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  • Hacker Jeopardy Friday night opening round.

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  • Hacker Jeopardy Saturday night Final Round.

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  • Hacker Jeopardy Questions, those recovered at least.
  • Speakers Saturday:
    Bruce Schneier: Will speak on issues surrounding cryptography, digital authentication, digital cash, and will answer questions from the audience.

    Bruce Schneier is president of Counterpane Systems, an Oak Park, Illinois consulting firm specializing in cryptography and computer security.  Clients include Compaq Computer, Hughes Data Systems, Intel, MCI, Merrill Lynch, Mitsubishi Electronics, National Semiconductor, and Oracle.  He is the author of Applied Cryptography (John Wiley & Sons, 1994).  Applied Cryptography has sold over 25,000 copies world-wide, is being translated into four languages, and is the seminal work in the field.  Other books include Protect Your Macintosh (Peachpit Press, 1994) and E-Mail Security (John Wiley & Sons, 1995); he has also written dozens of articles on cryptography for major magazines.  He is a contributing editor to Dr. Dobbs Journal where he edits the "Algorithms Alley" column, and a contributing editor to Computer and Communications Security Reviews.  He serves on the board of directors of the International Association for Cryptologic Research, is a member of the Advisory Board for the Electronic Privacy Information Center, and is on the program committee for the New Security Paradigms Workshop.  He is a frequent lecturer on cryptography, computer security, and privacy.
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    Winn Schwartau: Information Warfare, the year in review.

    Winn Schwartau is one of the country's leading experts on information security and electronic privacy.

    As the Executive Director of Interpact, Inc., Winn provides services to industry and government on encryption, enterprise information security, policy, information warfare, van Eck radiation, HERF Guns & EMP/T Bombs  (non lethal magnetic weaponry) hackers, US and International policies and standards, electronic privacy and related issues. He is also a partner and Vice President of Business Development, Secure Systems Group International.

    His  recent non-fiction book, "Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway (Thunder's Mouth Press, NY.) is  a  successful and compelling non technical analysis of personal privacy, economic and industrial espionage and national security.  He calls  for the creation of a National Information Policy, a Constitution in Cyberspace and an Electronic Bill of Rights.

    Mr. Schwartau is also the author of  "Terminal Compromise", a fictionalized account of a computer terrorism based war waged  on the United States.  After selling well as a bookstore book, Terminal Compromise was placed on the Global Network as the world's first Novel-on-the-Net Shareware and has become an underground classic. This prophetic book predicted a number of cyber-events, including the Clipper Chip, chipping, magnetic  assaults, hardware viruses, to name a few.  Former Architectural Security Consultant to Hughes STX on Enterprise security network architectures, design and implementation.  

    Past President, American Computer Security Industries, Inc.  Mr. Schwartau developed the COMPSEC security technology,  which  received a coveted slot on the National Computer Security  Center's (NSA's) Evaluated Product List.  He also developed the ENIGMA and ENIX.SYS security systems. In 1987 ACSI  developed  the  first hardware  based C2-style Novell network and laptop security systems. In 1990 he sold the technology to Centel/Cordant  (NetAssure), which is now the security benchmark of Novel's submission to the NCSC for a full C2 level secure Netware. 

    Mr. Schwartau may be reached at Interpact, Inc., 11511 Pine St., Seminole, FL. 34642. 813-393-6600, fax 813-393-6361, E-Mail:
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    Robert Steele: President of OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS, Inc. A former Spy, Experienced Bureaucrat, Radical Visionary. Tofflers call him the "rival store" to CIA. Robert will explain why Hackers should be considered a national asset.

    Robert David Steele is the bureaucrat's worst nightmare: a highly educated and skilled bureaucrat himself, now a successful businessman, who has seen the light and been quoted around the world--including the notorious Singapore Straits Times saying "hackers are a national resource. He means it, and people are starting to listen.

    Steele spent 18 years as a Central Intelligence Agency spy and Marine Corps intelligence officer.  He has done three overseas tours recruiting traitors, participated in signal collection operations, helped program funds of overhead imagery satellites, and been the senior civilian responsible for establishing the new $20 million Marine Corps Intelligence Center.

