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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Call for Services

The Call for Services is Now Closed!

Got a server or service you want to host on the DEF CON network? Want to host a p2p sharing service, run an old skool MUD, or show off your "unhackable" server? Then this announcement is for you!

Back at DC 22 we ran a CFS, and this year for 27 it is back. Building on the success of the on-site DEF CON media server that hosts all our past content I have decided to expand the line up to include much more than just what we have to offer. In addition to the DEF CON media server it is time to open the gates again and let people host servers and services.

Here is how it works:

1 - The DefCon-Open network - This is _insecure_ - Anyone can connect, client-isolation is turned off, and and you can scan and and be scanned. BitTorrent peer discovery works. You can scan *the conference network* and be scanned by it

2 - The DefCon network - This is 802.1X authenticated, WPA2 encrypted and client-isolated.

-> Decide which networks you want your server to live on. For example the insecure network works best for p2p peer discovery, where the secure network might be best for a chat server. Users can reach both network, it's a question of what environment you want the server to be in.

-> Tell us about the services you want to offer. It could be a game, a file archive, a programming challenge, a community collaboration environment, wiki, whatever. If we like the idea we will promote it and tell the world how cool you are! See the form at the bottom.

If selected you get:

A power outlet
1G copper port for conference local traffic
A conference local DNS entry (final name is at DT's discretion)
Internal static IP address(es) so people can find your server reliably
A mini write up in the con printed program
Promoted online before the con

NOTE: Your server should not talk out to the internet if you can help it. Our outbound / inbound is usually saturated so you won't have much reliability there. We always work to get more bandwidth, but don't count on it.

You don't get to hang out in the NOC (and probably neither will do your box) so you'll need to remote admin your box. Only if there are big bad issues you can come in, check out your box (or go escorted to where your box is), fix the issues, and check it back in on-line. We'll have a spare monitor you can use, but if many people need the monitor all at once it could get messy.

The rules:

Obviously nothing illegal. If we discover you are serving up badness we will disconnect your box. No using your server to attack anyone, suck up all the bandwidth, do MITM attacks, etc. If you want to perform some research that may look dodgy you need to let us know about it first so there are no surprises.

We are not a common carrier. We reserve the right to shape, manipulate, mutilate any traffic going into or out of your server. Not that we plan on it, but we like to reserve rights.


Here is what we need to know:

Your name

Contact email address

Contact phone number in case we have questions

Group name (if any)

URL to yourself and or the group (if you want it promoted)

Any social media links you want (Twitter, FB, etc.)

Name of the service(s) you want to provide

What ports you need open to the box

How many addresses you want (They will be non-routable from the internet)

How do attendees connect? (https, ftp, etc.)

A description for attendees of what they can expect if they visit your service(s)

A logo or graphic you want included online and in the printed program

How physically large is your server?

How many watts does it draw?

And that's it! We will be announcing who is selected to help build excitement as the con gets closer.

Send information to and you'll hear back in a couple days that we received your application and if we have any questions.

Deadline for submissions is June 1st, and as network ports are limited I'd submit sooner rather than later.

Thanks for helping support the community!

- The Dark Tangent