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This is the 'official' announcement of the Southern California Def Con Caravan. It was previously done for the first DC, and didn't quite come together for the second one, but this time, it will be much more organized.

What is it, you say? It's an organized effort at synchronizing the travel time and route for those in Los Angeles and Orange Counties who are planning on going to Def Con (driving or otherwise) to go in one big caravan. What makes it more interesting is that, like the first time, there will be constant radio communication between the vehicles. It helps greatly in keeping track of who's with whom, who has what stuff that's being brought to the con, food breaks, bathroom breaks, quick fixes for breakdowns, where everyone is in the event that traffic separates us, etc.

The radio communications will take place on several bands (such as CB, ham 2-meter, 220, 440, GMRS, and possibly others). There are plans in the works for radio-based entertainment, as well. The caravan is open to anyone traveling from the vicinity of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Those who plan on driving are encouraged to provide information on their vehicle, available space, available radio gear (if any) and radio licenses (like amateur, GMRS, etc.). Those who would like to go but don't yet have a way there can team up with various others who are driving, and can contribute toward communications (if you have gear or license). This will hopefully make the trip smoother, more reliable, and more enjoyable.

Those interested in participating can email me