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DEF CON 29 Virtual Badges Sold Out!

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DEF CON 29 update:

We've sold out of the virtual attendee badges for DEF CON 29. Thank you to all the remote attendees who supported us by ordering a badge. Online attendees can still support DEF CON by purchasing a Human+ code at

DEF CON 29 Announcement from DT!

DEF CON 29 DT speaking image

DEF CON 29 in-person update from The Dark Tangent:

In-person DC29 is a GO. Attendance numbers have been cautiously predicted, badge orders are in, conference space footprint is confirmed. Planning at full tilt. Read the whole thing on DT’s blog.

DEF CON 29 Speaker Page is Live!

DEF CON 29 speaker page image

The first batch of the DEF CON 29 Speaker lineup is live, people. It’s up there on the DC29 website, just waiting to inform your Con decision-making. Don’t let it shine there in vain. Click on over, have a look-see. Get informed, get inspired, and most importantly get amped. DEF CON 29 is just over the horizon now. Hope we’ll see all of you there.

NOW OPEN! Pre-register for DEF CON 29! UPDATED!

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The moment has arrived! You can reserve your badge for DEF CON in Vegas or the DEF CON online-only event right now at Your pre-purchase allows us to accurately predict attendance, and it guarantees you a physical badge and secures your space if the venue is forced to restrict capacity. We thank you for your support and flexibility – hard numbers are the only way we can responsibly make a physical DEF CON happen this year.

Cash at the door will still be honored for as long as spaces last, but there is a chance we’ll have to turn away cash customers if we reach capacity for our venues.

For everyone who can’t be with us in person, the Safe Mode option continues over on Discord and we expect to start mailing out badges in early July.

We’ve got an FAQ page for all of your questions, and you can always get in touch with us at Thank you again for the support - we can’t wait for August 5!

Update! Pricing Chart:

DEF CON 29 CTF Pre Reg image

DEF CON 29 is our first hybrid con, and the first time we’ve had more than one price for badges. It’s caused a few questions. To answer them, we’ve created this handy price comparison chart.

If you bought your badge through Black Hat, you’ve purchased the $300 onsite option. If you haven’t signed up yet, badges are available at To upgrade to Human+ status on the Discord, visit

Thank you so much for supporting DEF CON in this crazy time – we can’t wait to be together again in August.



Virtual: DEF CON Discord, Twitch, And DC Music Twitch

Physical: Paris and Bally's Hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas

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August 5th-8th 2021

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A Hybrid DEF CON Experience with roots in the Physical and virtual realms!

Can’t Stop the Signal.

DEF CON 29 Hybrid Event

Posted 4.16.21

DEF CON is happening one way or another – here is what we are thinking:

I am announcing this now because the longer we wait and gather data the harder it will be for everyone to make plans, so we are announcing our intentions to kick things off.

DEF CON 29 will be a hybrid conference, partially in-person, and partially online. DEF CON will not be a “normal” con, but more like DEF CON “Different.” The situation we face this year is unique and will require us to do things differently, simplify our plans, and in a fast-moving environment be flexible to change.

What does DEF CON Different look like?

We plan to REQUIRE wearing masks and being vaccinated to participate in-person. We plan to socially distance seating and tables, and the convention properties will have increased air circulation and filtering. If the law requires us to do something different, we will do whatever the law requires.

For the first time ever, we will have conference pre-registration for the in-person conference. It is simply too risky both from a space planning and financial perspective to try and guess how many people may attend. We need hard numbers to make decisions so we will need people to pre-register. How to do this? We will try and incentivize you. If you pre-register we will be able to ensure you get a real badge and if attendance gets restricted you will know your space is reserved.

We have not selected a registration platform yet, but whatever we pick we want to hold the least amount of PII for the shortest amount of time. Once we know more we will share what will be required and any privacy policies. We expect to open pre-reg by the end of the month.

If you want to remain anonymous and willing to take a risk we will order extra badges for those who show up with cash on-site, but if we guess wrong on quantity you may getting a paper badge and if we are at capacity you could be turned away.

Line Con won’t go away, it will just be different. It will be spaced out and use pre-reg bar codes instead of cash.

To simplify Party planning, we will only organize the Black & White ball, entertainment, and pool parties. We won’t organize all the smaller parties as usual, we don’t have the time or resources this year. That doesn’t mean people can’t do them – just that we can’t.

To stay flexible, we have decided to ask everyone, villages included, to pre-record all talks. Should we have to go full virtual, we won’t have a last-minute disaster of trying to capture the talks. This way DEF CON can release our talks on Twitch like last year.

Should you be in-person and want to give your talk live we can do that, or do Q&A, or remote Q&A. Pre-recording gives us options and allows everyone to see the talks. Yes, DCTV will be happening so you can also watch in your hotel room.

We are assuming a few things:

  • Almost no international attendees will attend in-person. The quarantine times and lower vaccination rates mean it is not very realistic, so we hope they will join us on-line instead.
  • That everyone in our demographic who is capable and wants a vaccination will have gotten one by the end of June.
  • Our in-person attendance will be ¼ to ½ normal, and people will be changing their minds on whether or not to attend right up to the last minute – and that includes people organizing contests, events, and villages.
  • Not all Goons will be there in-person, and many will help out by Gooning virtually.
  • While there will be fewer attendees there will also be fewer villages, contests, and events. It should all balance out so attendees don’t fee like there are a million things to do but not enough people to do them with.
  • There will be hybrid events, where you can participate in-person as well as virtually, but doing this for every event is unfortunately too demanding for many contest and village organizers.

To see what villages and contests are currently planning to participate in-person or virtually only please check out the DEF CON 29 Planning Forums.

We are working with the hotels to better understand the rules for pool parties at night, and we are betting that the Toxic BBQ will be having a rocking year.

For virtual we will reduce the number of rooms on our Discord server to make it easier for people to navigate and participate.

Since last year there are some new features that will make Discord more friendly to large audiences, like the new “Stage Channels” that we plan to take advantage of.

What is the current lineup of content?

  • As usual we will centralize scheduling of everything we know about into a data feed, and then that feed will populate apps and sites: The Hacker Tracker mobile app, and We also will start including more and more iCal / CalDav files to make adding to your calendar easier than ever.
  • Check out the DEF CON 29 Planning Forums
  • Check the web site:

So that is it for now.

We will be releasing a more detailed FAQ shortly to help answer questions I didn’t go into here, and you can expect regular posts leading up to the event as we gain more certainty around the rules we will have to comply with.

I hope to see you in-person or virtually! This year will be amazing, one way or another.

The Dark Tangent

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