Vendor Application

The Vendor Application is Now Closed

DEF CON is planning to perform a risk assessment to help us decide, ideally by sometime in April, if we should hold a physical "last known good configuration" conference in Las Vegas for 2021. We would adhere to all health and safety guidelines, so the better we can understand them the more informed our assessment will be. Until then we need you to help us plan!

In this call for participation we have NEW questions for the COVID-19 era that will be used in deciding how much interest people have in remaining on-line only, hybrid, or in person only.

The following questions intend to answer what level of participation you are comfortable with considering these circumstances. (Feel free to elaborate if needed, you can change your mind up until we make a final decision about in person.)

Are you interested in being entirely online, with no interest if there is an in-person possibility? Y/N

Are you interested in participating if DEF CON becomes a "hybrid event" with some in-person and some on-line? Y/N

Would you be interested in doing both? Y/N

Would you be interested in only in person? Y/N

How much advance time would you need to organize an in-person appearance at DEF CON (or when is the latest you can know whether we will be in-person or remote and still be able to come, if selected as a vendor)?

If DEF CON is virtual, do you wish to be on our Discord server and advertising in our #vendors channel? Y/N

If you participated during the 2020 Safe Mode event, is there anything you would like to be different from last year? Anything you'd want to keep the same?

Any questions or concerns you have?

As things change we will be as transparent as possible and keep everyone up to date.

Vendor Application


Please cut and paste your submission into the body of an email and send to as plain text, .pdf, .docx, or .txt file. The deadline to submit will be June 1, 2021.

Additional supporting materials that may aid in the selection process can be attached and included in other formats. Accepted vendors will be informed upon approval. Vendors who are placed on a standby list will be informed, and notified within two weeks of the close of call for vendors regarding approval or decline.

Once open vendor spaces are filled, a wait list for vendors will be started.

DEF CON Vendor Application

Business Legal Name:
Street Address:
Contact Name Prior to the Convention:
Contact Email Prior to the Convention:
Phone Number Prior to the Convention:
Onsite Contact Name, If Different:
Phone Number During Convention, If Different:
Email During the Convention, If Different:

Are you selling items? (Yes or No):

NOTE: To sell items, sales taxes must be paid onsite to the NV department of Taxation by check (no cash) on Sunday before teardown. The sales tax paperwork will be provided at badge pick up. To claim exempt, you must provide proper proof of non-profit status prior to set up. If applicable, please provide NV Tax ID Number. Effective January 1, 2020 the sales and use tax rate increases to 8.375%.

What will you be vending? Provide a link to samples, if applicable.

Reason(s) that this vendor/merchandise is appropriate for and adds value to the DEF CON vendor area:

Are you accepting donations? (Yes or No):

Have you been a vendor at DEF CON before? If so, what was your last DC?

How will you or your product(s) contribute a new perspective to the vendor area at DEF CON?

Please provide a brief, one paragraph blurb to use for publication in the DC program and on the DC web site, if accepted:

Please attach a logo for use in the program and on the website (Preferred jpeg, png, or bmp).

Please have logos in highest resolution possible (at least 300dpi raster, or vector format), source file is preferred.
Acceptable raster (pixel) formats: .tiff, .jpg, .png, .psd.
Acceptable vector formats: .ai, .eps, .SVG
Image should be clearly named for your event, example: "". Please don't send "DefconLogo-v.1".

Provide a specific description of any sort of activities such as signings, prize giveaways (skilled or luck) that could create a line. Do you have an idea on timing? Please give schedule estimates (please include day, approximate time, and duration) and any assistance for line maintenance that may be required. Upon acceptance, we will contact you for full schedule.

Please provide a description or photos of your physical booth. (Table only or built structure)
NOTE: booths must be freestanding and cannot be covered overhead.

Does your booth set up require you to be by a wall or on the end of a row?

Will you be shipping any pallets? How many?

Illustration of Different Booth Size Options Available

Examples of booth sizes only, this is NOT vendor room layout.

Each space includes: 24 Hour Security, 1 Vendor Badge.

Please note: due to health and safety changes related to convention planning we will not be able to announce prices. The following questions will allow us to prepare quotes based on your needs, once we have accurate guidelines and costs.

1) 8x8 inline
2) 8x16 inline
3) 8x24 inline
4) 10x10 inline (against wall)
5) 10x20 inline (against wall)
6) 10x30 inline (against wall)
7) 8x16 end cap
8) 20x20 island
9) 20x30 island

(Custom pricing and configurations available.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Above dimensions are the amount of floor space.

All tables will be 6 feet x 30 inches with linens.

Additional Options

Internet Access Yes/No:
Power for Booth Yes/No:
Phone Yes/No:
Banner Hung* Quantity:
Additional DC Badge Quantity:

*Banners must fall within proscribed sizes.

*****Vendor Cancellation policy*****

Hey, things happen! Maybe a last-minute issue pops up and you have to cancel your vendor table.

No problem! But because of limited space and tax paperwork deadlines from the State of Nevada, and the difficulty in trying to fill the vacant space there is a penalty for canceling your vendor table within 30 days of the conference.

Any cancellation received after July 7, 2021, will incur a 50% fee.
Cancellations received after July 22, 2021, will incur a 100% fee.
Your cancellation must be received in writing, send email to and please include the reason and a contact phone number in case there are any questions.

Application must include the following three statements:


As a vendor, I understand that I am responsible to pay sales tax on the items I have sold via a check by tear down on Sunday.

As a vendor, I have read and understand the cancelation policy.

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