blend of electronic, heavy metal, drum & bass, trap, dubstep and electro, it’s a sound the guys come by honestly, having cut their teeth in the Parisian metal scene and the electro French Touch 1.0. The evolution of Dirtyphonics has unleashed a forward-thinking bass music powerhouse that has made its name on defying labels and limitations.

First crash-landing into dance music’s consciousness in chart-topping fashion, their 2008 debut single “French Fuck” became a Beatport #1 Hit. The group quickly became a hot commodity in the remix world, lending their talents to tracks by the likes of Skrillex, Marilyn Manson, Crystal Method, Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi, Borgore, Nero, and Linkin Park. In 2013 Dirtyphonics released their debut album "Irreverence" through Dim Mak Records, which boasted such marquee collaborators as Steve Aoki, Foreign Beggars, and Modestep. As the group readies it’s highly anticipated follow up EP “Write Your Future,” expect the unexpected, but know it’ll be DIRTY.

DEF CON 24 Zebbler Encanti Experience Logo

Friday EDM Night: Time and Room TBA

DEF CON 24 Zebbler Encanti Experience image

Zebbler Encanti Experience (aka "ZEE") is an audio/visual collaboration between video artist Zebbler and electronic music producer Encanti, based out of Boston, USA. The Experience is an immersive performance of mapped visuals on three custom winged projection screens, synchronized with heavy peak-hour psychedelic bass music, resulting in the creation of a fantasy world for audiences to lose themselves in.

ZEE have seen a considerable amount of road time in the last few years, serving as integral members of multiple tour teams. The architect behind the projection mapped projects for Shpongle and EOTO, and assisting with Infected Mushroom's latest stage construction, Zebbler has toured the United States nonstop producing visual shows and performing as a VJ at hundreds of high profile events. In addition to ZEE performing as direct touring support for EOTO in venues throughout the country, and performing in Shpongle Live band during their first few shows in the United States, Encanti has carved out some time to teach electronic music production to graduate students in Valencia, Spain wing of Berklee College of Music.

DEF CON 24 Dual Core Logo

Friday EDM Night: Time and Room TBA

DEF CON 24 Dual Core image

Dual Core is a hip hop duo combining indie hip hop sounds with sophisticated and technical lyrics. The group has toured all over the US and the UK, and has played shows even further from home including Europe and South America. Their latest album, 'All The Things', debuted at #1 on Bandcamp. You can stream them on Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora. Albums can be purchased from iTunes and Amazon, or pirated with bittorrent.

DEF CON 24 Dual Core Logo

Friday EDM Night: Time and Room TBA

DEF CON 24 YTCracker image

YTCracker (pronounced "whitey cracker") is a formerly notorious computer hacker who stopped hacking everyone's gibson and started rapping about it instead. Recognized as a forefather of the "nerdcore" genre, he has travelled all around the universe amassing billions of fans, the majority of which do not live on planet earth.

YTCracker raps about all of the important things in life, like high frame rate and low latency pings. He has served as a corporate shill for the likes of G4TV (rip), Facebook, and Yahoo, appearing on every major television network and countless publications talking about nerdy things like Bitcoin or DDoS attacks - all while trying to push his terrible music on casuals and NPCs everywhere.

Along with making substandard hiphop, YTCracker also subsists his musical existence through mediocre production and DJing to gigantic crowds, primarily on the anime and internet nerd convention circuit.

Friday Night At Napoleon's

DEF CON 24 Richard Cheese Logo

Friday Night at Napoleon's Dueling Piano Bar: Two Sets!

DEF CON 24 Richard Cheese image

America's loudest lounge singer Richard Cheese performs swingin' Vegas versions of rock and rap songs, "swankifying" popular Top40 hits into retro vocal standards. Imagine Sinatra singing Radiohead, and you've got Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine. Since 2000, Cheese has released 20 albums and sold more than 200,000 CDs; his music is available on iTunes, in stores, and at

Richard Cheese's songs have been featured in the movies "Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice" and "Dawn Of The Dead," on ABC-TV's "Dancing With The Stars," and he's performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, CNN with Anderson Cooper, ITV's The Jonathan Ross Show, Jack Black's "Festival Supreme," MTV's Say What Karaoke?, KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show, Howard Stern, The Jonathon Brandmeier Show, Opie & Anthony, and as the house band 20 times on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly. The lounge legend has played hundreds of sellout concerts all over the world, from Las Vegas to London, from Portland to Portugal, from Honolulu to Hollywood. With his snappy jazz trio, his tiger-striped tuxedo, and his enormous microphone, Richard Cheese presents the perfect mix of music, martini, and madcap. Viva Las Queso!

