Call for Music & Soundtrack

Call for Music & Soundtrack is Now Closed

DEF CON is planning to perform a risk assessment to help us decide, ideally by sometime in April, if we should hold a physical "last known good configuration" conference in Las Vegas for 2021. We would adhere to all health and safety guidelines, so the better we can understand them the more informed our assessment will be. Until then we need you to help us plan!

In this call for participation we have NEW questions for the COVID-19 era that will be used in deciding how much interest people have in remaining on-line only, hybrid, or in person only.

The following questions intend to answer what level of participation you are comfortable with considering these circumstances. (Feel free to elaborate if needed, you can change your mind up until we make a final decision about in person.)

Are you interested in being entirely online, with no interest if there is an in-person possibility? Y/N

Are you interested in participating if DEF CON becomes a "hybrid event" with some in-person and some on-line? Y/N

Would you be interested in doing both? Y/N

Would you be interested in only in person? Y/N

Any questions or concerns you have?

As things change we will be as transparent as possible and keep everyone up to date.

DEF CON DJ/Artist Application

READ THIS CAREFULLY: This is the application form to perform at DEF CON August 5th - August 8th, 2021 in Las Vegas, NV!


Please take note of the following:

  • If selected you will receive (1) Artist Badge per person(s) in the act.
  • We do supply the listed DJ gear: (CDJ2000nxs2 & DJM900nxs2)
  • We do not cover travel+hotel
  • We do not monetarily compensate acts that are booked through this application
  • We are specifically looking for electronic/edm however we are open to other genres
  • A "one time sales tax" filing notice will need to be completed if any kind of sales of CD'S or swag of any kind occur during the performance.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Music[at]defcon[dot]org.

Fill out the DJ Application Form.

DEF CON 29: Call For Soundtrack Submissions

If you want to submit your music to be considered for the DEF CON 29: Official Soundtrack, you are in the right place!

Since DEF CON 20, the DEF CON Arts & Entertainment team have to put together a fund-raising compilation that supports the Electronic Frontier Foundation (, a 501c(3) dedicated to protecting Internet freedoms and privacy.

The compilation is released at the conference to attendees of DEF CON ( The soundtrack will be available both on and It's all free/pay-what-you-want, and 100% of everything generated (with the exception of distributor fees where applicable) goes to the EFF. Past artists on the compilation have included BT, Juno Reactor, Gramatik, DJ Spooky, Starcadian, Information Society, MC Frontalot, Elite Force, Somatoast, and Mochipet to just name a few.

Each year, the compilation gets several thousand downloads and raises thousands of dollars for a great cause. Here are the previous soundtracks :

2020: DEF CON 28 - The Official Soundtrack
2019: DEF CON 27 - The Official Soundtrack
2018: DEF CON 26 - The Official Soundtrack
2017: DEF CON 25 - The Official Soundtrack
2016: DEF CON 24 - The Official Soundtrack
2015: DEF CON 23 - The Official Soundtrack
2014: DEF CON 22 - The Official Soundtrack
2013: DEF CON 21 - The Official Soundtrack
2012: DEF CON 20 - The Official Soundtrack

Still want to submit your music? Fill out this form! Please cut and paste the submission form below into the body of an email or within a single .txt file and send it to DJDead[at]defcon[dot]org.

1. What is the full artist name for the track you are submitting? Multiple artist collaborations please submit as "Artist 1 & Artist 2" or "Artist 1 featuring Artist 2", etc.

2. What is the name of the track being submitted? Please include any version information in parentheses, for example "Track One (The DEF CON 27 Remix)".

3. Please provide proof that you own the copyright for the track being submitted or are authorized to offer the track to be freely used on our compilation.

4. If you have a recording contract under which the submitted track was recorded, please provide the contact information for your record label and your representative so that we may contact them to confirm legality of use. You may also include your management information here.

5. Please provide a URL from which our soundtrack committee can download and review the track being submitted. The track should be provided in lossless quality (WAV preferred) and should not require a login to be downloaded, unless the login information is also provided here.

6. Who are you and how can we contact you? A handle and email will suffice for now, but real life information may be required for legal reasons if we decide to include your track on the soundtrack.

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