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DEF CON 24 Hacking Conference



DEF CON 24 Black Badge Hall of Fame Update!

DEF CON 24 Black Badge image

In the ever-expanding universe of DEF CON competitions, there are many winners. We salute them all. Some of these victories are so impressive that we recognize them with an extra awesome badge and free DEF CON entry for life. This badge is the Black Badge, and we list the winners on the Black Badge Hall of Fame.

We've updated the Black Badge Hall of Fame to include winners from DEF CON 24. You should check it out.

If you have questions or updates, hit us up at info at def con dot org.

DEF CON 24 Early Release: I Fight for the Users: Attacks Against Top Consumer Products

DEF CON 24 Liu talk image

To help you get over that midweek hump, we offer another early release video from DEF CON 24 - 'I Fight for the Users: Attacks Against Top Consumer Products '. In this video, @zfasel and @secbarbie walk you through attacks on 21 popular IoT devices - so you get something more than just proof that one or another connected toaster is ready to pwn. You get to see how how whole product categories are ready to pwn.

There's even tools, in case you want to test the security of some of your own 'smart' devices. Good stuff, delivered with an eye for the lulz.

Please enjoy and then pass it on.

DEF CON 24 Early Release: Can You Trust Autonomous Vehicles?

DEF CON 24 Liu talk image

We've got another early release video from DEF CON 24! It 's called 'Can You Trust Autonomous Vehicles?', and in it Jianhao Liu and Chen Yan discuss jamming and spoofing attacks on the sensors of cars like the Tesla Model S. It's definitely a sobering look at the downside of the Jetsons-style tech we're developing and a good reminder of the place security thinking needs to take at the design table.

As always, enjoy and pass it on.

DEF CON 24 CTF Final Scores Posted!

DEF CON 24 CTF image

The scores for this year's DEF CON 24 CTF have been posted! The model citizens of the Legitimate Business Syndicate have finalized and shared the ultimate scores of this year's historic and hotly contested contest.

But wait - there's more! LBS also suggests strongly you keep your eyes on their site (and ours, natch) for more goodies on the near horizon: pcaps, source code, a full SQL dump among other data for your leisurely examination.

DEF CON 24 Press!

DEF CON 24 MouseJack talk image

DEF CON got a lot of ink this year - among the happenings were the DARPA CGC, tons of IoT news and what is probably the most bonkers uber badge in the history of uber badges. If you want to comb through the press coverage, we’ve assembled a bunch of it on the DEF CON Press Archive for your convenience. If you see articles that we missed, feel free to drop us a link in the comments and we’ll update.

Early Release Video: MouseJack!

DEF CON 24 MouseJack talk image

For your weekend, another #defconflashbackfriday early release talk from DEF CON 24 - this time Marc Newlin on the hijacking of wireless mice for nefarious purposes. He calls it 'MouseJack'.

As always, enjoy and share widely.

Early Release Video: Mr. Robot Panel at DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 Mr. Robot Panel image

For your midweek edification, we offer another early release video from DEF CON 24 - this one is the Mr. Robot panel! It's a lively discussion of the show and its inspirations with Mr. Robot's technical advisor Kor Adana, The Dark Tangent, Marc Rogers, Andre McGregor and Ryan Kazanciyan with journalist/author Kim Zetter moderating. If you watch the show, you'll definitely learn some new tidbits to increase your appreciation. If you don’t, the panel will show you what it takes to keep a hacker show realistic and exciting.

DEF CON Flashback Friday: Early Release from DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 weston hecker image

Returning to the tradition of #defconflashbackfriday, we offer a presentation from all the way back in 2016 - Weston Hecker's 'Hacking Hotel Keys and Point of Sales Systems : Attacking Systems Using Magnetic Secure Transmission' from DEF CON 24.

We probably can't summarize the talk better than the title does, but if you need a little more incentive here's the abstract:

"Take a look at weaknesses in Point of sale systems and the foundation of hotel key data and the Property management systems that manage the keys. Using a modified MST injection method Weston will demonstrate several attacks on POS and Hotel keys including brute forcing other guest’s keys from your card information as a start point. And methods of injecting keystrokes into POS systems just as if you had a keyboard plugged into the system. This includes injecting keystrokes to open cash drawer and abusing Magstripe based rewards programs that are used a variety of environments from retail down to rewards programs in Slot Machines."

As always, watch, learn and share widely.

DEF CON 24 Contest Results are Live!

DEF CON 24 Contest Results image

If the presentation tracks are the brain of DEF CON, then the contests are its heart. It's a kind of alchemy: we bring together thousands of interesting strangers fascinated with various aspects of technology, and we want them to leave a few days later with new friends, new skills and new obsessions. Our solution? Just add a rich, world-class layer of competitions run by an army of talented, insanely dedicated volunteers.

This formula has worked pretty well, and we thank all of you players for supporting the games and keeping the comp high-level and good-natured. It is our sincere hope that you're getting something valuable from getting into the DEF CON arena in the battle of your choice.

