DEF CON III will be planned right up until the last minute, with problems being fixed and new things being added all along.. a sort of work in progress that you get to witness in person when you show up. Hopefully it won't be too messed up when presented to the public. What can you do to help?

Please help generate questions for Hacker Jeopardy. Come up with some questions and answers, and Winn will decide which ones to use. Mail 'em to winn@infowar.com.

We are looking for some people to submit artwork to be used in the convention someplace. It could be a poster, or in the program. Black and white art would be eligible for the program only.

Articles and interesting FTP sites, WWW pages, mini FAQs, etc. are all wanted for the program. Quality articles that are informative and apply to the theme of the convention. Scanner frequency lists,