Def Con III

DEF CON III Convention
August 4-6th 1995
@ the Tropicana in Las Vegas
Update (8/17/95) -
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Current Information

Def Con III is now (obviously) over, and we'll have links to photos, sound files, etc. from the Con on this page sometime "soon".

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What is DEFCON.

What's this? This is an announcement a nd invitation to DEF CON III, a convention for the "underground" elements of the computer culture. We try to target the (Fill in your favorite word here): Hackers, Phreaks, Hammies, Virii Coders, Programmers, Crackers, Cyberpunk Wannabees, Civil Libertie s Groups, CypherPunks, Futurists, Artists, Criminally Insane, Hearing Impaired.

WHO: You know who you are, you shady characters. WHAT: A convention for you to meet, party, and listen to some speeches that you would normally never get to hear from some k-rad people. WHEN: August 4, 5, 6 - 1995 (Speaking on the 5th and 6th) WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Tropicana Hotel

So you heard about DEF CON II, and want to hit part III? You heard about the parties, the info discussed, the bizarre atmosphere of Las Vegas and want to check it out in person? You want to do weird shit away from the hotel where you can't get me in trouble? Then you're just the person to attend!

< IMG SRC="dc3_logo.jpg" border=0 height=100 width=100> Sure it's great to meet and party with fellow hackers, but besides that we try to provide information and speakers in a forum that can't be found at other con ferences. While there is an initial concern that this is just another excuse for the evil hackers to party and wreak havoc, it's just not the case. People come to DEF CON for information and for making contacts. We strive to distinguish this convention from others in that respect. Plus this year we have official DEF CON GOONS© who will pummel you until you pass out should you cause problems for other con.friendly people! Big Brother loves you!

Current Info - What is DEFCON - Communications - Where is it - Speakers - Special Events - Testimonials - Costs


Conference telecom links to the outside world will include:

The non-html Def Con III announcement is available, as well as the Def Con III professional announcement to fool your pathetic monkey-brained employers into paying your way to Vegas. And for up-to-the-picosecond information, check out the Def Con ftp site at /pub/defcon/
Current Info - What is DEFCON - Communications - Where is it - Speakers - Special Events - Testimonials - Costs


The Tropicana has rooms reserved for the convention. Rooms are expensive. They are even more expensive if you don't book under the convention. If it is to expensive for you, please see the section below on Las Vegas WWW sites that can provide you with information on other nearby hotels that are cheaper. Check-in is 3 pm, check-out time is 12 noon. Remember there is an 8% sales tax in Vegas. Remeber to try and register early!! The Tropicana has only blocked out 100 rooms for the convention, and the rest depend on availablility, so plan ahead to book your room if nothing else.
65$ Single or Double room, Midweek ( Monday - Thursday)
90$ Single or Double room, Weekend (Friday - Sunday)
350$ One-Bedroom Suite (Call for Availability)

The Tropicana, 3801 Las Vegas Blvd. So., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109(702) 739-2581 or (800) 468-9494 or (702) 739-2448 (Fax)

Held in three conference rooms at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas, DEF CON promises to be interesting. The Tropicana has a huge pool (largest in the world? Anyway, lots of cool movies have been filmed with this pool in them) and in August Vegas should be about 100(f) degrees at one in the morning.What do you care? You'll be wired on caffeine and not sleeping anyway.There are numerous attractions in town from the strip bars to the local COs in case you seek distraction.

The Tropicana is located right on the "Strip" with the other three corners of the street occupied by the MGM Grand (Largest hotel in the world), the Excalibur, and the Luxor (The big sense-net pyramid). If you can afford it I totally recommend spending some extra time in town.. there are too many cool things to do, especially if you have never visited. Heck, last time I got to rent and fire uzi's and MP-5 machine guns (OK, so you can do that for cRacK in Los Angeles) see some strippers, and drink 1$ bottles of imported beer. What a place! Now you know why I chose Vegas for a location.

Current Info - What is DEFCON - Communications - Where is it - Speakers - Special Events - Testimonials - Costs

SPEAKERS - (Time Schedule)

This is a partial list of speakers for this year. More are being invite d or waiting to make plans. As this list changes further announcements will be made. This should give you a flavor or what to expect, though.

Two of the Speakers, Susan Thunder and Roscoe both are written about in the book "Cyberpunks." I suggest yo u go buy it and read it if you can, it will give you a better perspective about what they are all about.

Bruce Schneier, Author of "Applied Cryptography." TOPIC: Will speak on issues surrounding cryptography, digital authentication, digital cash, and w ill answer questions from the audience.

Winn Schwartau, Author of "Information Warfare" and "Terminal Compromise" is a consultant to government and the private sector regarding enterprise and national security concerns. TOPICS: "Information Warfare, the year in review" (Comedic) and "Tempest Attack Videos."