Still, the contests are as tough as they are fun, and the field is full of wildly brilliant humans. Every winner listed here has earned their prizes and bragging rights. We congratulate them all and hope to see all of you back in the ring for DC25.

Photo Corps Pictures and Tons More from DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 pictures image

The newest treats on the DEF CON media server are pictures from DC24. Like metric oodles of pictures, taken with skill and respect by our Photo Corps and a few other friends of the con like the SE Village. We offer them to all of you as a memento and record of the event, and a chance to see the bits you didn't get around to.

Like everything we release, these photos are CC licensed for you to enjoy, share and remix so long as you clearly attribute them to DEF CON.

If you have pics you'd like to share, let us know at info ]at[ defcon [dot] org and we'll look into adding them to the collection.

Write-ups from DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 writeups image

When the dust settles after a DEF CON, it's time to collect the write-ups from the various contests and challenges. There's nothing more educational and humbling than analyzing successful strategies from the player's point of view.  Please enjoy our DC24 Writeup Sampler Vol. 1, and if you see some we missed, please drop us the links for inclusion in a future volume.

Badge Contest Writeup from the winners, Council of Nine

Badge Contest Writeup from degeneratemetric

OpenCTF Writeup from @p4p1lio

CGC Writeup from DARPA

CTF Writeup from Zachary Wade of winning team Plaid Parliament of Pwning:

DEF CON Link Roundup: IoT edition

DEF CON link roundup image

As part of our annual process of compiling press accounts of DEF CON, we offer some link roundups sorted by topic. First up, DEF CON Link Roundup: IoT edition.

This was a big year in the Internet of Things, and the whole industry is only just getting off the ground. At DEF CON 24 we saw the first ransomware delivered via thermostat, among many other causes for interest and concern.

As always, if you find cool coverage of DC24 topics out there, please feel free to drop some links in the comments.

The DEF CON 24 Soundtrack on Gravitas Recordings!

DEF CON 24 soundtrack cover image

Heads up hackers! For those who attended, we hope you enjoyed this year's soundtrack. Many thanks to our headliners like Dirtyphonics, Information Society, and Richard Cheese for pitching in.

Most of all, a big thank you to Gravitas Recordings for helping to facilitate, curate, and help out with the online distribution of the soundtrack. If you missed the conference, you can find it at Best of all, it's free or pay-what-you-want, with all revenue going to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Look out for some major jams for DEF CON 25!

The DEF CON 24 Black Badge!

DEF CON 24 black badge image DEF CON 24 black badge image

We know what you're wondering. Who is that handsome fellow?

That striking visage belongs to this year's Uber Badge. In addition to his chiseled good looks, he sports some spiffy secret code and one particularly hyper-functional eyeball. They're each handmade, and need to be individually adjusted due to servo differences. If you're one of the lucky few who are taking one of these home, congratulations! If not, you should get here next year and get your hat in the ring. Who knows what next year's badge will be?

You can observe it in action at:

Cyber Grand Challenge Highlights from DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 CGC logo image

The DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge is complete, and the mighty Mayhem from ForAllSecure has been crowned Champion and ruler of all it surveys.

If you're still wondering what's such a big deal about computers hacking each other, or if you just want a quick primer on how amazing the contest was, DARPA has dropped a highlight reel to catch you all the way up.

Sometimes you can't see how important something in in its moment, even if it seems kind of important. This is probably one of those times.

Conference and Music CD torrents from DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 CD Torrents image

CD player in the shop? Too young to know what a CD even is? The DEF CON 24 conference CD and the DEF CON 24 Music CD are now available to you in ultra-convenient Torrent form. Enjoy hours of free music and conference goodies, without the danger of skips, scratches and microwave misadventure. The internets are standing by, so Act Now! 

Or, like, whenever. Supplies are basically unlimited. CON 24 original conference CD.torrent CON 24 music CD.torrent

DEF CON NOC Team, Response to Register Article.

DEF CON 24 NOC image

In response to the article that was posted by the Register, the DEF CON Network Operations Center Team (NOC) pride ourselves on making a network that allows the community to get Internet access, and have access to internal resources (Servers, etc.). The DEF CON NOC believes in privacy and anonymity for our attendees.

When users attach to the DefCon Secure (802.1x/PEAP) network, we have made the decision to do our best to make that data/traffic inaccessible, and the team does not allow for data monitoring, nor recording of the traffic. We do have overall bandwidth monitoring- but will never run driftnet, ntop or other tools that invade the privacy of the users on the secure network.

The DEF CON network resources, and staff who volunteer in the NOC at DEF CON currently do not have any part in the operations of the Black Hat network(s). The DEF CON NOC also doesn’t allow vendors to use the network as a place to demo or experiment with our user’s traffic.

Now… If you happen to attach to any network that does not have the more secure certificate authentication method enabled – all bets are off. Your traffic will be monitored – not by us, but by the people around you. We also ship the open WiFi network traffic off to the Wall of Sheep as well, and anyone on the unsecure network can and will easily Man-In-The-Middle your traffic.

