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DEF CON 28 Hacking Conference



The Call for Contests & Events is Now Closed!

Every year hundreds of dedicated hackers put their heads together and ask themselves one question "How are we going to do it bigger, and better, than last year?", and every year they do. Join them! Give us your craziest ideas, your fresh outlook, your passion. We'll select the top submissions and give you the space to help make it happen.

All of the insanely awesome DEF CON events don't materialize out of thin air, so that's where YOU come in. We're looking for content. New ideas, old ideas, or a new spin on old ideas. We want to see it all.

Submit to host a contest or event here:

Please cut & paste the following into the body of an email and mail to The deadline to submit is April 1, 2020.

::DEF CON 28 Contests & Events Application::

Are you applying to host a 'Contest', or an 'Event'?

Is this a new, or returning contest?

Official name of your C&E (used for Art, Marketing, Announcements, et al.)?

Please provide a full description of your C&E (used for Marketing, program, webpage, et al.):

Note: This is your opportunity to directly address the contest team why you think your contest is good for our hacker con.

If any images or logos accompany your village please include it with your application. 

  • Please have them in highest resolution possible (at least 300dpi raster, or vector format), source file is preferred. 
  • Acceptable raster (pixel) formats:  .tiff, .jpg, .png, .psd.
  • Acceptable vector formats: .ai, .eps
  • Image should be clearly named for your village, example: "". Please don't send "DefconLogo-v.1". 

Please provide the official web address/URL/twitter account for your C&E if available:

Which days and times will your C&E operate?:

Please provide the primary POC's Name:

Please provide the primary POC's email address:

Please provide the secondary POC's Name:

Please provide the secondary POC's email address:

Please provide any additional information/requests:

Any comments or notes for us? Questions?:

Thank you for your application, someone with DEF CON Contests will respond to your application that it's been received within 3 business days. If you don't hear from us something went wrong, please send us another message, check your spam filters, reach out, etc. Final decision on who is granted contest space won't happen until a few days after the close of the deadline on April 1st, if not sooner.