    He holds graduate degrees in international relations (predicting revolution) and public administration (strategic and tactical information management for national security), is a distinguished graduate of the Naval War College, completed the Harvard Executive Program (Intelligence Policy), and spent two years at CIA expense learning about artificial intelligence.

    Steele was introduced to cyberspace by Howard Rheingold and John Perry Barlow, and he's never been the same. His article in the Whole Earth Review, "E3i: Ethics, Ecology,  Evolution, and Intelligence" established for the first time the concept of a citizens intelligence agency (cia) and an "open books" approach to national intelligence.

    Do *not* make the mistake of thinking Steele is anti-establishment--on the contrary, he *is* the establishment--of the future--and his contemporaries in the halls of power are just starting to figure that out. Where Steele makes a different, is in understanding that the communications and computing industries have been criminally negligent (or maybe just stupid), the government has been out to lunch, and hackers have something important to say about making cyberspace a safe place to work and play.
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    Jim Settle: ex-FBI computer crime investigator.

    Spot the Fed Contest is made easy.  Jim is the former head of the FBI's National Computer Crime Squad.  Having been spotted as a "Fed", he left the FBI and now works with I-NET helping customers improve security on their networks.  Jim can offer a perspective on the government's position on various issues (intruding, crptology, export controls) and why industry and the user community are doing very little to secure networks.  Having appeared in several forums as the "loyal opposition" his views 
    might suprise you.
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    Curtis Karnow: Agents in the telecommunications context, and "smart" software that we 'trust' to do the Right Thing. The specific issue is legal liability and responsibility for the actions of intelligent agents, and then spinning off to chat about the liability for artificial intelligence generally.

    Curtis E.A. Karnow is the coordinator of the Communications and Technology Group at the San Francisco law firm of Landels, Ripley & Diamond.  A former federal prosecutor and currently judge pro tem for various courts in the San Francisco area, Mr. Karnow specializes in intellectual property litigation, high tech and computer law.  His clients include a worldwide telecommunications company, software developers including Phil Zimmermann (PGP), distributors and users, and global home video game and multimedia manufacturers and publishers.  He is the author of numerous papers in the fields of computer law and virtual reality, litigation, and arbitration, and serves on the board of *Leonardo,* the Journal of Arts, Technology and Sciences
    published by MIT.
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    Susan Thunder: Social Engineering and Psychological Subversion of Trusted Systems. Suppose you want to gain access to the computer files of a given company?  How would you go about planning an attack on that company's data when you know nothing about the company except it's name and location?  I will explain the method whereby you can gain access to whatever data you want using another more than social engineering / Psychological subversion techniques. At no time will actual physical access or even dial-up access to the companies computers be required.  At no time a password will be needed!

    If you have an interest in how to design an attack, from beginning to end, you don't want to miss this remarkable theoretical discussion concerning the hypothetical "XYZ Insurance Company" and their data.
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    Theora: Survey of IRC Girrrlz, including Vamprella. "Don't you hate it when that happens?"

    I was going to talk about all the really bad things that have happened to me and a lot of other people in the past year. You know, like having your shoe stolen while you're eating at Taco Bell. That happened to me.  Or your house catching fire. Or getting stuck in a dumpster. Or having your head shaved when you are asleep. Or having someone impersonate you on IRC and then finding out that your friends actually think the impersonator is nicer and cooler than you. I was going to write about stuff like having your uninsured new laptop computer stolen, like..yes this really happened to me before someone stole my shoe and my NIN CD. But then I thought, hey, why not talk about something happier. So I asked all the people I could find 'what is happy' and they said "LOVE".  Well, some of them said some variations of it, but generally it involved male and female interaction.

    So, thinks me, this is a perfect thing to talk about. I already studied and released a linguistics study on how males and females talk differently on IRC in hacking channels. (Females are more technically inclined,  vocabulary wise). But that wasn't really about 'love'. So, I decided to just ask people 'What are you like..if some guy wants to find a girl that he could actually really 'love', what kind of girls would you say are in this scene'.