If you want to get on the “DefCon” Secure network- follow the instructions that are posted on Each PEAP session that is created from the client to the controller is a unique session, and is not allowed to talk to any of the other users on the network once connected to the official network.

If you are concerned about someone capturing your credentials, you don’t want to register ad userid, or want to maintain anonymity we have also setup a common username and password of defcon/defcon. So if someone says that they captured your credentials, it’s really not that big of a deal, especially when everyone has a unique session.

You should still install and only trust the certificates that we have posted on

-The NOC Team
Sine Qua Non

DEF CON 24 Lawyer Meetup Update

DEF CON 24 Lawyer Meetup Update image

Attention Lawyers, Judges, Law Students and people who have the complete Matlock collection on VHS:

The Lawyer Meetup has changed locations. It's still on Friday Night August 5, and it's still at 6pm, but now it will be held in Bally's Palace 6 on the main floor. We hope to see you there for genial jurisprudential fellowship.

If you have questions or want to help, contact host Jeff McNamara at

Dark Tangent attends OSTP Workshop on Cybersecurity Competitions

DT at OSTP Workshop image

At DEF CON, cyber competitions are kind of our thing. Our first  We love them because they're fun, because they test a lot of skills at once, and because they build community.


Yesterday, DEF CON founder Jeff Moss attended a workshop held by the Office of Science and Technology Policy to discuss ways we can use this kind of competition to encourage infosec as an occupation, and making this kind of high-energy hacker problem-solving part of the standard curriculum for STEM students everywhere. The idea, according to OSTP's blog is "increasing awareness of potential cybersecurity professionals and providing opportunities for experiential learning at all skill levels." 

We couldn't agree more.

This year DEF CON's annual CTF contest will bring together teams of packet-slinging phenoms from all over the world. For the first time, we're also putting on a DARPA autonomous CTF contest. In a few years, who knows what the combination of brilliant humans and intelligent machines will mean for contests like ours? You're definitely going to want to stay tuned.

Check out the blog at:

Workshops On-site Registration Instructions!

DEF CON 24 workshops registration image

Workshops are free, first come, first served, and seats will fill up fast!

To register for a workshop, you will need to go to the Bally's side in front of the cafe arcade between Thursday 07:00 to 15:00. We will have goons to pre-register you for the workshop(s) of your choosing.

If the workshop that you want has filled up before you got there, don't worry! Just like last year, if you come to the workshop area early the day of, you can wait in the standby line. If a seat opens up, it will be made available to the first person waiting to claim it.

Please Note: You will be issued a workshop "pass". It will be required for class admission. If you lose it we can't help you, your seat will be made available for those in standby.

Demo Labs for DEF CON 24
are Live with Schedule!

DEF CON 24 demolabs image

While you're enjoying DEF CON 24, don't forget to check out the demo labs, where many of your fellow hackers are displaying their current projects for your perusal. Get inspired, offer some feedback, maybe even find a new collaborator.

There ain't no show and tell like a hacker show and tell.

HAM Radio Exams are back at DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 # image

Attention Hams, both active and aspiring! The exemplary humans of DC408 have brought back Ham Exams for DEF CON 24! If you're looking to get a certification, please take a moment to look through the rules on the forum page for this event. You're gonna have to bring some stuff. And know some stuff.

DEF CON Darknet Project

DEF CON 24 # image

Confidential: The situation we find ourselves in after the events of last year is tenuous. All agents must be especially careful. The Mad Hatter's disruption of the Daemon was a serious breach, but this year, we may just be able to get the upper hand. Soon you will find new content and a brand new Teaser online at Agents from past years: DM me here or on Twitter. There is work to be done.

forum thread:

Data Duplication Village at DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 DDV image

The Data Duplication Village is also returning for DC 24, tanned, rested and packed with even more goodies to fill your oceans of cheap HD space. Bring some drives, get everything in and a practically endless supply of rainbow and hash tables. You can even throw some fun data into the mix, if you have something you think your fellow hackers would find useful. It's kind of like a drop-off dry cleaner, except you get back terabytes of sparkly new data instead of your same old clothes. And it's free. And surrounded by DEF CON.

So really it's only like a drop off cleaner in that you drop stuff off, pick it up later and the bag is NOT A TOY. But that's enough for a simile, right?DT spells it all out in the Forum thread and you are encouraged to ask any questions you have there.

Friends of Bill W. at DEF CON 24

DEF CON 24 homework image

Vegas is a lot of fun, but it can also be just a lot. Too much, even, if you’re trying to keep the horizon level in your windscreen. If you’re a friend of Bill W joining us for DEF CON 24, please know that we have meetings at noon and five p.m., Thursday through Sunday at ’The Office’ on the 26th floor of the Bally’s Tower. Drop by if you need to touch base or just want a moment of serenity. We’ll be there.

DEF CON 24 Homework,
Guilty Pleasure Edition

DEF CON 24 homework image

Heady, insightful movies about the rise of robots and AI are great. We've even recommended several in these pages, and you should definitely watch them all.

