Call for Villages

Call for Villages is Now Closed

DEF CON is planning to perform a risk assessment to help us decide, ideally by sometime in April, if we should hold a physical "last known good configuration" conference in Las Vegas for 2021. We would adhere to all health and safety guidelines, so the better we can understand them the more informed our assessment will be. Until then we need you to help us plan!

In this call for participation we have NEW questions for the COVID-19 era that will be used in deciding how much interest people have in remaining on-line only, hybrid, or in person only.

The following questions intend to answer what level of participation you are comfortable with considering these circumstances. (Feel free to elaborate if needed, you can change your mind up until we make a final decision about in person.)

Are you interested in being entirely online, with no interest if there is an in-person possibility? Y/N

Are you interested in participating if DEF CON becomes a "hybrid event" with some in-person and some on-line? Y/N

Would you be interested in doing both? Y/N

Would you be interested in only in person? Y/N

Any questions or concerns you have?

As things change we will be as transparent as possible and keep everyone up to date.

Call for Villages

Last year was an awesome year with lots of villages… We are ready to do it again and make it even better!! If you are interested in submitting to have a village at DEF CON, Here are some things you should know up front:

  • Some village talks will be recorded.
  • We are looking for Villages with hands on events and activities.
  • Information provided about the village will be used for Art, Marketing, Announcements et al.
  • Space is limited, and the one thing we cannot easily make more of.
  • If your village plans to sell any items, you must be aware of and comply with the new Nevada state tax laws. You must coordinate sales with the Vendor Lead
  • If your village plans to hold a contest, event, or party, you will need to submit a separate application for that activity. See the Call for Everything Index page.

Now on to the submission requirements!

If you are interested in running a Village, email with the following form (submit one form per Village). Please be as detailed as possible so that our review board can best evaluate your submissions. All submissions are due by Feb 28, 2021.

After your submission is received, we will respond and let you know we got it. If you have not received confirmation of your submission after two business days, contact Zantdoit again at: zant (at) or
Pro tip: most of the time we’re in your spam box.

Thanks for helping grow DEF CON with new opportunities to help others learn and expand their knowledge. We hope that it was an enjoyable experience for those who have previously participated and we’re looking forward to continuing to grow with the community!

Thank you and good luck!


All submissions are due by Feb 28, 2021.

Special Note: Please cut and paste your submission into the body of an email as plain text, or attach it as a .docx, or a .txt file. We request that applications are in plain text to avoid formatting errors. Please do not submit applications in .pdf, .odf, or any other formats or your review may be delayed. Additional supporting materials that may aid in the selection process can be attached and included in other formats.


Village Name:

Is this a new or returning Village?

Please provide a full description of your Village (used for Art, Marketing, Announcements, et al.):

How will you or your village contribute a new perspective to the content at DEF CON?

Primary and Secondary Contact information for correspondence:

Name, Handle, and Email address:

NEW! If your Village is accepted, do you consent to inviting the primary & secondary contacts to the official DEF CON planning project on "Basecamp"? We will use the email addresses you included on your application (unless stated otherwise). DEF CON staff, and other village leads would be able to see your email address once you accepted the invitation. Yes/No

Please provide the official web address/URL for your Village if available:

What days and times do you plan to have the village open?

Are you planning to have talks, contests, parties or events?
(This is just FYI for the Village department; it will be used to make sure coordination happens. Note: All CONTESTS and EVENTS will have to be submitted and approved separately by CONTESTS and EVENTS, An application for a party will also need to be submitted.)

Images: If any images or logos accompany your village, please include it with your application.

Please have them in highest resolution possible (at least 300dpi raster, or vector format), source file is preferred.
Acceptable raster (pixel) formats: .tiff, .jpg, .png, .psd.
Acceptable vector formats: .ai, .eps, .SVG
Image should be clearly named for your village, example: "". Please don't send "DefconLogo-v.1".


I, (insert primary Village POC name) understand that DEF CON's official Press Liaison & Staff may contact me. I consent to be contacted in order to arrange interviews with the media. My contact information will not be given to third parties without my consent. No, I (insert primary Village POC name), don't want to be contacted by DEF CON's press staff for any reason.

Our policies, including our privacy policy are located here:

Important Dates

All submissions are due by Feb 28, 2021.
Submissions will be acknowledged within two business days.
Submissions will be accepted or rejected shortly after confirmation of our Covid response plan, in mid April 2021.

If accepted:
June 10th - Village badge requests due.
June 10th - Village Art/Logo, Website & Program data due.
June 15th – Village QM equipment requests due.
June 20th - Village talks with schedules, bio’s, and descriptions due.
June 30th - Village NOC network requests due.
July 1st- Village floor plans due.
July 10th - Village requests for stanchions due.
July 30th - Village floor plans approved by hotel and Fire Marshall.
August 5th - Permission granted to village space to set-up, keys assigned as needed.
August 5th- 9th, DEF CON is ON!
August 9th - Village needs to be closed by agreed upon time and keys returned.

Thank you & Good luck!

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