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Name: Zack Fasel
Handle: zfasel
Affiliations: Scotch and Bubbles, dc312, The Urbane Collective

Bio: After being abandoned behind a Blockbuster Video at the age of 7, Zack found the only way to survive the mean streets of Atherton, California was to start a crime syndicate under the name Satoshi Nakomoto. At the age of 12, he sold his first company, CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet, a solution to Y2K, to Gill Bates for an undisclosed sum. He went on to start Heonar Holdings, a multinational diversified holdings company focusing on underdeveloped industries.

Currently, he serves on the boards of Raviga Capital, Spartan Ives, and Kaan & Associates. He also holds the honorary role of Lead Janitor for The Urbane Collective. In his free time, Zack can be found drinking all the wines, hacking all the things, and generally being extra.

You can find him on OnlyFans (link in my bio!), where his subscribers fulfill their niche kink of SapioDom by undergoing hyper critical code reviews and being told their opinionated choices are wrong. Subscribe free for 30 days (no credit card required).

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Ash has a profound sense of mischief, loves exploring the unintended consequences of terrible design, and is known for sniffing out network access where there should be none. Resurrectionist of electromechanical detritus.

Affiliations: The Tribe, Setec Astronomy

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Name: Deana (sounds like Dee-na) Shick
twitter: @deanashick
Deana started her hacking career by delivering RATs to her favorite friends on AIM. She now does some stuff with vulnerabilities. Deana is a green witch, cold lizard person, and enjoys overthrowing the male industrial complex in her spare time.

Affiliations: Hacking is Not a Crime, is sometimes “Johnny Cocaine” (if you know you know).

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Name: Pete Teoh
Handle: CyberSulu
twitter: @CyberSulu
Pronouns: he/him

Bio: CyberSulu currently dabbles in privacy and data protection, suffers from travel withdrawal, and has a gay agenda.

Affiliations: Google

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Name: Magen Wu
twitter: Magen_Wu
Pronouns: she/her

Bio: Magen is an incurable travel addict and unapologetic coffee maven. She works hard so her plants can live their best lives and can be frequently seen taking her kettlebells for long walks around the neighborhood.

Affiliations: The Tribe, The Urbane Collective, Setec Astronomy

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Name: Stephanie
Handle: Snow
twitter: @_sn0ww

Bio: Your friendly neighborhood Con-Artist.

Affiliations: Alcatraz Swim Team, BSides Gitmo, Cookie Monster Crew, Dirty Mike and the Boys

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John Fulmer

(aka DaKahuna)

Takes it more than one day at a time as he's sure he'll live forever; Living proof alcohol is a preservative.

Affiliations: Security Tribe, NoVA Hackers, 303, 672 B.O.S., Setecc Astronomy, Golden Shellback, Goat Locker

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Name: pwcrack
Handle: pwcrack
twitter: @pwcrack
Affiliations: Speaker Ops, NoVaHackers, Unallocated Space

400lb hacker with a 197 IQ and about 15% of your password.

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jay healey

Name: Jay Healey
Handle: z00mie
twitter: @Jason_Healey
Pronouns: he/him

Bio: Says cyber waaaaay too much

Affiliations: Columbia University

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Handle: AlxRogan
twitter: AlxRogan
Affiliations: The Tribe, HAHA, retired Goon
Pronouns: he/him

Bio: Has been doing the Infosec song and dance since ’95. Cyber is not necessarily a dirty word to him. He has seen a million endpoints and rocked them all. He lives outside Houston, doesn't practice guitar enough, and dabbles with all things ICS/SCADA security.

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Name: HW (Pronounced, HDubz)
Handle: highwiz
Pronouns: he/him
Bio: "I like turtles"

Affiliations: The Tribe, Setec Astronomy

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Name: Grant Bugher
Handles: Claviger, FishSupreme
twitter: @fishsupreme
Affiliations: Black Lodge Research
Pronouns: he/him

Grant has been hacking and coding since the early 90's, and is now teaching his child to bypass his own parental controls. He has consistently forgotten to submit a bio for the review board.