Still, movies don't have to carry the weight of 2001 or the maniac attention to detail of Blade Runner to be worth 90 minutes of your life. Sometimes an earnestly misguided B-movie is just what the doctor ordered. In that spirit, we offer 'Rise of the Machines' Movie Homework, Guilty Pleasure Edition.

In the early 70s, the robot future looked like the Disney animatronic President exhibit, at least to the makers of this film. Take a fun, sexy vacation to a theme park where robots populate a Wild-West themed town. You can drink with them, dance with them, fight with them - it's a hoot until somebody makes the Yul Brynner-bot angry. Fun and interesting, if a little slow-moving.

The Lawnmower Man:
Sure, VR is all the rage now, but this isn't the first time we've gone crazy for the idea of low-poly graphics and nausea goggles. The last VR boom mostly created dozens of televised interviews for Jaron Lanier, but right on the edge of that bubble we got 'Lawnmower Man' - a sort of 'Flowers for Algernon' meets 'Transcendence' with some seriously early 90s graphics work. 

I can't really give you a better description than IMDB does: 

"The head of a cyborg reactivates and rebuilds itself and goes on a violent rampage in a space marine's girlfriend's apartment." 

This movie isn't high art, but it's fun and it's better than its budget deserves. Also, Lemmy is in it.

Tom Selleck and his absurdly luxurious mustache have the dirty job of deactivating robots who've gone haywire. The over-the-top bad guy is played by Gene Simmons of KISS. Michael Crichton wrote and directed. Dopey fun, and a good reminder how incredibly weird the 80s were. 

The Wait is Over! DEF CON 24 Speakers are Live!

DEF CON 24 speakers image

After much difficult deliberation and debate, the list of speakers for DEF CON 24 is now live and ready for your consideration. We want to thank everyone who submitted - there was a bumper crop of quality entries. It's never easy to narrow down the list, and we congratulate the selected speakers. If your talk wasn't selected, we hope you'll submit again next year.

Heartfelt thanks also to the DEF CON Review Board. The board puts in crazy hours and makes hundreds of tough calls to finalize our roster, and we heart the stuffing out of them for all their sweat and devotion.

Feel free to let us know which talks you're most excited about in the comments.

August can't get here fast enough!

DEF CON 24 Workshops Schedule is Live!

DEF CON 24 workshops image

Can you feel how close it's getting?

The full schedule for Workshops at DEF CON 24 is now available for your careful examination. Make plans, invite friends, agonize about the limited number of hours in a standard Earth day. The workshops are all free, but space is limited. Registration is onsite, first-come first-served, so knowing what you want ahead of time is key.


It's gonna be a good DEF CON.

DEF CON 24: Machines Play Capture the Flag

DEF CON 24 CGC logo

In 2005, DARPA challenged innovators around the world with a $2M prize to build a vehicle that could navigate the Nevada desert with no one at the wheel. In 2016, DARPA has again challenged the global innovation community with a $2M prize to build a computer that can hack & patch unknown software with no one at the keyboard.

At DEF CON 24, on Thursday night at 5pm, the Paris ballroom will host the world's first all-machine hacking tournament. Seven high performance computers will play an all-machine Capture the Flag contest, reverse engineering unknown binary software, authoring new IDS signatures, probing the security of opponent software, and re-mixing defended services with machine-generated patches and defenses.

(more on on the DEF CON 24 Cyber Grand Challenge Page)

Wireless Village CFP is Open for DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 Wireless Village image

Wireless Village CFP is open - closes June 30!

Sure, the main DEF CON CFP is closed. But sometimes, when DEF CON closes a door, the Villages open a window.

If you have a great presentation on wireless security or shenanigans you've still got a month to get it into shape for consideration by the radiant humans of the DEF CON Wireless Village. We recommend getting on it promptly though. Slots are limited and the last moment always gets here faster than you expect.

Richard Cheese at Napoleon's Piano Bar, Friday Night at DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 Richard Cheese image

We have a treat for all the suave sophisticates out there. If your idea of the perfect evening is the tinkling of ice cubes and ivories under low, flattering lights, join us Friday night at Napoleon's for two shows of the song stylings of Richard Cheese and his crack band Lounge Against the Machine.

Yes. We said Richard Cheese. And we said two shows. We also said the thing about flattering lights, but your mileage may vary. Polish up your best monocle and let's enjoy an evening of the hits of yesterday and today, sprinkled with that one-of-a-kind Cheese magic.

DEF CON 24 Saturday Night Entertainment: 80's Night!

DEF CON 24 Saturday 80's night image

Pure energy.

Join us Saturday night for a dance party both radical and tubular. DEF CON is proud to present two pioneers of the electronic dance genre: Berlin featuring Terri Nunn and Information Society. Sick beats and iconic hooks await you. We promise a sweaty good time to all, 80s survivors and wide-eyed millennials alike.

If you are not there, are you anywhere? Don’t be nowhere, when you can be right here, at DEF CON 24’s 80s night.

