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DEF CON 26 Hacking Conference



High Value Target List

Command & Control Leaders


Name : Nikita Kronenberg

Known Aliases : Nikita

Known Affiliations : The Tribe, DC509.2 @WenatcheeHackrs

Wanted For : Inciting a riot.                                                                                                                                           

May be traveling with : A pillow of stolen tears, Buggins&Squish, and a stash of leet Toki-JuJuBe.

Global Net Link :


Name : Jeff Moss

Known Aliases : The Dark Tangent

Known Affiliations : I'm from the gubment we're here to help

Wanted For : [redacted]                                                                                                                                                 

May be traveling with : [redacted]                                                                                                                                                 

Global Net Link :


Name : Alex

Known Aliases : unknown (but we're working on getting him one)

Known Affiliations : unknown

Wanted For : unauthorized usage of anomalous technology, murder, and cancelling Firefly.                                                                                                                                                 

May be traveling with : falsified O5 credentials, SCP-591                                                                                                                                                  

Global Net Link :
Alex is too cool for social media

Primary Insurgents


Name : Jericho

Known Aliases : Squirrel!

Known Affiliations : The Tribe, 303, TNO, GWRC, TWAS, CC                                                                         

Wanted For : Pedantry

May be traveling with : Peanuts, Tortilla Chips, Bird Feed, Syringe

Global Net Link :


Name : Shaggy

Known Aliases : Alex, Scruffy

Known Affiliations : The Tribe, 303

Wanted For : Flipp'in da Burgers, Being an alcohol induced time traveler                                                                                                                               

May be traveling with : Video Games, and books                                                                                                                                     

Global Net Link :


Name : Roamer

Known Aliases : Are useless...My unknown alias is...

Known Affiliations : The Cult of Me, The Tribe, 303

Wanted For : Unwanted. It's why he cries into his pillow at night                                                                                                                               

May be traveling with : A well stamped passport                                                                                                                                     

Global Net Link :
Figure it out if you give a shit


Name : HighWiz

Known Aliases : High Wizard, Tom Judge, The Dark Lord, Tom Riddle, "The Swamp Fox", The Rainbow King, The Earl of Grantham, And your excellency sir, (to you).

Known Affiliations : The Tribe, GH, LHC, QC

Wanted For : Advanced Persistent Trolling, viceregicide, Conspiring with Jesuits, Igniting the Doom of Valyria, Drag Racing the Kessel Run, Putting the Ram in the Rama Lama Ding Dong, Long walks on the beach.

May be traveling with : Alan Turing, Karl Möbius, Charles Babbage, the Chilean national soccer team, and a devious pink elephant.

Additional Info : This person is also a "Training Insurrectionist"

Global Net Link :


Name : Erin Jacobs

Known Aliases : SecBarbie, DJ Bubbles, Cyberphreak, The Satanic Mechanic

Known Affiliations : EFS, 11337 Ministries, Scotch and Bubbles, DC312, Hacker Campers, The Urbane Collective

Wanted For : Giving love a bad name, Exploiting Machine Learning for Next Generation Pandering leveraging AI. Unlawful Lawful Criminal Syndication of Criminal Enterprises in the cloud.

May be traveling with : Emotional Support Flamingos, More bounce to the ounce, the ability to jam on it, CAUTION - she is considered highly

Global Net Link :


Name : Zack Fasel

Known Aliases : zfasel, ZackAttack, Joe Batters, Orion, Harvey Specter Esquire, the Cyber Ambassador from Morocco

Known Affiliations : Scotch and Bubbles, 312, EFS, The Gevor Outfit, Architect of CTOS, The Urbane Collective

Wanted For : Capturing USA-280 for "personal use", disappearance of multiple MQ-9 Reapers, tapping the JUPITER and MEREA Cable Systems, the sale of "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee", and stealing Jericho's rum.

May be traveling with : SecBarbie, and their Cultural, Press, Legal, and Personal Military Attachés.

Global Net Link :


Name : Big Suggy

Known Aliases : Lil Suggy

Known Affiliations : The Ant Hill Mob, The Wet Bandits (AKA the Sticky Bandits), Da West Staines Massif.

Wanted For : A crime he didn't commit, Escape from a maximum security stockade, Moonlighting as a soldier of fortune, Late timesheet submission.

May be traveling with : Duct tape and a shovel.

Global Net Link :


Name : dead addict

Known Aliases : "Eli"

Known Affiliations : Will not join organizations that would accept him as a member.

Wanted For : destructive acts against software, general subversion, desertion                                                                                                                                                 

May be traveling with : a camera, a flash, a deck of cards, a juggling ball                                                                                                                                                 

Global Net Link :


Name : Mike Petruzzi

Known Aliases : wiseacre

Known Affiliations : Wallflowers anonymous, The Tribe

Wanted For : Lurking and claiming to belong.

May be traveling with : A cloak of invisibility, Pokemon Go, a baseball cap, and a red pen to correct your grammar.

Additional Info : This person is also a "Training Insurrectionist"

Global Net Link :


Name : pwcrack

Known Aliases : Captain Crypto

Known Affiliations : Speaker Ops, NoVaHackers, Unallocated Space

Wanted For : Mentioning Metrics, Networking, and being the least creative                                                                                                                                       

May be traveling with : the best community ever                                                                                                                                         

Global Net Link :


Name : Tim McGuffin

Known Aliases : Medic

Known Affiliations : Lares, TheTribe, East Texas Wood Gypsies

Wanted For : Involuntary Psychiatric Hold, Suspicion of Manufacturing Cyber Pathogens

May be traveling with : Travels alone. Approach with caution.

