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HackerBoxes is the monthly subscription box service for hardware hacking, DIY electronics, and hacker culture. Each monthly HackerBox includes a carefully curated collection of projects, components, modules, tools, supplies, and exclusive items. HackerBox Hackers connect online as a community of experience, support, and ideas. It's like having a tiny hacker con in your mailbox every month!

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Hacker Warehouse

HACKER WAREHOUSE is your one stop shop for hacking equipment. We understand the importance of tools and gear which is why we carry only the highest quality gear from the best brands in the industry. From WiFi Hacking to Hardware Hacking to Lock Picks, we carry equipment that all hackers need. Check us out at the

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Keyport, Inc.

Keyport® combines keys, pocket tools, & smart tech into an all-in-one everyday multi-tool. We will be selling our latest modular product line (DEFCON 29 Editions) including the Keyport Pivot, Anywhere Tools Modules, OmniFob, faraday bags, RFID shielding wallets, and more.

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Nuand LLC,

Nuand provides low-cost, USB 3.0 SDRs (Software Defined Radio) for enthusiasts, and experts alike. Come checkout the brand new bladeRF micro in action! Stop by our table to see our demos and find out more about bladeRF, GNURadio, and Software Defined Radios!

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Pen Tester Assistant

HotWAN’s flagship product is a Pen Tester Assistant.

It’s a Penetration Test Workstation that can serve as a Drop Box, Pivot Box, IoT Hardware Hacking Device and interrogates Machine Learning functionality.

The Assistant is designed for the remote Pen Test / On-The-Go user with portability in mind.

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Shadowvex Industries and Miss Jackalope have mysteriously appeared from the digital underground for over 20 years! Purveyors of hacker-relevant limited edition Clothing, DJ mixes, Stickers, Buttons, Patches, Unique Art and 0-day swag specifically for DEF CON 27! If you want to bring home your piece of DEF CON history you need to get here early... so follow the music in the vending area to find our booth!

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The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers is back as always, offering a wide selection of tasty lock goodies for both the novice and master lockpicker! A variety of commercial picks, handmade picks, custom designs, practice locks, handcuffs, cutaways, and other neat tools will be available for your perusing and enjoyment! Stop by our table for interactive demos of this fine lockpicking gear or just to pick up a T-shirt and show your support for locksport. All sales exclusively benefit Toool, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. You can purchase picks from many fine vendors, but ours is the only table where you know that 100% of your money goes directly back to the hacker community.

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Xcape's security appliance provides a full service platform for offensive, incident response, and continuous audit activities, that when bundled with service options is accessible via a self contained cellular connection. Operators can use the dedicated connection to perform a vast array of security tasks without ever engaging with the attached client network(s) to provide infrastructure support. The aforementioned security tasks range from network focused DFIR activities, to continuous wireless airspace monitoring, network and by extension web application penetration tests, just to name a few. Whether you are looking for a hyper vigilant solution to collect indicators of compromise within both the wired and wireless network environments, or allow consultants to engage with targeted assets without affecting your network security posture in order to provide access, Xcape's security appliance provides the bundled platform and support services that are right for you.

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