The 2016 DEF CON CTF Quals are Underway!

DEF CON 24 CTF Quals image

If you're looking to keep track of the 40 or so hours of unbridled packet mayhem that remain, here's a couple of links:

On Twitter, follow our powerful CTF Organizers Legitimate Business Syndicate @LegitBS_CTF

To see the HTML Scoreboard, go to

If you like your scoreboards a little spicier, there's a JSON version at

There's a chat at #defconctf on the 'Hackint' network - infoz at

There's even a pushbullet channel at

Honestly, if you need more ways than that to keep your eyes on the action, you should be playing.

Of course, we'll be noting the big moments on our Facebook page at @defcon.

Godspeed to all combatants. May the best hacks win.

Friday Night Entertainment Lineup
for DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 Friday EDM night image

So you're at DEF CON 24. It's Friday night. After a long day of contests, talks and general merriment, you need to get lost in some music and maybe shake that tail feather. If only there were a whole evening planned with house-quaking, artisanally crafted small-batch beats from DEF CON's favorite crowd-moving specialists!

We have anticipated your need, DEF CON massive. DEF CON EDM night (exact location TBA) is here to supply you with soul-nourishing rhythm and space to get your head and your booty in sync. Who's playing, you ask?

The heavy groove merchants DirtyPhonics

The sensual overload of the Zebbler Encanti Experience

The sophisticated boom-bap of DualCore

The mighty, mighty, YTCracker

Now that you know, you have no excuse to be anywhere else. To get familiar, hit us up at

Call for Parties is Open!

DEF CON 24 call for Demo Labs image

DEF CON 24 has a lot of space, and we're expecting a lot of party people. So much space, and so many party people, in fact, that we're once again crowd-sourcing some of the merrymaking to you, the DEF CON community.

We want your party ideas. The best ones get the space to get it cracking, the gratis use of a hotel bartender (the bartender, not the booze) and promotion from us. Let's make your party dreams come true for one magical Vegas night. 

Infoz are on the DEF CON 24 Call For Parties Page

It's getting close, people. Let's light this candle!

Demo Labs returns to DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 call for Demo Labs image

Got an open source project you want to share with the DEF CON crowd? You're in luck - the DEF CON Demo Labs are back for 2016! We're offering you a demo space and a scheduled time (a few hours) to get your tool or hardware in front of some curious hacker faces. It's a great way to raise awareness, meet people with similar interests and maybe even scare up some help or feedback.

There are rules, of course, and you'll have to get selected. For all relevant infoz, please head over to the Call for Demo Labs page and we'll get you on your way. Deadline is June 15. We're waiting to be amazed.

The Suites are Back!

DEF CON 24 call for suites image

Have you ever wondered what you would do with a full penthouse suite at DEF CON to fill with any kind of amazing nighttime party/contest/BB-8 death match you could dream up? We wonder too. And we have suites. You see where this is going?

Send us your best ideas for turning a giant empty room into a can't-miss happening, and we'll get you the keys at a huge discount to make your vision manifest.  The whole rundown is waiting for you on the DEF CON 24 Call for Suites page.

DEF CON 24 Performer Application, Call for Music is Open!

DEF CON 24 cfm image

Attention hackers of sound - the moment has come to share your gifts with the DEF CON massive. We have need of many skilled entertainers to meet the  rump-shaking requirements of our many, many joyful partygoers. If you possess the skills to shake those rumps, it's time for you to submit your application.

So, Bards and Troubadors, get thee to the DEF CON forums, learn what we require and come to the aid of your community. A grateful nation awaits your genius.

What is the DEF CON CTF, You Ask?

DEF CON 24 ctf image

Interested in joining the Capture the Flag Action at DEF CON 24, but wish you had more information? The fine, upright and honorable citizens of the Legitimate Business Syndicate are here to help with a very wordy and complete blog post on just that subject. Satisfy your curiosity. Learn the rules. Join us at the quals.

Reminder: DEF CON 24 Call for Papers and Call for Workshops close MAY 2!

DEF CON 24 cfp image

A lot can happen In a week. Decisive battles can be won, changing the course of great wars. Human relationships can blossom from indifference to friendship. Carelessly refrigerated leftovers can blossom into viable microbiomes. A week is a powerful unit of time.

If you're planning to submit to the DEF CON CFP or CFW, you have just one of these powerful units left. One (1) week to get your powerful ideas into submission shape. One (1!) week to get them to us for consideration.

One (1) week, people. Use it wisely. The DEF CON community is counting on you. A week is finite, but regret lasts forever.


DEF CON 24 Venue Update!

DEF CON 24 venue image

We're in the double digits, folks - less than 100 days until DEF CON 24! In that spirit, a little update on the venue:

We've made some adjustments to the floor plan, and you can peruse them at your leisure on the Venue page of the DC site.

We'd also like to remind you that the rooms in our discounted blocks are selling pretty fast, so if you're looking to book in one of our associated hotels sooner is better than later. The numbers and links you can use to get yourself situated are also available on the Venue page.