    My little talk is entitled females of #hack -- not 'female hackers' and not 'females in search of hackers', but females of #hack. A more appropriate title would be "what are women who are into the hacking scene and who hang out on IRC and who don't have anything better to do than answer these dumb questions really like like?" but this little talk is as it is. females of #hack. all lower case. The reason I'm going to be talking about this is because lot of guys ask me where they can meet girls. Girls who know about computers. Girls who know what hacking is about. Girls who understand those late nights at the lab. So come see what the IRC hacker femmes have to say, complete with slides. Ok, so I drew them with crayons. But so what. If you're nice, I bet they will send you GIFS. 
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    Karen Coyle:and a CPSR Panel.
    Karen Coyle is chair-unit of the Ber[zer]keley chapter of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, also known
    as "Nerds Without Social Skills."  But she can spell. 
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    John Q. Newman: The paper trail of identity documents and what you can do about it. General Q&A.

    John Q. Newman is the most prolific and respected author of false identification books in the country.  His titles include: Understanding US Identity Documents, Reborn in the USA, Reborn in Canada, Reborn with credit, Reborn Overseas, Heavy
    Duty Identity, and Be You Own Dick.  Many of these books are used by the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as reference material for their agents.  Mr. Newman is continuing his research in this area and will have three new books published this year.
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    Part of Attitude Adjuster's Virii talk: Extremely technical machine language discussion on Polymorphic computer viruses, with a side note on cryptography uses.  Invalid Media talks about his UPT system and invites people to join.
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    Mr. Evil: A short talk on mag stripe reader/writers and concerns surrounding credit card fraud. Here is his handout: page 1, two, three, and 4.
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  • Speakers Sunday:
    Glenn Campbell: Q & A, overview of Governmental activities and stuff surrounding Area-51. Here is the airport the workers leave from in Las Vegas.

    Glenn Campbell, 35, is the principal local activist seeking greater government accountability at "Area 51," a secret military base 90 miles north of Las Vegas. Formerly a successful computer programmer from Boston, Campbell moved to the remote town of Rachel, Nevada, in Jan. 1993 to investigate the many strange stories emanating from the base.  His carefully researched book, "The Area 51 Viewer's Guide," helped bring mainstream attention to a story that had been dominated by UFO and conspiracy buffs with little concern for facts.

    Campbell declares himself "seriously interested" in some of the UFO tales emanating from Nevada's military restricted zone, but he dismisses most of the lights-in-the-sky stories reported in Rachel, 25 miles north of the base.  "This place is a circus," says Campbell.  "Anyone can make any claim they want here and get away with it.  Commerce, not truth, seems to be the primary 
    motivation here."  Campbell points out that the area above Rachel is an "intense war games area" where exotic looking lights are produced by conventional military hardware.  Campbell himself says he has never seen a UFO in his 2-1/2 years living in Rachel.

    Campbell is a bitter enemy of the owners of the Little A'Le'Inn, the well publicized bar, motel and restaurant in Rachel that caters to UFO believers.  They consider him a government agent who has been sent to debunk the UFO sightings here and "muddy the waters" in favor of the military.  Campbell, in turn, considers the owners profiteers who are equally obscuring the truth by 
    endorsing all UFO sightings as real.  Campbell is also not on good terms with Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II from the planet Draconis, a claimed "alien-in-human-form" who is frequent visitor to Rachel.  "The Area 51 story has become a magnet for every nut case on the planet," says Campbell.  "This is a shame, because whatever the truth may be at Area 51, it is being overwhelmed by the noise."

    Glenn Campbell supports himself through his personal investments and his mail-order business.  He maintain a major presence on the Internet with a free monthly email newsletter (circulation: over 3000 copies) and a popular World Wide Web page.  Campbell is widely respected for his Area 51 research because he sticks to the facts and a rarely engages in the kind of baseless speculation that dominates the UFO field.  "I am fighting primarily for less secrecy and greater government accountability, which are goals I think everyone can agree with regardless of their view on UFOs," Campbell says.

