Call for Artists

Call for Artists is Now Closed

DEF CON is planning to perform a risk assessment to help us decide, ideally by sometime in April, if we should hold a physical "last known good configuration" conference in Las Vegas for 2021. We would adhere to all health and safety guidelines, so the better we can understand them the more informed our assessment will be. Until then we need you to help us plan!

In this call for participation we have NEW questions for the COVID-19 era that will be used in deciding how much interest people have in remaining on-line only, hybrid, or in person only.

The following questions intend to answer what level of participation you are comfortable with considering these circumstances. (Feel free to elaborate if needed, you can change your mind up until we make a final decision about in person.)

Are you interested in being entirely online, with no interest if there is an in-person possibility? Y/N

Are you interested in participating if DEF CON becomes a "hybrid event" with some in-person and some on-line? Y/N

Would you be interested in doing both? Y/N

Would you be interested in only in person? Y/N

Any questions or concerns you have?

As things change we will be as transparent as possible and keep everyone up to date.

Call for Artists

Paste the following copy into a text file or the body of an email, answer the questions, attach or link relevant samples (see below), and send to pictures (at)

Primary Email:
(Signal Y/N)

Backup email to contact:

Any hacking/community groups you belong to, etc:

How long have you attended DEF CON:

What inspired you to submit to the call for artists?

What do you bring to the table that would bring a new perspective to the art at DEF CON, and our team?

Can you try to describe what inspires you?

What is your art like, can you describe your "style"?

What mediums do you like to work with most? The least?

What do you feel you need to work to improve on? (self portrait, perspective plane, hands, etc)

Describe your creative process as best you can.

Do you work as an artist full time or is this a creative outlet for when you're inspired?

Do you have past experience with merchandising? (T-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, etc)

Do you develop multiple pieces at once, or prefer one at a time until completion?

Please submit a draft design for DEF CON. We'd like to see an "outline" like a sketch, style guide, unfinished work. Something that represents the first stages of your artistic process, something you'd submit for our feedback before completing. The purpose is to see how you begin, not how it ends.

Please show examples of your past creative work, show us your favorite piece too. Links are acceptable.

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