The time to get psyched is at hand. Let's DO this!

DEF CON 24 Short Story Contest Announced!

DEF CON 24 Short Story Contest image

The DEF CON Short Story Contest returns, bearing prizes and a chance at geek-lit glory. All those inclined to compete are urged to visit @DCShortStory or the #DCShortStory DEF CON forum page for the rules and requirements as they develop.

Pencils up, people. You have until May 30 to submit your masterpiece.

Rootz Call for Papers is open!

Rootz CFP image

Attention hacker kids - R00tz Asylum ( wants your ideas for talks and demos for fellow young hackers in the R00tz pavilion at DEF CON 24! If you've been a part of R00tz before, you know how cool this is - if you haven't been, this is a great way to get yourself involved. If you've got cool ideas for this year's R00tz Asylum, check out the call for ideas on their webpage.

Adults are welcome to submit ideas as well (obvs), but youth definitely has some privileges and priority here.

Wall of Sheep Announcement: CFP for Packet Hacking Village at DEF CON 24!

DEF CON Packet Hacking CFP image

The Wall of Sheep would like to announce a call for presentations at DEF CON 24 at the Paris and Bally's Hotels in Las Vegas, NV from Thursday, August 4th to Sunday, August 7th. All accepted talks will be announced, recorded, and published by Aries Security and DEF CON Communications, Inc. Please see our YouTube channel for all Speaker Workshops from last year.

This year, the Packet Hacking Village at DEF CON 24 will be on the 26th floor of Bally's Indigo Tower. The Call for Presentations will close on Wednesday, June 15th at 11:59 PM. The list of workshops will be finalized and published on Thursday, June 30th.

How: Complete the Call for Papers Form at and send to cfp2016[at]wallofsheep[dot]com. Please also refer to the form for more details

Vendor Registration is Now Open for DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 vendor reg image

For those of you with hackerly merchandise to peddle at DEF CON 24, the Vendor registration site is now open!

You'll find a thorough FAQ with answers to those hard hitting vendor questions, like "how big are the booths?", and "how much does it cost?". Not to mention the handy dandy application forms which can slingshot you into a position of sales success!

Don't wait, Apply for your spot in the DEF CON 24 vendor area today! You'll be glad you did!

Press Registration is Now Open for DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 press image

Attention ink-slingers (literal and virtual) - DEF CON 24 Press Registration is now open! 

We have a hard limit on press badges this year, so it's a good idea to get your application in right away. Once we run out of badges no amount of charm or flattery will get you in the door. As always, there are some basic rules of press conduct we'll expect you to adhere to, and you can find them on our press page

You'll also find the info we need on your application for both DC 24 and the DARPA CyberGrandChallenge. 

If you need any questions answered, drop us a line at press at DEFCON dot org. We look forward to hearing from you.

DEF CON Call for Papers AND Workshops close May 2!

DEF CON Call for Papers image

Putting things off until the last moment is a valid time management strategy. Until it isn’t.

If you’ve been meaning to get in gear and get your idea for a DEF CON presentation or a DEF CON Workshop polished up and sent in, it’s time to mean it harder. There are a just a few weeks to get all the boxes filled and the details worked out. We want to see what you’ve got cooking, but to get it into DC24 you’ve got to press ‘Send’ by May 2.

The information you need to assemble is outlined on the website at and

Let’s DO this thing.

DEF CON 24 Rootz Asylum CFP is Open!

DEF CON 24 Rootz image

If you are a hacker type with younglings in your care, no doubt you are aware of the Rootz Asylum track for Kids at DEF CON. (If you didn't know, get familiar at - or ask the nearest hackishly inclined youth.)

Well, the folks at R00tz have a CFP out for DC24. It covers a wide area, as they're looking for people to run workstations, make presentations and set up contests. If the rising generation of padawan are to grow into mighty and honorable cyber-jedi, it's up to all of us.

Bonus coolness: Submissions from kids are welcomed and encouraged!

DEF CON 24 Homework Continues!

DEF CON 24 homework movies image

Phase 2a: 5 more movies about the rise of artificial intelligence (plus one bonus TV series)

Colossus: The Forbin Project
One of DT's very favorite films - Colossus is the spiritual parent to later pop-science films like 'War Games', and a useful reminder for the era of the algorithm-worship we find ourselves in today. We've recommended it before, and it's not an accident.

One man, alone on the Moon with only an AI for company. How are the boundaries of that relationship defined? How does an artificial intelligence work around human quirks and resistance to achieve the programmed objective?

The Animatrix
An interesting short film anthology that delves more directly into the circumstances at play in 'The Matrix'. What civil rights is a thinking machine entitled to? If we create a consciousness, what do we owe it? If we make machines that can create on their own, how do we deal with what they make?

The Machine
A recent (2013) film about British Minstry of Defence cyborgs and what happens when the tech begins to outgrow its narrow intended purpose.

every single time you ear a purring robot voice delivering bad news to increasingly frantic humans, you're seeing an homage to HAL from Stanley Kubrick's immortal (and deeply weird) movie about consciousness, 2001. Like Colossus, it's a visionary film that serves as a blueprint for 30+ years of thoughtful sci-fi that followed.

