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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Press Registration

Press Registration is now Closed!


If you've never been to DEF CON before, please do some research before attending.

At the very least, read the DEF CON FAQs (this one and this other one). Read some articles already written about DEF CON. And please, whatever you do, don't let your editors headline your article 'fear and hacking in Las Vegas' [at least five of these clever headlines have been written already].


To register as press, please send an email to press [at] defcon ]dot[ org with the Subject: PRESS REG DEF CON 26. Please provide all of the details we request otherwise it only slows down your own approval, and there is a hard limit on the total number of press each year.

Full Name
Email address
Phone number (cell/text)
Other communication (Wickr, Signal, WhatsApp, etc.)
Media output you deliver: blog, news-written, news-recorded, documentary, other

Have you been to DEF CON before?

Have you been to DEF CON as press before?

Would you like your attendance to DEF CON kept private, or would you like us to include you on the public press list to be shared with speakers and PR teams so they can better connect you with you? If yes, we will share primary contact details above unless you specifically request come details to be withheld.

Would you like to be added to the DEF CON press mailing list to receive DEF CON related press outreach and updates on speakers announced, other DEF CON related events, etc?

Link to articles you've written pertaining to computer security/hacking or other DEF CON related topic (if new to security, send best articles on a different subject)


If you are going to actually attend and enjoy DEF CON (instead of just being a slave to a deadline), it is highly recommended that you buy a 'human' (normal attendee) badge. But always wear your Press badge if you are gathering information for a story. We'll help you avoid the long line to get an attendee badge if you're nice to us.

Please note: press passes aren't complimentary, and that policy will be universally enforced by the registration Goons moving forward. This has always been DEF CON's policy, and has been explained our website for years. Every member of a camera crew is expected to have their own badge.

Whether you work for a traditional media organization, produce a podcast, or manage your own blog, everyone is expected to buy a badge at DEF CON. If your application for a press badge is approved, you will have access to the press room and logistical support from the Press Goons.

Press badges are limited! Due to the overwhelming number of requests DEF CON receives, there is a limit of 3 badges per outlet/crew, and all press badges are allocated upon successful, complete registration and approval, and are first-come first-serve.

Once all badges are allocated, we will maintain a waiting list and allocate badges that become available on a first-come, first serve basis.

See you in Vegas!
- DEF CON Press Team