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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Call for Villages

Call for Villages is now Closed!

Villages Will Return for DEF CON 26!

If you are interested submitting to have a village present at DC26 Here are some things you should know up front:

• Most village talks will be recorded. If you don't want your talks recorded, please let us know.
• Information provided about the village will be used for Art, Marketing, Announcements et al.
• Space is limited and it is the one thing we cannot easily make more of. Please estimate how many sq feet you need.
• If your village plans to sell any items let us know in advance, you must be aware of and comply with the new Nevada state tax laws.

Now on to the submission requirements!

If you are interested in running a Village, email villages (@) with the following form, submitting one form per Village. Please be as detailed as possible so that our review board can best evaluate your submissions. All submissions are due by March 1, 2018.

After your submission is received, we will respond and let you know we got it. If you have not received confirmation of your submission after two business days please feel free to contact us again.

Pro tip: Most of the time we're in your spam box.

Thanks for helping grow DEF CON with new opportunities to help others learn and expand their knowledge. We hope that it was an enjoyable experience for those who have previously participated and we're looking forward to continuing to grow with the community.

Thank you and good luck!


Special Note:
Please cut and paste your submission into the body of an email as plain text, or attach it as a .txt file. We request that applications are in plain text to avoid formatting errors. Please do not submit applications in .pdf, .odf, or any other formats or your review may be delayed. Additional supporting materials that may aid in the selection process can be attached and included in other formats.


Village Name:

Is this a new or returning Village?

Please provide a full description of your Village (used for Art, Marketing, Announcements, et al.):

Primary and Secondary Contact information for correspondence:

Name, Handle, and Email address

Please provide the official web address/URL for your Village if available:

What days and times do you plan to have the village open?

Are you planning to have talks, contests, or events?
(This is just FYI for the Village department; it will be used to make sure coordination happens. Note: All CONTESTS and EVENTS will have to be submitted and approved separately by CONTESTS and EVENTS)


I, (insert primary Village POC name) understand that DEF CON's official Press Liaison & Staff may contact me. I consent to be contacted in order to arrange interviews with the media. My contact information will not be given to third parties without my consent.

No, I (insert primary Village POC name), don't want to be contacted by DEF CON's press staff for any reason.

Our policies, including our privacy policy are located here:

Good luck!