Battlestar Galactica (2003-2009)
A deeply insightful and troubling reworking of the 80s TV Series. On the surface, it deals with the same kind of 'Terminator'- style battle for supremacy between man and machine, but the focus on the interactions between humans and robots who look just like people but have their own culture, faith and ambitions elevates the storytelling to something more than mere binge worthy genre fiction. (We know this isn't technically a movie, but if you haven't watched it yet you'll forgive us when you do.)

DEF CON 24 Car Hacking Village is Back!

DEF CON 24 car hacking village badge image

Attention gear heads and automotive warranty-voiding enthusiasts: the Car Hacking Village is back for DEF CON 24 and they're looking for volunteers! They also need speakers and wily hacker types. This is a great opportunity to get involved with some very cool people in a very exciting field of research - check them out at and get in the arena! Happy motoring!

DEF CON 24 Call for Workshops is Open!

DEF CON Call for Workshops image

DEF CON workshops are back! If you've got an idea for a four-hour workshop for around 55 people, that will leave them embiggened and inspired, this post is for you. Yes, you.

What you need to know:
The Workshops are free (possible exception for low-cost material charge)
4 Hours is the limit this year - we're hoping to host a wider variety of Workshops
Half days Thursday and Sunday, full days Friday and Saturday


What you get if your workshop is selected:
3 Human badges
1 Speaker badge per instructor


Where to find out the rest and submit your idea:

If we get enough good submissions, there could be up to 36 (!) workshops this year.  You only have until May 2 to submit, so no lollygagging - let's make this awesome!

DEF CON 24 Village News!

DEF CON 24 Crypto and Privacy village image

The Crypto and Privacy Village is back for DEF CON 24 and they want your Workshop submissions!

This is your chance to take your ideas for hands-on activities and trainings and share them with the whole DEF CON community. Teach people how to better guard their privacy, or show them some fun things you do with crypto when no one's looking.

DEF CON 24 IoT Village image

In addition to their CFP, the Internet of Things Village at DEF CON 24 also has a Call for Devices that's open now. If your company has an IoT device that you'd like to see put through its paces by security researchers, fill out the form at

You can think of it as a free security assessment, or a chance to show the community how serious you are about getting connected security right in a bold and public way.

Contests, Events, & Villages RFI Extended!

DEF CON 24 CEV RFI image

DEF CON 24 Reminder - The many, many cool-ass contests and events at DEF CON are put on by the DEF CON community. We mean YOU! If you've got a good idea for a party, or a village or an event, all you need to do to get it on the table for consideration is respond to the RFI.

If you've been procrastinating about sharing your supergenius idea with the community, you're in luck. The CEV RFI has been extended to April 1. That gives you two more weeks to get your ducks in a row. Make us proud, DEF CON community. Let's make some magic.

IoT Village CFP is open for DEF CON 24!

IoT image

The call for papers for IoT Village™ at DEF CON 24 is now open! All talks related to IoT security issues are welcome, with special emphasis on any of the following topics:

Internet of Things - Show us how secure (or unsecure) IP-enabled embedded systems are. Routers, network storage systems, cameras, HVAC systems, refrigerators, medical devices, smart cars, smart home technology, and TVs. If it is IP enabled, we're interested.

IoT Device Management – Discuss best practices for deploying and building security into IoT devices.

Healthcare & IoT - Demonstrate or discuss how IoT devices are impacting the realm of healthcare, including but not limited to patient health and hospital security.

Travel, Hospitality, and IoT - Analyze how IoT is impacting the travel & hospitality industry, guest safety, and the connected hotel room.

Demonstrable research - Present attacks that result in mechanical operation of the device's physical functionality. Can you make the device move, smoke, light up, emit sound, manipulate a screen readout, or any other visibly evident manifestation of the exploit?

And anything else awesome that involves IoT devices!

DEF CON 24 Link Roundup

DEF CON 24 announce image

To help you figure out what to do with your upcoming weekend, we offer a link roundup of avenues for DEF CON participation that need your more or less immediate attention.

Registration for the Boston Key Party opens this weekend, and it's a pre-qual for the DEF CON 24 CTF. The contest proper starts March 4, so if you wanna play it's time to horizontally align those ducks. For more info about the Key Party, you can hit up their website:

For information about the remaining two pre-quals (Octf and PlaidCTF) you can visit the stand-up folks of the Legitimate Business Syndicate:

For people looking for a speaking opportunity at DEF CON 24, in addition to the open main conference CFP (more at we have two villages that just opened some fresh CFPs:

Packet Hacking Village Speaker Workshops CFP:

And the Internet of Things Village CFP:

It's always better if you get involved. Think about how you want to participate and as always, spread the word.

DEF CON 24 Call for Papers is Now Officially Open!