Len Rose AKA Terminus. After the legal fiasco Len faced years ago (as partially chronicled in The Hacker Crackdown.) this will be his first chance to speak of his experiences without the threat of having his parole revoked. TOPIC: TBA

Lewis De Payne, aka "Roscoe" TOPIC: Ultra Hacking - Beyond Computers: How to make your hacking more successful and productive while minimizing risk. Learn how to adopt a business-like strategy, planning your goals, focusing your strategy and keepin g you out of trouble!

Curtis Karnow, former federal prosecutor and attorney focusing on intellectual property litigation and computer law. TOPIC: Agents in the telecommunications context, and "smart" software that we 'trust' to do the Right Thing. The specific issue is legal liability and responsibility for the actions of intelligent agents, and then spinning off to chat about the liability for artificial intelligence generally.

Robert D. Steele, President of OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS, Inc. A former Sp y, Experienced Bureaucrat, Radical Visionary. Tofflers call him the "rival store" to CIA. Keynote Speaker at HOPE, Workshop at Hac-Tic '93. TOPIC: TBA

The Electronic Frontier Foundation. TOPIC: The EFF will cover cu rrent legal threats privacy and computer information networks.

Stephen Cobb. TOPIC: "The Party's Over: Why Hacking Sucks." Stepehen intends to play "devil's advocate" and suggest that "hacking should not be tolerated in any shape or form as it serves n o useful purpose and is a menace to society."

Jim Settle, ex-FBI computer crime division department head. TOPIC: TBA

Oscan Meyer. - TOPIC: How to Hack - Toilet Training to Maturity.

Peter Skelly. - TOPIC: SMS and wide area networking.

Tagger. - T OPIC: Magnetic stripe card reader-writers and the "Mod-700."

Dead Addict.- "Too tired for slack." TOPIC: TBA.

Theora. - TOPIC: "Don't you hate it when that happens?"

Karen Coyle - CPSR, and a pannel of friends. TOPIC: TBA.

Peter Franck - Nationa l Lawyers Guild. TOPIC: TBA.

Parmaster - ex-MOD member, General history of the underground.

Glenn Campbell - Area 51 and "Dreamland" authority. TOPIC: Q & A, overview of Governmental activities and stuff.

Attidute Adjuster. - TOPIC: "Extremely te chnical machine language discussion on Polymorphic computer viruses, with a side note on cryptography uses."

Susan - "Thunder" of "Cyberpunks" fame. TOPIC: Social Engeneering and Psychological Subversion of Trusted System.

Pete "Too much coffee man" Shipley, unix stud. TOPIC: Security audits, how they are performed and what to look for.

Koresh - unix hacker and conspiracy theorist supreme. TOPIC: TBA.

Speakers will be talking Saturday and Sunday, and maybe Friday depending.

Current Info - What is DEFCON - Communications - Where is it - Speakers - Special Events - Testimonials - Costs

SPECIAL EVENTS (More info on each event will be posted soon, so check back.)

This year ther e will be a number of special events going down, including:

Hacker Jeopardy Spot the Fed Contest Voice bridge
Giveaways A Red Box Creation Contest Video Room
Cyber Video Scavenger Contest Help Needed
Cyber Cafe Hookup Torquie's Video Sidewinder Contest
T1 Net Connection Group Battle Tech and Red Planet simulations at Virtual World The California Car Caravan brought to you by The Jackal

Current Info - What is DEFCON - Communications - Where is it - Speakers - Special Events - Testimonials - Costs

Totally Unsolicited Testimonials
(Only the good stuff will be quoted, of course)

  • "What can eye say, it was intense! The whole con just kicked ass!
    I totally recommend you check out the next one."
  • "It's partly an entertaining party, it's partly a fashion statement.
    But it's mostly something about which the bus iness world has no clue."
    Gail Thackeray, Prosecutor
  • "Def Con represents the tug-of-war that has always been present - people
    strive to get that which is just out of reach, aggravating governments
    and breaking rules in the p rocess."
    Wendy Murdock, Boardwatch

  • Current Info - What is DEFCON - Communications - Where is it - Speakers - Spe cial Events - Testimonials - Costs


    Advance registration is $30. (Send your money to Defcon: 2709 E. Madison #102, Seattle, WA, 98112) or 40$ at the door. Th is will include your groovy 24bit color name tag and a conference program. An instant collectors item!

    Don't forget to factor in Hotel costs, (The more people you crash with, the cheaper it is) BattleTech, gas, food, gambling, booze, strippers, bail, e tc.

    WebMasters - Dr. Strange and Archibald Tuttle