Global Net Link :


Name : Yan

Known Aliases : bcrypt

Known Affiliations : The Illuminati

Wanted For : crypto stands for cryptography                                                                         

May be traveling with : a bag of unique IVs

Global Net Link :


Name : Zoz

Known Aliases : The Hoff, Dr. Weird

Known Affiliations : Knight Industries, United Nations Intelligence Taskforce

Wanted For : Causing international & intergalactic incidents

May be traveling with : Esoteric and/or energetic materials, undocumented police box, snarky robots/vehicles, companions with papers from the future

Global Net Link :
click at your own risk


Name : Vyrus

Known Aliases : Young, Black.

Known Affiliations : DC949, Cult of the Shaky Shell

Wanted For : Questioning in an ongoing federal investigation.                                                                                                                                 

May be traveling with : Various dual-use technologies.                                                                                                                                       

Global Net Link :


Name : Grant

Known Aliases : Claviger, FishSupreme

Known Affiliations : Those guys always hogging the juke box

Wanted For : skulking, skullduggery, and perfidy                                                                          

May be traveling with : lockpicks, software-defined radio, rum, chips and salsa

Global Net Link :


Name : tuna

Known Aliases : We have no names, no names, man, we are nameless...

Known Affiliations : The Tribe, 303, Beliebers

Wanted For : Various Acts of Cyber Warfare...A/S/L? Lighting Jericho and Roamer on fire                                                              

May be traveling with : A Bag of Seafood and a Roomkey to Embassy Suites

Global Net Link :

Training Insurrectionists


Name : Magen Wu

Known Aliases : Tottenkoph, Tottie

Known Affiliations : The Tribe, The Urbane Collective

Wanted For : Unorthodoxy, Human Transmutation Research, Unlicensed Tribble Transport, Jay Walking

May be traveling with : a miniature animatronic T-Rex and a violin that once sang the Song of Madness.

Global Net Link :


Name : Ash

Known Aliases : ashmastaflash

Known Affiliations : The Urbane Collective,

Wanted For : General mischief, unlawful operation of a pointed stick.

May be traveling with : Old boots, lock picks, and a few words about your lack of attention to detail.

Global Net Link :


Name : Chris Sistrunk

Known Aliases : His name sounds like "Chris is drunk" if you say it fast

Known Affiliations : BEER-ISAC, ICS Village, BSidesJackson, #NAPCON

Wanted For : Dad jokes & pun runs, weird socks, uploading Wolfenstein 3D to the BBS, and having a sweet Southern accent

May be traveling with : RS-232 cables and a thirst for decent bourbon

Additional Info : This person is also a "Specialist"

Global Net Link :


Name : John Fulmer

Known Aliases : DaKahuna

Known Affiliations : The Tribe, 303, NoVA Hackers

Wanted For : Shooting, drinking, gambling, ocean cruises, and RF hackery.                                                                         

May be traveling with : guns, alcohol, too many laptops/tablets, and any number of Raspberry PI's.

Global Net Link :


Name : Munin

Known Aliases : Keeper of Lore, The Redacted One

Known Affiliations : Various Blue Teams

Wanted For : Unlicensed Geomancy; Grimoire Collation; Lese-Majeste; Crossing of the Streams

May be traveling with : A Danse Macabre troupe and a well-worn Latin dictionary.

Global Net Link :


Name : Seth Van Ommen

Known Aliases : Beaker, Sethalump, The Swordofomen

Known Affiliations : The Tribe

Wanted For : Trafficking Controlled Electromechanical Devices, Misuse of Title 47 CFR Part 15

May be traveling with : A chimpanzee know as "Nugget"

Global Net Link :


Name : Pete Teoh

Known Aliases : CyberSulu

Known Affiliations : Google, Queercon, The Borg Collective, Cat Wranglers International

Wanted For : A devilish smile, and a wicked sense of humor

May be traveling with : A liberal coating of cat fur, too many cameras, and a plethora of phones

Global Net Link :


Name : Cindy Jones

Known Aliases : SinderzNAshes, Jumper (to some)

Known Affiliations : Bouncy Houses Around the World

Wanted For : Industrious Mayhem, Spreadsheet Sorcery, Blatant Contingency Planning, Spell Coveting

May be traveling with : an oversized Tumi suitcase and Emergen-C

Global Net Link :



Name : malware unicorn

Known Aliases : Amanda Rousseau

Known Affiliations : DeadDropSF

Wanted For : Bad malware pickup lines, shiba dogs                                                                                                                                       

May be traveling with : Various samples of malware                                                                                                                                       

Global Net Link :


Name : Stephanie

Known Aliases : Snow

Known Affiliations : Dirty Mike and the Boyz, DC801, Alcatraz Swim Team, BSides Gitmo

Wanted For : Entering then breaking, carousing, and stealing the cookie from the cookie jar

May be traveling with : Nutella, Scott's Tots, salt, and your mom

Global Net Link :


Name : w0nk

Known Aliases : Jay, z00mie

Known Affiliations : BSC, SIPA

Wanted For : A cyberific good time                                                                                                                                                  

May be traveling with : Amerjapidorean                                                                                                                                                  

Global Net Link :


Name : Grifter

Known Aliases : G, Grifty, Nutsack, The Guy Who Drank a Roach

Known Affiliations : DC801, 801Labs, TWC, zZq, hektik, 2600SLC

Wanted For : Sexual things. Milkshake o'clock. Shenanigans.

May be traveling with : Creamsicles, a tarp, a shovel, and...a ticket to a Disney park?

Global Net Link :


Name : Andrea

Known Aliases : Professor Mat...Mat...Mat... [unintelligible]

Known Affiliations : Her coffee machine

Wanted For : Unvarnished opinions

May be traveling with : a 100+ page draft of one her next articles, and she WILL make you comment on it. RUN LIKE THE WIND.

Global Net Link :

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