Saturday Night Headliners:
80's Night

DEF CON 24 Saturday 80's night image

Pure energy.

Join us Saturday night for a dance party both radical and tubular. DEF CON is proud to present two pioneers of the electronic dance genre: Berlin featuring Terri Nunn and Information Society. Sick beats and iconic hooks await you. We promise a sweaty good time to all, 80s survivors and wide-eyed millennials alike.

If you are not there, are you anywhere? Don’t be nowhere, when you can be right here, at DEF CON 24’s 80s night.

DEF CON 24 Berlin Logo

Saturday 80's Night: Time and Room TBA

DEF CON 24 Berlin image

For fans of electronic music – and the far-reaching wave of style and pop culture that followed in the wake of the 80s – Berlin vocalist Terri Nunn is an icon. As the charismatic vocalist for a band that virtually launched electronic dance rock in the U.S., Terri earned the No. 11 spot on VH1’s list of the “100 Greatest Women in Rock.” It might come as a surprise then to hear that Terri (who inspired legions of modern female rockers) was first inspired by male role models like Robert Plant and David Bowie. “The first artists that changed my brain about what I wanted to do were men,” Terri confesses. “On stage they were really loud, powerful, sexy and irreverent. The guys seemed to have a lot more fun than any of the girls I saw.” But Terri’s perception shifted when she discovered the artistry of three very distinct women in rock: Grace Slick, Anne Wilson and Stevie Nicks. “Grace Slick was really like a guy on stage, and she showed me the role I wanted in a rock band,” Terri explains. “Anne Wilson also had an incredible vocal power and presence, because she was very influenced by Robert Plant. Stevie Nicks was femininity and mystery in the midst of the rock world, and I wanted that, too.”

Inspired by Ultravox and Kraftwerk – two European bands using state-of-the-art keyboards to create sounds entirely different from those of a traditional keyboard instrument – Terri and Berlin co-founder John Crawford followed their inspiration to form a band centered on this keyboard driven sound, but fronted by a dynamic female vocalist. “At the time we came out,” Terri offers, “labels were signing power-pop bands like the Knack, The Plimsouls and The GoGos. We thought we might have something that was different and unique, but the record labels just didn’t understand what we were doing and we were laughed at.” Berlin persevered, honing their songwriting skills until a then-fledgling record label, Enigma signed Berlin on the strength of a collection of demos. Those demos became the group’s first release, the EP Pleasure Victim. “We created the record, including the cover, for Enigma for under $3,000,” Terri admits. When Pleasure Victim sold 25,000 copies in one month, Geffen signed Berlin, purchased the recording from Enigma and re-released the record at the beginning of 1983. Pleasure Victim went on to achieve multi-platinum sales in America.

DEF CON 24 Information Society Logo

Saturday 80's Night: Time and Room TBA

DEF CON 24 Information Society image

A look into the history of Information Society is a peek at the evolution of electronic music. From their first self-released album in 1983 to their 2014 album _hello world, InSoc (as they’re affectionately known), have grown from a young electronic band, mutating the sum total of their influences, to a veteran collective influencing a new generation of electronic musicians. One important thing remains constant: The music is distinctly Information Society, monster electro bass and beats topped with lush, poppy vocal hooks.

Founded by producer/songwriter Paul Robb and vocalist/songwriter Kurt Larson, the group quickly drafted bassist James Cassidy and went on to storm the club charts in the mid ’80s with their Freestyle classic “Running”. Inspired by the worldwide response to the single, the group moved to New York to record their major label debut, Information Society, for Tommy Boy/Reprise. Initial buzz was intense, and proved to be accurate; by the time the group got to its first in-store appearance, two days after the record’s release, the album was sold out.

After a whirlwind series of live dates, the group went on to release the albums Hack and Peace And Love, Inc. and numerous hits, notably the #1 smash “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy),” as well as “Walking Away,” “Think,” “Repetition,” and “Peace and Love, Inc.” National and international tours followed; outside the United States the group is particularly popular in South America, Spain, and Japan.