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Name: Erin Jacobs
Handle: SecBarbie
Affiliations: Scotch and Bubbles, dc312, The Urbane Collective

Bio:The following is a paid advertisement for SecBarbie, and is not legal, investment, nor medical advice. I have only done this once before – RESULTS NOT GUARANTEED.

Are you down because all your friends have diamond hands and left on a rocket ship to the moon but you picked energy instead? Has your manufacturers car warranty expired and you find yourself in need supplemental coverage? Is it after midnight and you’re a zombie but reading this instead of going to sleep?

Then you need SecBarbie and her new innovative life changing metamorphosis system, BUBBLES! BUBBLES will synthesize your weaknesses and turn them into strengths using revolutionary new tools that don’t rely on the blockchain, nor the cloud, nor the dark-web, nor machine learning. In fact, you don’t even need to be on-the-lines to access BUBBLES and it even supports legacy oral interfaces!

You can sign up today using your SurfShark VPN by finding her SquareSpace website powered by Shopify using a promo-code you find with Honey, and thanks to none of them for not sponsoring this bio. But special thanks to her unofficial sponsor, LVMH, who just seems to get her.

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Name: Chris Sumner
Handle: Suggy
twitter: @5uggy
Affiliations: Shamecon, DC4420, Setec Astronomy

Bio: I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven.

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Name: Alex
Handle: Shaggy
Affiliations: The Tribe, 303, Setec Astronomy

Bio: I like computers

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Name: solstice
Twitter: @s0lst1c3
Pronouns: He/him

The pace walked from a gun duel with a ten chant
The art of war, not a Sun Tzu but a Rembrandt
There isn’t many who pursue what we do
We bear fruit from the Tree of Life
And feed it to the root of evil

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malware unicorn

Name: Amanda
Handle: Malware Unicorn
twitter: malwareunicorn

Bio: Likes reversing and developing malware. Blue team to red team convert. Pursues making free content for the community.

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Name: Marcia Hofmann
twitter: @marciahofmann

Bio: Doing my best to make the Internet better and keep people out of trouble.

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Name: We have no names, no names, man, we are nameless…

I am a terrible alibi.

Affiliations: The Tribe, LHC, %27, 303, Degens, Setec Astronomy

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Name: Vyrus
Handle: Vyrus
twitter: @Vyrus001
Affiliations: DC949, Xcape Inc.

Bio: Hacker, Hustler, Social media recluse, Night owl, Social regressive, 2Bit C-suite position holder, Clinically depressed basket case, Weapon of amalgamated trade craft, Threat hunter, Narcissistic neural-altypical sociopath with a proclivity for quantum field theory / philosophical musings, and criminal behavior

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Name: Liz Wharton
twitter: @lawyerliz

Bio: Team oxford comma, champaign champion, and aviation geek. Building better tech policy & businesses, not the kind of lawyer that you call for bail money.

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(aka Dino , Undisclosed)

Proud South African hacker, Founder of Telspace Systems and paying it forward one day at a time

Affiliations: DC2711, TS

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(aka carnal0wnage)
twitter: @carnal0wnage

It's on LinkedIn if you actually care

Affiliations: NoVAHackers

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(aka effffn)
twitter: @effffn

DEF CON NOC lead, drunk panda herding, beer geeking and running.

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(aka bcrypt, azuki)
twitter: @bcrypt
Affiliations: ur mom

web/browser hacker, CISO at Brave Software, former Staff Technologist at EFF, occasionally DJ Azuki

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(aka unknown (but we're working on getting him one))

A jack of few trades and master of none.

Affiliations: unknown

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(aka Medic)

tries to keep his head low. takes things apart and can sometimes put them back together.

twitter: @NotMedic
Affiliations: The Tribe

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(aka The Hoff, Dr. Weird)

International man of mystery

Affiliations: Eep ook ork ah ah

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DEF CON, Director of Content & Coordination. Problem Solver. Chicken Soup repairwoman. SecurityTribe. ☠🦄🌈🤓 Into: hacks 💡 snacks 🌮 shellacs 💅🏻

twitter: @niki7a
Affiliations: The Tribe

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jeff moss

(aka The Dark Tangent)
twitter: @thedarktangent

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dead addict

(aka Eli)

dead addict isn't a good enough human being to be self-deprecating in his bio

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