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You will need a Discord account to participate in the social aspects of DEF CON 29. You can find detailed instructions on getting on the DEF CON Discord server here. There is a FAQ for Humans on Discord as well. You can support DEF CON 29 and upgrade your account by purchasing the Human Plus role!

Join with the DEF CON Discord Server signup link:


You will need to get on the DEF CON Twitch for live streamed talk Q&A sessions, evening fireside talks and evening contests. Not to mention the live entertainment!

YouTube/DEF CON Media Server

The Talks for DEF CON will be released daily on the DEF CON YouTube channel so you might want to susbscribe! They will also be released in torrents on

Accessing talks

DEF CON official presentations have been pre-recorded, and pre-released online individually and as a torrent on and on our official YouTube channel.

The dates and times on the Speaker Page and Schedule Page are special live streamed Q&A sessions for each talk, as well as additional fireside lounges and panels. These sessions will be streamed on Twitch at

All discussions and attendee to speaker participation will be on the DEF CON 29 Discord Server at:

DEF CON 29 Virtual Directory

Main Tracks

DEF CON official presentations will be pre-recorded, will be pre-released online on Thursday August 5th, on our YouTube, and as a torrent on

DCTV will be streaming the pre-recorded and live talks to the Hotel TV Chans & to our official Twitch. The stream's schedule for all three speaking tracks is PDT (GMT-7), See the schedule here: See DCTV on DEF CON's Twitch Chan at

Also watch the talks released Thursday on YouTube:

Main Tracks Talks Chat

War Story Bunker & No Tech Talks

Policy Talks Page:


Live Music:

All known DJs are listed in this sub-forum:

Pool Party Schedule is listed here:

Main Ballys Music schedule is listed here:


Autonymous Driving CTF

Be the Match

Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest

BIC Village CTF

Capture the Packet

Car Hacking Village CTF



Crack Me If You Can

Cyber Warrior Network eSports League Tournament


DEFCON Bike Ride


DEFCON Next Top Threat Model

DEFCON Scavenger Hunt


EFF Tech Trivia

Hack the Plan[3]t

Hack3r Runw@y

Hacker Jeopardy


Hospital Under Siege

Kubernetes CTF

Maps of the Digital Lands

OpenSOC Blue Team CTF

Radio Frequency CTF

Red Alert ICS CTF

Red Team CTF

Salty Sensor Contest

SEA-TF: Maritime Hacking CTF

Secure Coding Tournament CTF

Short Story Contest

SOHOpelessly Broken CTF

Sticker Design Contest


Testnet Cointest

The Gold Bug

The Schemaverse Tournament

Tin Foil Hat Contest

Toxic BBQ

TraceLabs OSINT Search Party CTF

Whose Slide is it Anyway

DEF CON Groups
Forum Link:

Demo Labs

AIS Tools #dl-ais-tools

Cotopaxi #dl-cotopaxi

Depthcharge #dl-depthcharge

Empire #dl-empire

Frack #dl-frack

Git Wild Hunt #dl-git-wild-hunt

Kubernetes Goat #dl-kubernetes-goat

Kubestriker #dl-kubestriker

Mooltipass #dl-mooltipass

OpenBridge #dl-open-bridge-simulator

ParseAndC #dl-parse-and-c

PMapper #dl-pmapper

reNgine #dl-rengine

Ruse #dl-ruse

Shutter #dl-shutter

Siembol #dl-siembol

Solitude #dl-solitude

Tracee #dl-tracee

USBsamurai #dl-usb-samurai

WiFi Kraken Lite #dl-wifi-kraken-lite

Zuthaka #dl-zuthaka

EVENTS, Parties & Meetups

Be the Match registration drive

Ham Exams


AV Talk: Space System Binary Analysis: Gaining Assurance or Discovering Zero-Days? (virt)

Adversary Village

(in-person) Aerospace Village

(virt) AI Village

(virtual) Appsec Village

(in-person) BCOS Village

(in-person) B.I.C. Village

(virt) Bio Hacking

(virt) Blue Team Village

(in-person) Car Hacking Village

(hybrid) Career Hacking

(virt) Cloud Village

(hybrid) Cryptocurrency Village

(virt) Crypto & Privacy Village

(in-person) Data Duplication Village

(virt) Hack the Sea

(hybrid) Ham Radio Village
Ham Exams
Ham Radio Village

(hybrid) Hardware Hacking & Soldering Skills

(virt) ICS Village

(hybrid) IoT Village

(virt) Lock Bypass Village

(virt) Lock Pick Village

(hybrid) Packet Hacking Village

(in-person) Password Village

(virt) Payment Village

(virtual) Recon Village

(virt) RF Village

(Virtual) Rogues Village

(in-person) Security Leaders Village

(virt) Social Engineering Village (in-person) Voting Machine Hacking Village