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DEF CON 26 Hacking Conference



Black Badge Contests

Capture the Flag

1st Place: DEFKOR00T
2nd Place: PPP
3rd Place: HITCON


1st Place: Whitney Maxwell
2nd Place: Rachel Tobac

Dungeons @ DEF CON

Quest Winners: Murder Hobos
Team Style: Grapes
Individual Style: Co9

Hack the Plan[e]t

1st Place: Fuzzy Snuggly Duck
2nd Place: R0ck3t3sX2
3rd Place: Barnhaus

warl0ck gam3z

1st Place: PTFS – 2550 pts
2nd Place: Ambush – 2425 pts
3rd Place: DankMemes – 2350 pts

SOHOpelessly Broken

1st Place: x90x90x90
2nd Place: PwnEIP
3rd Place: Quantum Blockchain
More than 108 teams played, 55 vulns found!

Open CTF

1st Place: noproplem – 3495 pts
2nd Place: Neg9 – 2982 pts
3rd Place: ghostofritanny – 2845

Red Alert ICS CTF

1st Place: CTFSG
2nd Place: n00bcountry
3rd Place: TeamReBaTe

Wireless CTF

1st Place: Majestic 12
2nd Place: DiPolarBears
3rd Place: ThereIsNoSpoon

Capture the Packet

1st place: WHUT IS A PACKET? – 1800 points
2nd place: RESPONDO – 1300 points (This was a single guy playing for more than 1/2 the game till his partner arrived)
3rd place: SECDSM – 1100 points


AI Village Jeopardy

1st Place: Miku
Honorable Menton: dr0pout

Badge Life Contest

Utility: Beach Day by @DCG858/619
Utility Hon Menton: Wireless Village
Retro: Brainfuck Interpreter NES Cartridge by @ViGreyBadge
Retro Hon Mention: EPROM Knight by Tyler
Polished: AND!XOR by @ANDnXOR
Polished Hon Mention: Hack for Satan by @hackforsatan
Shitty AddOn: Master Package by @AwkwardAI
Shitty AddOn Hon Mention: Shitty Banana by @Banana_Sec
Wow Factor: Illuminat Badge by @_Kredence
Grand Winner: Illuminat Badge by @_Kredence

Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest

1st Place: Voltage and Beer
2nd Place: Fubar

CMD + CTRL Hackathon

1st Place: BAH Humbug – 18959 pts
2nd Place: Savage Submarine – 17365 pts
3rd Place: oxB4D1DEA – 13165 pts

145 teams total scored points
131 unique vulnerabilities exploited


1st Place: Nesa
2nd Place: SleepyCat

117 droids, 3128 coindroids txns = 56% of all DEFCOIN txns

Crack Me If You Can

1st Place: CynoSure Prime
2nd Place: Hashcat
3rd Place: john-users
Tools and details to come!
1st Place: Hash Meltdown

DEF CON Beard and Moustache Contest

Partial Beard or Moustache
1st place:Boody Frog
2nd place: Haz Mat
3rd place: Clay

1st place: Aux252
2nd place: Tate
3rd place: Naomi

Full Beard
1st Place: Dave (aka Packet Beard)
2nd Place: Brandon
3rd Place: Qays

DEF CON Blitz Chess Tournament

Perfect Undefeated Score
Andy Applebaum

DEF CON DarkNet Project

1st Place: kaosaur
2nd Place: AJ702 + Stckers
3rd Place: Strategic Pause

DEF CON Ham Radio Fox Hunting Contest

48 people/teams participated
44 found the hidden transmitters

DEF CON Scavenger Hunt

1st Place: Imaginary Numbers
2nd Place: 2 Droids and a Human
3rd Place: MisterRogersNeighborhood

D(structon) 20 CTF

1st Place: That Guy – 1210 pts
2nd Place: Dan “F it I’m In” Hoetger – 1160 pts
3rd Place: TheDukeZip – 1150 pts
3 machines destroyed, DukeZip make it 5 rounds!


Payloadz Challenge Contest Best Exploit – Steven Hubbard and H0m3l3ss Hacker
PwnDrone – Kaveman
Missionz – none
Conquer the Controller - none


1st Place: TSAIL Group
2nd Place: NorthWest Security
3rd Place: YYZZ

The Gold Bug – Crypto and Privacy Village Puzzle

1st Place: MichaelX and k0hms
140 teams played!

Hack Fortress

1st Place: Big Dogge – 2574 pts
2nd Place: Moon Basketball – 1600 pts

Hacker Jeopardy

1st Place: Get Of Our Lawn - $2399
2nd Place: Invoke-Jeopardy
3rd Place: The Drunk and the Dubious
Didn’t even qualify for fnal: Holy Shit

Intel CTF

1st Place: Las Matldes
2nd Place: BIZONE
3rd Place: Killjoys

Schemaverse Championship

1st Place: Cisphyx
2nd Place: mrglass
3rd Place: blackcathacker

Spell Check: The Hacker Spelling Bee

1st Place: Breanne Boland


248 players, 45 teams
141 total hours on the phone
4618 Robocalls placed!

Tin Foil Hat Contest

1st Place: Bubbles

Underhanded Home Automaton Contest

1st Place: @aask42

VulnSec Vulnerable Image Building Contest

Advanced Image
1st Place: Virus
2nd Place: Pinger

Intermediate Image
1st Place:Miltec Industries
2nd Place: Shark Industries

Noob Image
1st Place: Berry
2nd Place: VulnMG

Noob Fast Hack Timed
1st Place: Abhishek
2nd Place: @Shimon_Klein

Intermediate Fast Hack
1st Place: Jonathan
2nd Place: Varun

Who’s Slide is it Anyway?

1st Place: munin
2nd Place: Bobcatish
3rd Place: slashThree

Way to hang in there slashThree!
Thank you all!
On to DC 27!!!


Ham Radio Exams

170 exams to 115 people
75 received new or upgraded licenses

Laser Shooting Gallery

Raised over $600 for EFF!!!
Highest score of 20400

Mohawk Con

118 Heads colored or cut
$1900 raised for EFF!
$750 raised for Hackers for Charity!

Toxic BBQ

400 Attendees
Shit tons of food
0 Goons fed because THERE WERE NO LEFTOVERS!