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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Vendor FAQ

All tables will come with one badge unless the vendor does not need the additional badges, then there will be a $280 discount per badge. So, a 6 table rectangle will cost $7,500, but if the vendor only needs 4 badges, the cost will be $6,940.

How much do tables cost?

8'x8' SPACE: $1250
8'x8'​ space with an 8'x3' table

2 8'x8' SPACES: $2500
2 8'x8' adjacent spaces with 2 8'x3' tables

3 8'x8' SPACES: $3500
3 8'x8' adjacent spaces with 3 8'x3' tables

10'x10' SPACE: $2060
10'x10' space with an 8'x3' table

2 10'x10' SPACES: $4115
2 10'x 10' adjacent spaces with 2 8'x3' tables

3 10'x10' SPACES: $6170
3 10'x10' adjacent spaces with 3 8'x3' tables

10'x10' SPACE EXTRA: $2415
10'x10' space with an 8'x3' table and extra storage We have 3 10'x10' spaces with extra storage. If you wish to purchase one of these spaces with one or more adjacent spaces, select the number of spaces you wish to have and add a note in the application that you wish to make one of the spaces with extra storage. We will do our best to accommodate.

U SPACE: $3750
3 8'X3' tables in a U shape

6 8'x3' tables in a rectangle

6 8'x3' tables in a rectangle with extra space

POWER: $250
Power to your space

Dedicated Internet for your space

PHONE: $290
Dedicated analog phone line for your space

BANNER: $290
Hang a banner over your space. Banners and signage will be subject to approval by DEF CON and the Caesars Convention Center.

Questions on the Nevada tax law?

The State of Nevada has introduced legislation that requires us to jump through a number of additional hoops this year for anyone selling anything on the DEF CON conference premises. CVE and Vendors have collaborated to cover the Vendors and Villages, however there may still be small pockets or folks that we missed.

Any entity that make sales of tangible products must now collect sales tax per NRS 360.090, 372.725. As the event coordinator, DEF CON is now required to collect sales tax from those aforementioned entities and send it on to the State. DEF CON will provide each entity a “one-time sales tax return”. Each entity will be required to complete this return and remit it with the sales tax collected back to DEF CON at the end of the event.

DEF CON will forward the completed return and your payment to the Department on your behalf. Sale tax Payment must be made by check payable to Nevada State Dept. Of Revenue prior to leaving the vendor space on August 12th, 2018. For additional information you can visit the Nevada Department of Taxation website.

If sales tax is included in the selling price, you must post a sign to that effect. If you’re already registered with Nevada or you are a non-profit vendors who are not selling items - still must be submitted to the state.

We still do need the following information ASAP:

Business name
Contact name
Street address
Phone number
Tax ID Number (If Registered in Nevada)

If you are registared to do buisniess in the state of Nevade, a “one time event” sales tax return will still need to be completed and returned to DEF CON prior to leaving the conference on Sunday. On the “one time event” return you should provide your Nevada tax ID number and simply report the total amount of sales as zero. The sales from DEF CON should then be included on the your normally filed tax return.

To make things easier on everyone, we will by providing a custom handout with details on what sales taxes look like, forms to help track your earnings, and generally to help everyone through this process. This year we have a dedicated Vendor operations room and DEF CON bookkeeper on staff, Janet Whitaker. Nevertheless, below you’ll find some of the same information in a slightly more digestible format.


Sales Tax is statutorily imposed on the sale, transfer, barter, licensing, lease, rental, use or other consumption of tangible personal property in Nevada.

Q: Who is affected?

A: Every person or business that makes sales of tangible products must collect sales tax per NRS 360.090, 372.725.

Q: What is taxable?

A: Nearly all tangible personal property transferred for value is taxable. Most goods, wares and merchandise are taxable in Nevada. Services necessary to complete the sale of tangible personal property are taxable.

Q: What is the Sales Tax rate in Clark county (where event is taking place)?

A: The sales tax rate is 8.25%

Q: When is sales tax due?

A: Each vendor or village must remit the sales tax collected and their “ONE TIME TAX RETURN” to DEF CON BEFORE departure. All three sections should be filled out. The Seller’s Copy (bottom) is to remain with the vendor or village. The Promoter’s Copy (middle) is retained by the promoter. The Department Copy (top) must be mailed back to the Department within ten business days after the conclusion of the event with the amount due.

Q: Why is it being collected by DEFCON?

Due to this being a onetime event (once a year event is same) most of the vendor or villages / Participants do not have NV tax Id numbers, this allows the vendor or village to sell items without being required to obtain a NV state business license.

Q: Who do I make the check payable to?

A: Each vendor or village should make their checks payable to THE NEVADA DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION.

Q: What if I am a registered business in the state of NV?

A: Provide your NV tax ID number on all three copies of the “One-Time Sales Tax Return” and report sales of zero. You should remit payment of taxes collected at the event on your “regular” Sales & Use Tax Return.

Q: What if sales tax is included in the price?

A: If sales tax is included in the price of items sold, you must have a sign posted to that effect.

Q: What if I am collecting donations - do I owe sales tax?

A: No, donations are not taxable.

Q: Can I deduct the cost of the merchandise sold from my sales?

A: No, sales tax is collected on gross sales.

Q: Is this information posted publicly by the state of Nevada?

A: Only foreign corporations registered in the state NV have a public statement requirement.

Q: Will there be cupcakes and donuts available in the Vendor Operations room?

A: No.

We appreciate your understanding and are here to help you in any capacity. Feel free to reach out to