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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Vendor Application

Vendor Application is now Closed!

$$DEF CON 26 Call for Vendors$$

We are launching vendor applications four months earlier than ever because space is limited and wares spots are exclusive. We want to give as many people an opportunity as possible to submit for table space.

The DEF CON Vendor area has a long standing history of granting space to vendors that support hackers and hacking. We like community vendors, as well as those that sell unique or hard to find items. Vendors that do particularly well are those who sell items most people don't want to pay for with a credit card on Amazon. Lock picks, RFID cloners, WiFi pineapples, you get the drift. On the other-hand a table that sells "software as a service" is less appealing to us, we want our attendees to be able to visit your table and walk away gleaming with pride over something tangible or something they just did that supports the hacker community.

If this sounds like you, please fill out the following form, even if you've never been a vendor before.

Cut and paste the following into the body of an email and send it to

The deadline to submit to become a vendor is April 1st.

Please see the vendor FAQ page for table prices & FAQ on Nevada Tax

Who are you?

Vendor Name.
Contact name.
If you have been a vendor in the past, when?
Type of merchandise to be sold.
Reason(s) that this merchandise is appropriate for and adds value to the DEF CON vendor area.
A small blurb describing your product that if accepted may be advertising on the DEF CON Website and/or printed program.
Web page URL showing merchandise (if available).
Your logo that you wish to be printed in the DEF CON program.

(Please understand are asking for PII because Nevada law now requires it for sales. See our privacy policies here: )

Legal business name (if applicable).
Street address.
Phone number.
Contact email address.
Tax ID number (ONLY if registered in the state of NV)

What do you need?

Number of tables requested (includes 1 badge per table, see FAQ for more info).
Number of additional Vendor badges requested.
Requesting power, internet, or phone.
Type/size of display you plan to bring.
Banners that need to be hung.

Any comments or notes for us? Questions?

Thank you for your application, someone with DEF CON vendors will respond to your application that it's been received within 3 business days. If you don't hear from us something went wrong, please send us another message, check your spam filters, reach out, etc. Final decision on who is granted vendor space won't happen until after March 1st if not sooner.