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DEF CON 26 Hacking Conference



Who do I talk to about...?

Running a Contest, Event, Village, or Party:

Visit the Contests, Events, and Villages RFI (now closed) and fill out the form linked there!
(Note: For info on the individual contests themselves, check this thread on the DEF CON Forums.)

Being a Vendor:

Read the Vendor FAQ and apply via the Vendor application (Now Closed).

Registering as Press:

Check out the DEF CON 26 Press Registration page for more information. You can direct any questions to press at

Being a Speaker:

Answer the Call for Papers! (Now closed)

Being a DJ and/or Band:

Answer the Call for Music .

Throwing a Party:

The Call for Parties will get you to the right place for party space!

Getting in touch with Dark Tangent:

DT's contact info and public key can be found here.

Website and Program Submissions:

Submit updates for the website or material for the printed program to neil at defcon dot org. Anything to be published in the printed program is due June 1, 2018.