    Campbell's email address is  Requests for subscriptions to his newsletter should be directed to  A catalog of publications sold by the Area 51 Research Center is available upon request.  The mailing address is Area 51 Research Center, HCR Box 38, Rachel, NV 89001.
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    Oscar Meyer: Carefully consider your intentions before embarking down the road of serious hacking. How far are you willing to go?

    Oscar Meyer?  Well, he's a real wiener.  He is affectionately known to some of his friends as a corn-ball geezer.  He's been more or less successful at hacking most everything that he has comes across for most of his nearly 50 years.  He thinks that hacking might just be a way of life, holds unconventional views, and generally flounders about trying to make things work better.  Although he believes that anything and anyone can be hacked, he is often less successful than he'd like to be.  However, he keeps on trying.

    Getting past the front door is challenging, interesting and fun.  However, once you are in, what do you do?  Rummaging around, deleting things, screwing things up, or crashing things simply won't do.  This session talks about what to do after you have you've attained access that is not specifically authorized in the context of your broader hacking goals.
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Mark Lottor: Mark will talk about hacking cellular phones.  Mark has been hacking OKI cellular phones for over 3 years and his company sells a cellular telephone experimenters kit. 
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    Stephen Cobb, NCSA: "The Party's Over: Why Hacking Sucks." Stepehen intends to play "devil's advocate" and suggest that "hacking should not be tolerated in any shape or form as it serves no useful purpose and is a menace to society."

    Stephen Cobb, an employee of the National Computer Security Association, is Co-Chair of the Computer Ethics and Responsibilities Campaign. He is also, by birth, a Libra, and thus given to weighing both sides of everything. He has been
    using a modem since 1983, but has never attempted unauthorized access. He believes in gun control but practices target shooting. He doesn't believe in income taxes, but pays them anyway. He is British by birth, but holds an American passport. A former Rugby player, he is an ex-member of Mensa and the National Organization for Women. In 1970, while still in high school, he charged police lines in protest at the all-white South African Rugby tour. In 1995 he cheered the multi-racial South African victory in the Rugby World Cup.

    Here's the much less interesting formal version:
    A fifteen year computer industry veteran, Stephen Cobb is an international consultant and best-selling author who has written more than twenty computer related texts, translated into more than ten languages, with total worldwide sales in excess of one million books. A frequent contributor to industry publications such as BYTE and Personal Computer World (UK), he has written extensively on security related issues and was recently appointed Director of special Projects at the National Computer Security Association (NCSA). His column on communications is a regular feature in Personal Computer World. A former tax auditor, petroleum accountant, and IBM classroom instructor, Cobb is an experienced public speaker who has made presentations to numerous industry gatherings, including the Windows Developers Conference, the Virus Bulletin Conference, and Networks Expo Boston. Now a resident of Florida's Space Coast, he holds a First Class B.A. Honors degree from Leeds University, England.
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    Koresh: Hacking a job and common tools of the trade.
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    Peter Shipley: Security auditing + panel of Oscar Meyer, Mel, Bin High, ? This group talks about various aspects of auditing clients, the problems with reporting, and war stories and advice from a variety of perspectives.
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    Dead Addict:Revolution, a look at society and where it is leading us.

    Out of the hacking scene when all his friends got visited by unhappy beurocratic law enforcement, out the pirate scene when he realized that the social dedication to stay 'in' wasn't worth the software, dead addict is now a bum.  Unemployed, a Win95 testing refugee, DA is now working on many projects that will eventually get him the hell out of this wonderful country.  For the third year in a row, DA bullied himself into the opportunity to speak here; and to his bewilderment his previous speeches resulted in much positive feedback. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Deth Vegetable:Why the media sucks and why it doesn't pay to mess with Mr. T.
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    The Dark Knight:European scene update.
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Watch_your_step.wav Remember the Tropicana last year? Remember how the convention halls were at one end of a HUGE hallway and the rooms and exits were at the other end of that same HUGE hallway? And do you also remember the annoying voice of island safety that told you to watch yourself while on the conveyer belt? Well, I dug up my samples; here they are for all to hear! (This section leeched from Enigma!)