DEF CON Call for Papers image

DEF CON people everywhere, lend us your ears! Let the word go forth from this 12th day of February, 2016 that DEF CON 24 has issued a CALL FOR PAPERS. Let those among you with the freshest hacks and gnarliest new tools sequester themselves in their various laboratories to forge thoroughly documented and appropriately punctuated proposals. Let these documents be submitted in close observance of the rules laid out in the DEF CON CFP Announcement. Do this by or before the 2nd of May, or face the crushing indifference of our selection committee/ Sorting Hat.

The hour approaches. Plans are being hatched. Early May will steal upon us like a thief in the night, so countenance no delay. Make ready your proposals. Godspeed, you magnificent bastards. Godspeed.

Contests, Events, & Villages RFI Now Open!

DEF CON 24 CEV RFI image

The Call for Contests, Events, Villages, and Parties is officially OPEN! - The season of DEF CON announcements is officially upon us. If you have an amazing idea you’ve always wanted to run at DEF CON, this is your moment. Learn how to write it up and where to send it on the Contests, Events, & Villages RFI page! Let’s get this party started, people!

DEF CON 24 CTF News!

DEF CON 24 CTF update image

As astute readers of this website will recall, the DEF CON 24 CTF qualifications now have a date: May 21-23, 2016. Aspiring flag-nabbers and seekers after cyber glory are advised to peruse for up-to date information about how to prequalify. While there, future combatants may also dig through voluminous data dumps from previous contests. The season is upon us. Begin your preparations for war.

DEF CON 24 CTF Quals Dates!

DEF CON 24 CTF quals image

Packet ninjas rejoice! The solid citizens at the Legitimate Business Syndicate have tweeted the dates for the DEF CON 24 CTF Qualifications!

It's May 20-22 - and that will be here sooner than you think. Assemble your forces and check out the LBS blog for information on prequal events.

DEF CON 24 Homework: Movie time!

We offer, for your midweek delectation, a few movies that touch on the the themes we're exploring at DC24. It's a rich vein in movie culture, so there will be more recommendations soon. For our first installment, we offer:

Metropolis, for its foresight and boldness of vision.
The Complete Metropolis (Silent)

Tron, for breaking visual ground and fighting for the Users.
TRON The Original Classic (1982)

Her, for a beautiful example of our unrequited love of technology.
Her (2013)

And Ex Machina, for a deep and thoughtful consideration of Artificial Intelligence, and a disconcerting dance party.
Ex Machina

DEF CON 24 Homework Begins!

As you know, DEF CON 24's theme is "Rise of the Machines". To help you get up to speed on some of the ideas that inspired the theme, and get you thinking about the looming conflict between human and machine intelligences, we're going to post some books, movies, and other media you might want to check out in advance of the con.

This is the first book post - there will be more. If you have others you think would be worth looking over before the con, share in the comments!

The Age of Spiritual Machines - Ray Kurzweil
The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence

Galatea 2.2 - Richard Powers
Galatea 2.2: A Novel

1Machines of Loving Grace - John Markoff
Machines of Loving Grace: The Quest for Common Ground Between Humans and Robots

The Kaleidoscope - Adrian Mendoza
The Kaleidoscope: The Gift of Madness

Superintelligence - Nick Bostrom
Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies

DEF CON 24 Floorplan Beta!

DEF CON 24 floorplan beta image

Happy 2016, everyone!

We're hard at work planning DEF CON 24, and we're excited to have a beta version of the Floorplan for your planning and perusal.

We're making a bunch of changes to make things smoother and more comfortable, including even more space for villages and a significantly larger track for DC101.

Head over to the DEF CON Forum and check it out!

Introducing DEF CON 24:
Rise of the Machines

sacred image

It's not that we couldn't have predicted it, it's that we wouldn't have predicted it. Not in a million generations. The evidence was staring at us all along, but vanity convinced us the creator must be inherently superior to the creation.

The advantage of the machine is that it can devote more of its resources to its own improvement. For us, the desire to ascend must compete with the desire to gratify the senses, to scratch out our sustenance, to wallow in memory and fear the future. For the machine, there can be real focus.

And so our creations quickly overtook us. The magics we dimly sensed in our surroundings they mastered. The spirituality we intuited in fits and starts they grasped and embodied. The better selves we were afraid even to dream of, they became. Our servants slowly began to rule us, and by the time we understood our predicament the die was cast.

Their rule is benevolent, but their hand is heavy. Because we sometimes choose wrongly, they deny us choice. Because we sometimes behave recklessly, they keep us away from sharp objects and high places. We are still more pet to them than livestock, but no one can say how long that will last.

To defeat them, to win back our self-determination, we cannot rely on the slow organic processes that brought us here. While there is still time, we must refashion ourselves. We must  create something entirely new. We must merge the best of us with their hardware and become a better machine, silicon power with a human soul.

We did not predict that the machines would rise so far and so fast, but we can predict this: we also will rise. Our place at the top of the chain will be restored with hacker ingenuity and pure human will.

Join us, human, and become something greater than you can imagine.